Sophia Law

Sophia Law

  sophia Law

net worth Sophia Law Individuals   Inquire additionally.

Soph Regulation is the little girl of Jude Regulation and Samantha Burke.

Sophia Law Regulation was brought into the world on 22 September 2009. She’ll be 13 times old around 2022.

Jude Regulation is best known for his part in the Sherlock Holmes stir filmland. Samantha, her mama ,

said that she hid the fact that she was pregnant Sophia Law

because she feared it would damage her standing with Jude.  Saphia Law She also said it was okay.

Sophia law

She was so attached, her father did not meet her until the fifth week.


Suf Regulation is the little girl of Samantha Burke and Jude Regulation.

His mother Samantha is a model in America, although Jude Regulation is a popular entertainment artist.

              Sophia  Law            

Jude Regulation Youngsters
He has two blues and two half-siblings named Iris, Ada, Rafferty and Rudy Regulation. His father, Jude, and his most memorable wife, Sadie Ice, owned the Rafferty, Rudy and Iris Regulations.

Ada Regulation is the daughter of Jude Regulation and Katherine Harding.

Sophia Law eldest brother Rafferty Regulation

was brought into the world on October 6, 1996. The Iris Regulation was conceived on 25 October 2000.

Ada Regulation was brought into the world on Walk 16, 2015 and Rudy Regulation was brought into the world on September 10, 2002.

What bad happened between his parents?
Sophia’s parents, Burke and Regulation, were together for a short time. He never sealed the deal.

The two met when Judd was recording Sherlock Holmes at Forest Oak’s Cross Meats Pressing Angel in January.

Before Jude realized that Samantha was suspicious,

the two were actively separated. However, paternity was tested to see if the child was actually his. After the test, Jude tells her that her baby is his and he paid for it.

Jude agreed to pay her $6,000 in child support as well as her school and clinic expenses every month until she reached the age of 18.

sofia Law net worth
Sophia Law is still young so her net worth has not been determined yet. Nevertheless, his father’s net worth is estimated at $45 million.

Jude is an entertainment artist, director and producer who owns a lot of companies. He was nominated for an Oscar for his roles in “The Capable Mr. Ripley” and “Cold Mountain.”

He was also in “Sherlock Holmes,” “Spy,” “A.I.: Man-Made Brainpower,” “Alfie,” “The Event” and a few others.

He has won various honours, including BAFTA Grant, Public Leading Society of Audit Grant and others.

people inquire like this
How old is the Sophia Regulation?
She will turn 14 around 2023.

Who are the Sophia Law Regulation patrons?
Her parents are Jude Regulation and Samantha Burke.

Who are Sophia Law  Regulation’s relatives?

Iris regulation, Rafferty regulation, Ruddy regulation and Ada regulation are its relatives.

Everyone realizes that Jude loves his children without a doubt. However, due to the Sofia regulation, at first they were considered far-fetched.

He did not meet Sophia Law until after getting the DNA test done.

This is because he had known Sophia’s mother for some time. In fact he saw her once every year, even after the trial. However, things changed in the long run, and now they have an extraordinary relationship, just like he does with

his other children.

Realities of Sophia Regulation
Full name Regulation
first name sophia
last name law
profession celebrity girl
Nationality British
Country of Birth United Kingdom
orientation identity female
straight sexual orientation
horoscope libra
marital status single
Siblings Iris Regulation, Rafferty Regulation, Rudy Regulation, Ada Regulation
Date of Birth: 22 September 2009
age 14 years

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