Baby Elvis Costume Diy

Have you have a kid that can create such a racket you wonder if they really believe they’re in a rock group? Baby Elvis Costume Diy? Make your child feel like a rock star this Halloween by giving them this simple DIY Elvis costume for kids.

               Baby Elvis                         Costume Diy

Baby Elvis Costume Diy

We can’t help but become enamored with her timeless appearance. Elvis is referred to as the King of Rock and Roll,

and as soon as you finish this simple project with our comfortable essential supplies, you’ll be referred to as the King of Crafty Costumes.

Even if they’re only crawling, it’s never too early to start moonwalking—just go ahead and do it!

To prepare the velor, chop the following portions:

Ring Bottoms: Two triangles with 6”, 6”, and 3” sides

Belt: A 3-inch strip plus an additional 1-inch to wrap around the baby’s tummy

Cape: Depending on the child’s size, an 18–24″ circle of velor (the circumference of the circle should reach about elbow to elbow).

Regarding bell-bottoms:

Baby Elvis Costume Diy

Not required: Hem the triangle’s 3″ lower edge.

Above the leg cuff, rip the romper side seam approximately 6″.

As you align the triangles’ long edges with the leg’s sides, make sure the velor faces outward and the short edge sits flush with the cuff’s bottom.

Sew the area together.

To make the belt, fold the velor strip lengthwise, right sides together, and stitch the long and short ends together. Rotate the correct side out.

A few hand stitches are used to secure the belt in place at the hips, and snaps are added to close the belt at the base of the abdomen.

Sew around the edge of the velor circle, leaving a hole, then fold the good sides together to make the cape. Rotate the correct side out.

Baby Elvis Costume Diy

Around the curved side, top stitch. Place the cape in the center of the back of the neck, then hand stitch down the arms and across the shoulders.

For aesthetic purposes:

Apply gold trim to the bell-bottoms, cape’s curving edge, and cuffs using puffy paint.

Add a large, intricate design on the chest and an all-over print on the arms and legs.

As a finishing touch:

Although this DIY looks good enough on its own, you can finish the look with some reflecting sunglasses and side burns in your eyeliner. Perhaps some blue suede boots as well!

Since we adore Elvis, it seemed only fitting to clothe our little son in this manner.

The following materials were used: aviator sunglasses, white sneakers, Velcro, gold and white glitter fabric, and gold squeeze paint.

I just cut off the limbs and legs at the sides and sewed in triangle-shaped pieces of gold fabric.

Baby Elvis Costume Diy

Next, using the gold and white fabric, I cut out a cape shape and sewed it together like a pillowcase, with the gold fabric on the inside and the white fabric on the outside

(I don’t sew much, so I had no idea what I was doing, but it worked). Then, to make it removable, I fastened it to the jumpsuit using velcro on the shoulders.

I fashioned a belt out of the extra gold cloth and fastened it to more velcro. Once everything was put together

I gave the jumpsuit, cape, and tennis shoes little gold dots to make them resemble sequins.

That covers it. The handcrafted Baby Elvis outfit was a big success!

Upon welcoming a new addition into the family, parents nearly often snap hundreds of pictures of them to cherish, including ones in imaginative baby costumes.

Baby Elvis Costume Diy

This is why the holidays, especially Halloween, are great times to snap pictures and dress up your little angel in an adorable and imaginative costume.

Parents naturally want the best for their children, so if you want to be really inventive with your child’s Halloween

costume in 2021, we’ve put together a list of over 70 ideas that you may attempt.

The popularity, creativity, beauty, fit with the Halloween theme, and, if feasible, how simple it would be to build the costumes yourself at home with common materials

are all taken into consideration when judging entries. was chosen in light of.

The top 2021 Halloween baby costumes are seen here.

As we begin our list of the greatest Halloween baby costumes, we’ll discuss some designs that are appropriate for both boys and girls before delving deeper into other gender-neutral costume ideas. are more well-liked by.

  1. Adorable Devil Mom and Baby Halloween Costumes Mom and child dressed as cute devils for Halloween

Try this adorable devil costume combination for a mom and baby Halloween costume that will honor your love for each other.

There is no deeper tie than that between a mother and her child, regardless of the child’s age—a baby, toddler, teen, or adult.

The baby can wear a lovely red attire, and mom can dress up as the devil with a red dress and some attractive horns.

  1. Adorable Text Costume – Do It Yourself

Handmade Baby Costume witty text costume

Baby Elvis Costume Diy

Purchasing garments with personalized wording put on them—as long as the text is your own—is a surefire method to create a truly original DIY baby costume for your child to wear on Halloween night. are also unique.

All you need to do is grab some standard kid-sized clothes, write the letters on them, or type the text on your computer and use a thermal printer to print it on the clothes.

It might be best to print any fancy typefaces you intend to use, such as handwriting-imitating fonts, as stitching a long text

even in a basic font like Arial, can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming when done letter by letter.

One of the best things about this costume concept is that it can be made for the entire family, and each member may have a sweater personalized with their own text.

Furthermore, since memes are so popular, you can print a meme that your youngster can easily relate to if you can come up with some original text.

  1. Baby Shark is the Cutest Baby Halloween Costume

The Cutest Costume for Babies for Halloween Young Shark

Baby Shark is a well-known children’s song that went viral when it originally appeared on YouTube in 2016.

As a result, it’s not surprise that demand for Baby Shark costumes skyrocketed.

It’s hardly shocking that a baby costume made our list either, since this trend is still highly popular among parents and babies.

The nice thing is that you may buy many variants of the costumes if the one above doesn’t appeal to you.

Alternatively, you can always purchase the Baby Shark costume.


lyrics of the song make it possible for the entire family to dress as sharks and take group pictures, or even just a self-portrait with the infant at the center.

This is another fantastic costume idea. able to video record oneself while singing.

All things considered, this is among the greatest kid-friendly Halloween costumes out now, and strangely, you could feel like eating your child if they dress up as a man-eater.

Fourth Outfit: Adorable Pumpkin Newborn attire adorable pumpkin

As we noted in a previous post, one of the most common newborn costumes in recent years has been a baby dressed as a pumpkin. The image above illustrates why.

The outfit itself does little more than highlight the features that make a newborn so alluring—their excess weight, their unsteady gait

and the fact that you occasionally want to devour them alive. Permit it to be seized.

In addition to being very popular, one of the many benefits of this costume idea is that the pumpkin costume is simple to construct at home.

If you want to make the costume yourself, you may start right away.

Furthermore, there’s never a problem when several kids get together and dress up as pumpkins because you’ll essentially have one of the loveliest pumpkin patches ever.

Pumpkin costumes are one of those rare exceptions. which you have consistently retained. eyes.

Finally, since Halloween falls on October 31st and the weather can be chilly, it’s simple to stuff and line a pumpkin costume with additional material to keep your little angel toasty.

  1. Adorable Handmade Baby Onesies for Halloween

Handmade Baby Animal Onesies for Halloween

Baby Elvis Costume Diy

Everyone loves animal costumes, so wearing one is the quickest and most beautiful method to create a lovely and functional DIY baby Halloween costume.

Additionally, animal costumes are quite simple to locate—you don’t even need to visit specialty Halloween costume stores—and you can always find at least one, two

or three models in the children’s section of any clothing store, even if you don’t have the time to make it yourself.

Onesies are great for making newborns seem incredibly lovely, as you can see, and they also function as useful clothing because they are quite fluffy and can keep babies warm when they are outside.

One more benefit of animal onesies is their versatility; you can get them in bigger stores featuring nearly every kind of animal

so you may gift your child a lovely little onesie no matter where you live. You can probably find a onesie for a penguin or a fluffy lion if you want to make one.

Lastly, onesies aren’t just available with animal motifs; you can also buy onesies with designs of mythological animals like dragons or even devils.

  1. Ghoulish family Halloween costumes with a baby

Couples’ Halloween outfits with infant ghouls

Baby Elvis Costume Diy

Many families go bonkers for holidays like Halloween because they are eager to get a lovely family portrait together.

Consider the image above, which depicts a family of four.

Many families go bonkers for holidays like Halloween because they are eager to get a lovely family portrait together.

Consider the picture above, which depicts a family of four costumed as various horrifying creatures.

A child may easily identify with them.

If you enjoy making references to popular culture, you can also dress up as well-known TV or movie families.

The Addams Family is a popular choice for Halloween, and it just so happens that one of the family members is a youngster.

If this notion doesn’t appeal to you, you could always dress the entire family in the same costume; after all, even a family consisting just of vampires

zombies, or witches would make for interesting subjects for photos. could have. with.

Even though Halloween is almost two months before Christmas, supermarkets nevertheless fill their aisles with holiday merchandise as soon as November arrives.

Therefore, dressing up as Santa Claus is a great option for Halloween costumes for kids, especially since they will be believing in him for a few years nonetheless.

The best thing about this costume is that you only need to buy one of the large, pointy hats with the fuzzballs on the end; this way, you may wear it without having to buy an entire costume.

In addition, you probably already have a Santa hat stashed away in the attic for Christmas; all you need to do is locate it and adjust the fit so that your child can wear it comfortably. Head.

Lastly, as you can see for yourself, those of you who are especially adept at knitting can also create hats by hand.

Just be careful not to choose fabrics that are extremely scratchy, though, as children’s scalps are extremely sensitive.

  1. Alien-themed Funny Baby Halloween outfit Funny Baby Halloween outfit

Funny Halloween costumes for kids often revolve on the theme of aliens, since nobody really knows what an

extraterrestrial looks like and you can dress up as one using almost anything.

Some people go out with space weaponry and futuristic jetpacks, or they wear prosthetics and spandex, or they paint their entire body.

However, sometimes the best results come from doing as little work as possible, as you can see in the above photo.

To finish the costume, they added a headband with some fluffy antennae. They essentially wrapped the baby’s head with pom-poms, but you can use Christmas garland instead. Applied.

You can still call it an alien even though this is a very basic costume that you construct and add whatever you want to it.

In addition, your partner can dress alike—perhaps as the astronaut or the guy in black—and you two will look fantastic in pictures with your space baby.

  1. Cute Scarecrow for Baby’s First Halloween Costume

Fall-themed costumes are always in vogue because Halloween falls right in the heart of autumn, and for those of you who don’t

identify October with Halloween, you undoubtedly equate it with a plentiful harvest. Are.

Well, you can always dress your kid up as anything that will remind people about autumn and the fall harvest, like a scarecrow, if you want to make his first Halloween costume unforgettable.

Scarecrows aren’t typically thought of as particularly cute, but try not to giggle at the beautiful child in the above photo.

The material used to weave the hat is designed to resemble a burlap sack that would be used to carry potatoes

and it is colored with classic fall hues like brown, orange, and yellow.

If you are clothing the baby for a picture shoot, you can use this hat design as the basis for an entire costume.

You can also add some other ornamental features, like pumpkins and cornucopias.

All things considered, this specific costume is simple to make—as long as you avoid using an actual burlap sack, which can irritate and even scratch a baby’s delicate skin.

  1. Adorable Child Halloween Outfit – Snowman
  1. Baby Deer Costumes for Girls’ Halloween
Little girl dressed up as a deer for Halloween

It’s incredible how simple it is for females to dress up, especially since they can usually get away with only donning an elaborate headband, like the adorable baby deer costume shown above.

Actually, this is probably one of the simplest baby girl Halloween costumes on our list

but you can make it more elaborate by adding accessories like a whole body deer onesie or brown clothing with white spots.

You don’t need to use cosmetics or face paint on your baby girl because she already has adorable doe eyes.

However, you may want to add some artificial freckles or perhaps a black button nose.

You can utilize the deer horns you usually wear for Christmas if you don’t want to buy any new ones because no one would ever notice the difference (unless it’s one of those red horns, maybe).

For photo ideas, placing your kid in front of a large wallpaper that depicts a massive backdrop will do, or you can place them in front of a natural setting.

  1. Fall-Colored Baby Fancy Dress

Baby fancy outfit in autumnal hues

Fall is a favorite season for many people due to the plethora of colors that are seen all around, especially if they live near a forest.

The most amazing landscapes are created by the beautiful combination of yellow, orange, red, and brown.

These scenes not only serve as the ideal backdrop for landscape paintings but can also be used as inspiration for creative costumes for Halloween, such as fancy dress for babies.

As with our previous submissions, we came to the conclusion that a costume doesn’t always have to be extravagant to look good—sometimes, if done right, something as simple as a dress would do.

Take a look at the girl in the picture above, for instance.

Her only accessories, which are black tights, black shoes, and an orange sweater, are what really make the entire Halloween ensemble come together. is the landscape

If you’re planning a Halloween picture shoot, you can also attempt a basic outfit. Just make sure to stick to the appropriate autumn color palette and feel free to add any additional accessories to liven things up.

  1. Spring Flower Newborn Girl Halloween Costumes

Choosing a subject completely different from autumn, such as spring, is another way to show off your passion of the changing seasons.

This is exactly what they did in the image above with this spring flower costume.

One of the most well-liked newborn girl Halloween costumes of 2021 is this specific design, and as you can see, it doesn’t require many more pieces or accessories

The infant’s only clothing is a loincloth and a cap, both of which are designed to highlight the vibrant flowers that symbolize winter’s splendor.

This is a great idea for a do-it-yourself costume, as even the infant in the picture is wearing a knitted outfit.

If you want to add a personal touch to your costume, you may do it yourself.

Making this homemade Elvis costume was a lot of fun. I knew I wanted to make the most of Hattie’s hair

and one day this idea just came to me (googling it revealed that it also occurred to many other people).

The fact that this tiny infant is already seven months old seems unbelievable. If only my computer could display the crying emoji.

You know, the one with the face dripping with tears?

I based the Elvis jumpsuit on the Classic Footed Pajamas pattern from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.

I made the legs and sleeves flared by removing the foot and adding triangle inserts.

The scarf is the simplest component of the entire outfit—it’s just a rectangular piece of fabric!

In addition, I designed a collar and changed the neckline to a plunging V-neck. I used fusible fleece and strong interfacing since I wanted the collar to have a lot of body and stiffness.

The fusible fleece was puffier than I had intended, so at first I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. However, after giving it a thorough pressing

it turned out to be ideal—slightly extravagant but not overly so (relatively speaking, this is an Elvis jumpsuit, after all).

I can’t wait to wear the belt—which is made of gold elastic—on a skirt for Lola. To ensure that it would stay in place, I stitched it all the way around the jumpsuit.

The “buckle” velcros across the zipper onto the opposite side of the jumpsuit after being sewed to one side.

My least favorite aspect of sewing this little Elvis attire was adding the rhinestones. I was going to use hot glue to connect them

but the rhinestones just popped off, so I used E-6000 adhesive instead after doing some more research online.

It was a huge success and created a very solid friendship. After it cures, it might even work well in the washing machine, although I’ll probably try to avoid that anyhow.

Make sure the rhinestones are securely fastened and won’t fall off into your baby’s hands using whatever technique you choose.

A snowman costume is a sure thing if you’re searching for adorable kid-friendly Halloween costumes.

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of wearing your child in holiday-appropriate attire, and in addition

there are locations where Halloween really brings with it real snowfall. Perhaps.

The infant is dressed in a full white suit with red buttons, as seen in the image above. He is also decked out in red shoes, red gloves, red scarf, and 



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