Dave Grohl

Born on January 14, 1969, David Eric Grohl is an American musician.

He is the lead singer, guitarist, and primary composer for the rock group Foo Fighters, which he founded.

He was the drummer for the seminal grunge band Nirvana from 1990 to 1994, when he formed the Foo Fighters.

After drummer Kent Stacks left the punk rock group Scream at the age of 17, Dave Grohl joined. Following the dissolution of Scream in 1990, Dave Grohl joined Nirvana as their drummer.

The first Nirvana album with drummer Dave Grohl on drums, Nevermind (1991), was a global hit. After Kurt Cobain passed away in 1994, Dave Grohl started the Foo Fighters as a solo endeavor after Nirvana disbanded. He has 11 studio albums to his credit.

The first Foo Fighters album was released in 1995, and a full band was put together to tour and record under the Foo Fighters moniker.


In addition to recording and touring with Queens of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl is the drummer and co-founder of the rock ensemble Them Crooked Vultures. Additionally, he has taken part in the side initiatives Let! and probot.

In 1997, Grohl started directing music videos for Foo Fighters. In 2013, he published Sound City, his debut documentary.

The documentary films What Drives Us (2021) and the documentary miniseries Sonic Highways (2014) followed.

Dave Grohl autobiography, The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music, was published in 2021. He appeared in the comedic horror movie Studio 666 in 2022 alongside the Foo Fighters.

Co-author of Classic Rock Drummers Ken Micallef referred to Grohl in 2010 as one of the most important rock artists of the last 20 years.

In 2021, Grohl will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Foo Fighters, having already been honored in 2014 with Nirvana. Childhood

The son of news writer James Harper Grohl and teacher Virginia Jean (née Hanlon), David Eric Grohl was born in Warren, Ohio, on January 14, 1969. His mother’s side is English, while his father’s side is Slovak, German, and Irish.

James was an award-winning journalist who also worked as Senator Robert Taft Jr.’s personal assistant. He was called “a brilliant political observer who was able to call every major election with amazing accuracy.”

When Dave Grohl was a little boy, his family relocated to Springfield, Virginia. After his parents separated when he was seven years old, his mother reared him. He began studying guitar playing at the age of twelve.

After becoming disenchanted with instruction, he began teaching himself and eventually joined bands with friends. He declared, “My sister Lisa, who was three years older,

was really venturing into new wave terrain, whereas I was moving quicker, edgier, and darker. We used to meet banshees and occasionally went to Bowie and Siouxsie.


When Dave Grohl was thirteen, he and his sister went to his cousin Tracy’s home in Evanston, Illinois, for the summer.

Tracy took the two to see different punk bands perform, which is how she exposed them to punk rock. In 1982, Naked Raygun held their debut performance at The Cubby Bear in Chicago.

“From then on we went completely crazy,” Grohl recounted. After returning home, we purchased Maximum Rocknroll and attempted to decipher every situation. That was it; we were all punk.

After returning home, we purchased

Maximum Rocknroll and attempted to decipher the whole thing. He was voted vice chairman of his class when a student at Thomas Jefferson High School in Virginia.

In that role, he was able to convince punk bands like the Circle Jerks and Bad Brains to play their songs over the school intercom prior to the introduction of the morning session.

His mother concluded that because of his cannabis usage, he should move to Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria because his grades were suffering. He spent the first year of his recovery there and stayed for two years.

He switched to Annandale High School once again during his sophomore year. He performed in a number of neighborhood bands throughout his high school years, most notably as the guitarist for Freak Baby. 

Dave Grohl shifted to drums after Freak Baby rearranged their roster and sacked their bass player. The band reorganized and became known as Mission Impossible.


Dave Grohl claimed that he learnt how to play the drums by listening to Rush and punk rock, rather than by taking professional instruction. Neil Peart, the drummer for Rush, was an early inspiration:

“I got 2112 when I was eight years old, and it completely changed the course of my life.” I detected drumming.

It gave me the idea to pick up drumming. As a drummer for their Dave Grohl later got a tattoo of John Bonham’s three rings on his right shoulder, citing the musician as his greatest inspiration during his early years.


My life took a completely different turn

when I was eight years old and received 2112. I detected the drum. This desired for me to play the drums.

The drummer once cited John Bonham as having had the biggest influence on him during his formative years, and he later got a tattoo of three rings representing Bonum on his right shoulder.

The Impossible Mission He quickly rebranded himself, and in December 1985, he joined the Hardcore Punk band Dan Bramez. When Gorle abruptly resigned to join the scream in March 1987, Dan Bramez came to an end.

At that time, I had no screams coming under LP. A lot of the gryle’s early inspirations came from the 9:30 club, a music venue in Washington, D.C. “I went to the 9:30 club hundreds of times,” he declared.

I was always thrilled to be there, and I was always in awe when it came to an end. My adolescent years were spent in clubs where I watched certain concerts that profoundly impacted my life.

Scream of Livelihood (1986–1990)


1989’s Grlory screaming

Dave Grohl shortened his name when he was a teenager in DC to join the Shock-Rakers Guar, who were in need of a drummer. The 17-year-old Grohel went on audition with a beloved Washington, DC band to replace drummer Kent Stax, who was leaving.

The grohel made up his age, saying he was older, to fit the circumstances.

   He was a junior in high school when, much to his surprise, the band asked him to join. He has been cited as stating, “I did this because, at the age of 17, I was really eager to tour the globe.


Over the course of the following four years, Grloly embarked on a massive tour with the Scream, recorded two studio albums, Not More Censorship and Fambal, on which Grlole sang and performed the song

“Gods Look Down,” and a live album (May 4, 1990’s show, Alze, in Germany, in Germany, your choice by Tobby Holzinger released your choice live series as Vol. 10 Going).

Dave Grohl provided drumming for Iggy Pop during the CD release celebration at Famous Club The L Mokombo during his 1987 tour’s Toronto stop. In 1990, the midtore abruptly yelled upon the departure of Basist Skaitter Thompson.


Nirvana (1990–1994)

Article focus: Nirvana (band)

Dave Grohl who was playing in the scream, grew to like Melvin and soon made friends with him

Buzz Osborne, the guitarist for Melvin, invited his pals Kurt Cobain and Christ Novoselic from the band Nirvana to witness the band’s scream at a 1990 West Coast tour stop.

Grloly contacted Osborne after shouting split, asking for help. Osborne told him that Nirvana was in need of a drummer and provided Grohel with the phone numbers of Cobain and Novoselic, who extended an invitation for Grohel to come audition in Seattle.

Gorle joined the band shortly after passing the audition. “We knew in two minutes that he was the right drummer,” Novoselic subsequently remarked.

“I remember living in the same room with him and thinking, ‘What?'” Grohl said to Qu. Is that the state of nirvana? Are you kidding me?

Because he resembled Psycho Lombjack on the cover of his record… What, that enormous madurfukar and that small friend? You’re playing a joke on me.


The group had already produced many demos for the follow-up to his breakthrough album Bleach, working with maker Buch Wig in Wisconsin, when the grohels joined Nirvana.

Although the band was particularly interested in the demo basis, the original aim was to release albums on the subpop label. During the first several months, the group traveled to different labels with Nirvana as they looked for a record contract.

Eventually, they signed with DGC Records. The band went into Los Angeles’ Sound City Studio in the spring of 1991 to record Nevermind, which can be seen in the 2013 documentary Sound City of Grlory.

The 1991 film Nevermind defied all predictions and became a global economic hit. The Grohels recorded and compiled their material concurrently,

and in 1992 they published it on an independent label named Simple Machines on a cassette titled Pocketwatch. The grohle issued the tape under the alias “late!” 

The Grohel’s contribution to songwriting rose in the years following Nirvana. Cobain saw him working on a song called “Color Pictures of a Marigold” in the early months of the grohl at the Olympia, and the two collaborated on it later.

Later, Grlo will record the music on the cassette that fits in your pocket. In a 2014 Fu Fighters episode, Gorle stated: Sonic Highway said that Cobain had responded to a kiss by listening to a recent demo of Grloly’s “Alone + Easy Target,” in which Cobain had kissed him.o


Nirvana chose to record “Color Pictures of a Marigold” again during the In Utero sessions, and this new version was included as a B-side on the “Heart-Shaped Box” single under the title

“Marigold.” Was. The main guitar riff for “Scentless Apprentice” was also supplied by Grohl. In an MTV interview from late 1993, Cobain acknowledged that the riff was “kind of bonkers” at first,

but he also talked about how the song changed over time (a portion of this process was captured in a demo on the Nirvana box set featuring the Lights Out). were satisfied (and imprisoned from). The idea of Novoselic and Grohl adding additional songwriting to the band’s repertoire thrilled Cobain.


The band booked a demo session at Seattle’s Robert Lang Studios before to their 1994 European tour. Throughout the most of the three-day session, Novoselic and Grohl worked on demos of their own songs while Cobain was away.

He finished a number of Grohl’s compositions, including “Exhausted,” “Big Me,” “February Stars,” and “Butterflies,” which would go on to become hits for Foo Fighters. On the third day, Cobain arrived, and the group recorded a demo of “You Know You’re Right”.

This marked the end of Nirvana’s studio career.

Cobain was discovered dead at his residence on April 8, 1994, having self-inflicted a gunshot wound.

On April 10, 2014, Grohl’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Nirvana took place twenty years later.

Foo Fighters (since 1994)

Article focus: Foo Fighters

Initial actions following Nirvana

Grohl was left alone and in solitary confinement for several months after Cobain committed suicide in April 1994, not knowing what to do with himself. He ultimately moved out of Seattle completely and settled in County Kerry, Ireland.

   Grohl stated in a 2022 interview with The Pit:

I felt the need to leave while I was still in Seattle. I needed to get away from it all, get my life in order, and attempt to figure out what I should do next.

As I drove along these lovely rural roads, I experienced tranquility. While at a conference, I noticed a hitchhiker wearing a Kurt Cobain T-shirt, and I was thinking about taking him up.

It also signified, to me, that it was time to go on and establish some sort of continuity because you can’t get past this. I started recording the Foo Fighter tunes as soon as I got home.


— Dave Grohl

They booked a session at Robert Lang Studios in October 1994, and they started recording a fifteen-track demo right away. All the instruments were played by Grohl himself, with the exception of The Afghan Whigs’ Greg Dulli’s solo guitar portion on “X-Static”.


Grohl pondered whether playing drums for other bands would be a suitable career path for him. Grohl briefly played with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in November, which included an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

He turned down Petty’s offer to be his long-term drummer. Additionally, Grohl was said to be a potential successor for Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese. During Pearl Jam’s March 1995 Australian tour,

Grohl played one or two songs with the band at three different gigs. But by then, Grohl had other solo ambitions, and Pearl Jam had already decided on former Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Jack Irons. 1994–1996: Major labels showed interest in Grossman’s demo.

Grohl was persuaded to join with the company by Gary Gersh, the president of Capitol Records and former A&R representative for Nirvana. In order to avoid this album

being seen as the beginning of a solo career, Grohl brought in other musicians: Pat Smear, a touring German guitarist for Nirvana, and William Goldsmith, the drummer, and Nate Mendel,

the bassist, from the recently broken Sunny Day Real Estate. [Reference required] Though it would have seemed “really natural” for them to collaborate again,

Grohl claimed that it would have caused discomfort for the other band members and increased pressure on him. Consequently, he and Novoselic made the decision not to join Novoselic.

Grohl’s tapes were mixed by Rob Schnaiff and Tom Rothrock and released as the Foo Fighters’ self-titled first album in July 1995, instead of having the album redone.

The band went into the studio to record a version of “Down in the Park” by Gary Numan during a break between songs.

The three-season episode “Pusher” of The X-Files included a brief cameo by Grohl and his then-wife Jennifer Youngblood in February 1996.


Grohl spent more than a year traveling in support of his self-titled album before returning home to start work on the music for the 1997 movie Touch.

With the exception of Lewis Post, who sang on the title track for Veruca Salt, Barrett Jones, who co-produced the album, on one track’s keyboards, and John Doe of X, who sang and played guitar, Grohl played every instrument and sang all of the vocals. “This Loving Thing (Lynn’s song)

After two weeks of recording, Grohl joined the Foo Fighters to begin production on their follow-up album.


There was conflict between drummer William Goldsmith and frontman Dave Grohl during the first recording sessions for the band’s second album. 

adequate for him or anybody else, which was not “. Additionally, Goldsmith thought that Gil Norton, the producer, and Capitol wanted Grohl to play drums on the record. After finishing the record,

Grohl took a copy of the rough mix home to Virginia and was not thrilled with the outcome. In Washington, D.C., they unveiled two new songs: “Walking After You” and the popular track “Everlong”.

composed and recorded by themselves in a studio. Motivated by the session, Grohl decided to relocate the group to Los Angeles, where he would rerecord the majority of the album with himself on drums, all without telling Goldsmith.

“It didn’t work out, for a lot of reasons, but there was a part of me that was like, you know, I don’t know if I’ve finished playing drums yet,” Grohl later said, regretting his decision to leave the band once the sessions were ended.

Following the release of their second album, The Color and the Shape, in May 1997, Foo Fighters became a mainstay on rock radio.

Numerous successful singles were produced by it, such as “Everlong,” “My Hero,” and “Monkey Wrench.” Taylor Hawkins, a former drummer for Alanis Morissette, joined on drums before to the album’s release.

After a lifetime of touring, Smear departed the band the following September, claiming the urge to settle down. Franz Stahl, Grohl’s erstwhile Scream bandmate, took Smear’s spot.

Before beginning work on their third album, Foo Fighters went on hiatus. Chris Shiflett, a touring guitarist, took over as a full member for the production of One by One.


From 1999 to 2005

With the success of the Foo Fighters, Grohl’s life of constant touring continued. Before moving back to Alexandria, Virginia, he made sporadic visits to Seattle and Los Angeles.

Here, in 1999, he recorded the album There’s Nothing Left to Lose after converting his basement into a recording studio. It was filmed after Gary Gersh, the former president of Capitol, left.

The band was left to its own ways throughout the recording process, which Grohl characterized as “sometimes intoxicating It was finished and impervious to outside interference.


The band covered Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar” in 2000, a song the Foo Fighters had previously recorded as a B-side. To add additional guitar appeal, they brought in Brian May, guitarist for Queen.

Grohl and Taylor Hawkins were requested to induct Queen into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 as a consequence of the camaraderie between the two bands.

Grohl sang to Freddie Mercury during the rendition of “Tie Your Mother Down” that he, Hawkins, May, and Queen drummer Roger Taylor performed.

Later, May provided guitar work to two Foo Fighters songs: “Knucklehead,” an unreleased track, and “Third of You,” which is off the next album.

Dave Grohl doing a 2005 performance

Foo Fighters went back into the studio at the end of 2001 to begin production on their fourth album.

Following the completion of the four-month studio sessions, Grohl accepted an invitation to join Queens of the Stone Age to assist with the recording of their album Songs for the Deaf in 2002.

Grohl may be seen in the music video playing the drums for the song “No One Knows” with the band.

Feeling rejuvenated from the experience, Grohl recalled that the other band members would entirely rerecord their album in their Virginia studio following a quick tour of North America, the UK, and Japan.

One by One, their fourth album, was born out of this endeavor. In a subsequent 2005 Rolling Stone interview, Grohl said that while he was initially happy with the outcome, he did not like the record: “I’ve only ever played seven of the songs; the other four were good.” We encountered and exited from it.


When “All My Life” by Foo Fighters overtook “You Know You’re Right” by Nirvana at the top of the Billboard modern rock chart on November 23, 2002, Grohl accomplished a historic first.

After a one-week break, Queens of the Stone Age’s “No One Knows” replaced “All My Life” as the number one song. As a member of three separate ensembles, Grohl topped the Modern Rock chart for 17 out of 18 weeks in a row between October 26, 2002, and March 1, 2003.




Grohl doing a 2006 performance

On June 14, 2005, Grohl and the Foo Fighters released In Your Honor, their fifth album. The band moved to a brand-new space dubbed Studio 606 from Grohl’s

home studio in Virginia almost a year before they started recording the record. a warehouse close to Los Angeles. The record, which had one rock and one acoustic disk, was a collaboration with Norah Jones, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.


September 25, 2007 saw the release of Foo Fighters’ sixth studio album, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace. First single “The Pretender” was released before it, and it was recorded during a three-month period between March and June 2007.

September 17th. On December 3, 2007, the second single, “Long Road to Ruin,” was released. On June 24, 2008, the third single, “Let It Die,” was released.

Foo Fighters in 2009; Hawkins, Shiflett, Grohl, and Mendel from left to right

The first Greatest Hits compilation by Foo Fighters was made and published on November 3, 2009. It featured 16 tracks, including an unheard acoustic version of “Everlong” and two brand-new songs written by Nevermind producer Butch Vig: “Wheels” and “Word Forward.”

The statement “it might sound like an obituary” was made by Dave Grohl  who thought Greatest Hits was released too soon. They believe they haven’t yet written their greatest hit song.

2010–2014 On April 12, 2011, Foo Fighters’ seventh studio album, Wasting Light, was made available. It became the first album by the band to debut at number one in the US. In January 2013

Grohl declared that the band had finished composing songs for their follow-up to Wasting Light, despite rumors of a break.


As the cover band “Chevy Metal,” Grohl and Foo Fighters members sometimes take the stage. In May 2015, they performed at the Thousand Oaks, California, county fair “Conejo Valley Days.”


Foo Fighters’ eighth studio album, Sonic Highways, was released on November 10, 2014, and it reached the number two spot in the US charts.

Eight tracks total on the album, all of which Grohl personally studied and were inspired by the musical traditions and histories of several American cities.


from 2015 to the present


With a fractured foot, Grohl performed at Fenway Park in July 2015.

When Grohl fell off the stage during a performance in Gothenburg, Sweden on June 12, 2015, he broke his leg. To complete the concert, he briefly departed and came back with the cast.

The band then called off the remaining dates of their European tour. In order to save the band from having to postpone their planned North American tour, Grohl created a sizable 

elevated throne” that would enable him to take the stage even though he had a fractured leg. In Washington, D.C., the throne was unveiled on July 4.

This was done during a performance in when Grohl showed the audience an X-ray of his fractured leg and a video of him falling off the stage in Gothenburg via the video screen on the stage.

Foo Fighters rebranded their North American tour as the Broken Leg Tour and started selling new tour items in advance of their July 4 performance.

After Guns N’ Roses member Axl Rose fractured his leg in 2016, Grohl gave Rose the throne. Wall once more lent it to Darin Wall of the Seattle metal band Greyhawk in 2021 following his gunshot wound to the leg.


Grohl thanked Fabio Zaffagnini, Marco Sabiu, and the 1,000 participants of the “Rockin’ 1000” initiative in Cesena, Italy, for their collaborative performance of the 

Foo Fighters song “Learn To” in a personal message uploaded on July 31, 2015. There was gratitude expressed.

“Fly,” from their 1999 album There’s Nothing Left to Lose, prompted the song .I promise to see you soon” to be played in broken Italian.

When Foo Fighters played in Cesena on November 3, Dave Grohl asked a few of the “Rockin’ 1000” members to come on stage and play with the band.


Concrete & Gold, the ninth studio album by Foo Fighters, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart on September 15, 2017, becoming the band’s second consecutive number-one debut.

Grohl declared that the band will be taking a sabbatical after the Concrete and Gold Tour. The COVID-19 epidemic caused a delay in the release of Medicine at Midnight, the eleventh studio album by Foo Fighters.

It made its debut at number three on the Billboard 200 after being released on February 5, 2021. The Medicine at Midnight Tour was canceled on March 25, 2022, the day of Hawkins’ passing.

On June 2, 2023, Foo Fighters’ eleventh studio album, But Here We Are, was made available.


The mother of Hawkins and Grohl, Virginia, to whom the album is dedicated, passed away in 2022.


Additional work

Musical endeavors and contributions

Apart from his primary ensemble, Grohl has participated in several other musical endeavors.

He contributed drums to Buzz Osborne’s Kiss-inspired solo-EP King Buzzo in 1992; under the bassist Greg Ginn’s alias, Dale Nixon, he was credited for the song.

Under the alias Let!, he also released the music cassette Pocketwatch on the now-defunct independent label Simple Machines.


Grohl played drums for the alternative rock supergroup Backbeat Band, which featured Greg Dulli of the Afghan Whigs, indie producer Don Fleming, R.E.M. of Mike Mills, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, and Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum.

Grohl was hired in 1993 to assist in recreating the music of The Beatles’ early years for the film Backbeat. While Grohl was touring Europe with Nirvana in 1994, a music video for the song “Money” was shot; subsequently, Grohl footage was also recorded.


Grohl contributed drums to two tracks for Mike Watt’s Ball-Hog or Tugboat later in 1994. Grohl and the Foo Fighters opened for Watt on his first US tour, the Ring Spiel Tour, in early 1995. Eddie Vedder served as Watt’s supporting act.


Grohl sang a few songs with David Bowie during the latter’s 50th birthday concert in 1997. The event was videotaped and released on pay-per-view later that year.


Grohl wrote and recorded a number of songs for a metal project in his basement studio around the beginning of the new millennium.

He spent several years enlisting his favorite metal vocalists from the 1980s, such as Lemmy from Motörhead, Conrad “Kronos” Lant from Venom, King Diamond, Scott Weinreich,

Snake of Voivode, and Max Cavalera from Sepultura, to sing. Songs. 2004 saw the project’s release under the alias Probot.


In 2003, Grohl took the stage to play on Killing Joke’s second album of the same name. Given that Nirvana had been accused of ripping off the opening riff of “Come As You Are” from Killing Joke’s 1984 song “Eighties,”

several Nirvana fans were taken aback by this move. Nevertheless, the dispute did not result in a long-term split among the group. When Foo Fighters performed a rendition of “Requiem” by Killing Joke in the late 1990s, vocalist Jazz Coleman joined

them to play the song live in New Zealand in 2003. In honor of the recently departed singer/guitarist Joe Strummer, Grohl joined Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, and Steven Van Zandt in an ad hoc supergroup during the 45th Annual Grammy Awards in 2003.

Grohl at the 2005 Roskilde Festival

Early in the new millennium, Grohl provided drumming assistance to other musicians. He contributed vocals and percussion to the 2000 song “Goodbye Lament” from Tony Iommi’s album Iommi.

As a performer on Tenacious D’s debut album in 2001, Grohl made an appearance in the lead track “Tribute” video as a demon. In the song “The Pick of Destiny” from the duo’s 2006 movie Tenacious D, he subsequently made an appearance as Satan and sang on the soundtrack.

For their 2012 album Rise of the Phoenix, he also played drums. In 2002, Grohl performed with Queens of the Stone Age on their album Songs for the Deaf and assisted Chan Marshall of Cat Power on the album You’re Free.

In order to promote the album, Grohl also went on tour with the group, postponing the recording of Foo Fighters’ One by One album. Grohl returned to the drum chair in 2016 for Nine Inch Nails’ EP Not the Actual Events, “The Idea of You,”

having previously performed percussion on one track and six tracks on the band’s 2005 album With Teeth.

returned. In addition, he contributed percussion to the track “Bad Boyfriend” off Garbage’s Bleed Like Me album from 2005.

Most recently, he recorded the song “For Us” on Pete Yorn’s 2006 album Nightcrawler and performed all the drums on Juliet and the Licks’ 2006 album Four on the Floor.

David Bowie’s 2002 album Heathen featured a guitar rendition of Neil Young’s “I’ve Been Waiting for You” by Grohl in addition to his drumming duties.

One of the main highlights of Liverpool’s year as the European Capital of Culture in 2008 was Grohl’s concert at the Anfield football stadium, where Paul McCartney was paying a special guest appearance.

After joining McCartney’s group, Grohl played drums on “Back in the U.S.S.R.” and “I Saw Her Standing There” in addition to providing backup vocals and guitar on “Band on the Run.

Grohl played drums on “I Saw Her Standing There” during McCartney’s second performance with him at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards. Grohl shared the stage alongside Steven Tyler, James Taylor, Mavis Staples, Norah Jones, and No Doubt.

At the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors, she also assisted in directing a tribute to McCartney. On December 5, 2010, she sang a duet of “Maybe I’m Amazed” with Norah Jones.

The Invaders Must Die album from 2009.


Grohl is playing the drums for those crooked vultures.

It was discovered in July 2009 that Grohl was recording as Them Crooked Vultures alongside Josh Homme and John Paul Jones.

On August 9, 2009, the trio performed for the first time at the Metro in Chicago. On August 26, 2009, the band made a surprise appearance as Arctic Monkeys’ opening act at Brixton Academy in London, marking their debut performance in the United Kingdom.

In the UK, Them Crooked Vultures, the band’s debut album, was released on November 16, 2009; in the US, it was released on November 17.


At BlizzCon on October 23, 2010, Grohl gave a performance alongside Tenacious D. A year later, he returned with the Foo Fighters and performed another performance there, this time as guitarist and vocalist. He had been the drummer for the whole show.


2010 saw Grohl collaborate with guitarists Slash and Duff McKagan on the song “Watch This” on Slash’s self-titled album, which also included a number of other well-known musicians.


Grohl replaced drummer Jared Champion for a short-term tour with Cage the Elephant in October 2011 due to Champion’s appendix rupture.


The Sound City documentary, which Grohl directed, is about the Sound City studio in Van Nuys, California, which was used to record Nevermind before it closed its doors in 2011.


After Joey Castillo left Queens of the Stone Age in 2012, Grohl contributed as the drummer to a few songs on the band’s 2013 album…Like Clockwork.


Paul McCartney performed “Cut Me Some Slack” during the 12-12-12 Sandy relief performance with Grohl and the other members of Nirvana, including touring guitarist Pat Smear and Christ Novoselic. The song was eventually featured on the Sound City CD.

The song was prerecorded. It was the first time in eighteen years that the trio had performed together, and it was viewed as a Nirvana reunion with McCartney filling in for Kurt Cobain.


On March 14, in the early hours of the day, Grohl delivered the keynote address at the 2013 South by Southwest conference held in Austin, Texas, US.

In less than an hour, Grohl’s musical career was discussed and emphasized, spanning from his early years to his work with the Foo Fighters. The value of every individual’s voice, regardless of identity:

“Your voice is all that exists; there is no such thing as right or wrong. The fact that it’s your voice matters most. Treasure it. Honor it. Take care of it.

Take it on. Honor it.” During his address, Grohl cited Psy’s “Gangnam Style” as one of his top songs from the previous ten years. He also mentioned that the instrumental version of “Frankenstein” by Edgar Winter served as his inspiration for becoming a composer.


Grohl took Chris Fryer’s place on the drum kit for the country music group Zac Brown Band during the 2013 CMA Awards on November 6, 2013.

The new song “Day for the Dead” by the band was released. The EP The Grohl Sessions, Vol. 1 by Zac Brown Band was also produced by Grohl.


Grohl also did drum work for the recently formed indie hip-hop group RDGLDGRN. He worked on their EP with them. Grohl, a fellow Northern Virginian, was invited by the trio to play drums on “I Love Lamp” when he was filming their Sound City documentary.

Though “Million Fans” has a sampled breakbeat, Grohl otherwise agreed and played drums throughout the record.


If You Have Ghost was produced by Grohl, who was a fan of the dramatic Swedish metal band Ghost. The EP included other tracks with him on them as well.

Grohl provided the rhythm guitar for the Depeche version of “Waiting for the Night” in addition to the covers of “If You Have Ghosts” and “I’m a Marionette” by ABBA and Rocky Erickson.

but performed a modal cover on the drums. Ghost’s member claims that Grohl has made appearances at live performances when the band is dressed in the same camouflage uniforms as the other band members.


Grohl played drums on the medley “One/Jump Into the Fire” on the Hollywood Vampires supergroup, which was fronted by Alice Cooper. The album of all-star covers was released in September.


Released on August 10, 2018, Grohl’s solo album “Play” is more than 22 minutes long. Together with it was a brief documentary.

In August and November of 2020, Grohl participated in an online drum duel with Nandi Bushell, a ten-year-old drummer and YouTube sensation who had earlier challenged Grohl following covers of Nirvana and Foo Fighters songs.

At first, Grohl was struck by her ability and enthusiasm. He argued with Bushell many times until humorously conceding the victory to her. He then composed and sang a song in her memory.

Afterwards, Grohl extended an invitation to Bushell to join the Foo Fighters on stage during their gig at the LA Forum on August 26, 2021, via video chat. Bushell accepted the offer.

made an appearance with the band and played the drums for the show’s last song, “Everlong.” Millions of people viewed the footage of the drum fight.


Grohl sang a duet with Paul McCartney on June 25, 2022, the day he was the main act at the Glastonbury Festival. Their first show following Taylor Hawkins’s passing earlier in the year was this one.


Grohl during July of 2008.

More than any other artist, Grohl has made 14 appearances as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live since his debut in 1992. 


Additionally, Grohl has made several SNL skits appearances. He appeared in the Saturday Night Live digital short “People Getting Punched Just Before Eating” on October 13, 2007.

On February 6, 2010, he made an appearance in the “Crisis of Conformity” episode (headed by Fred Armisen) as a middle-aged punk rock drummer getting back together after a 25-year break.

On March 9, 2011, he made appearances in the sketches “Bongo’s Clown Room” and “Helen Mirren’s Magical Bosom” on Saturday Night Live.


Grohl published Is It Fall Yet? in August 2000. He provided the voice of conceited art teacher Daniel Dotson in the first of two feature-length films for the animated series Daria on MTV.


In the middle of the 2010s, Grohl’s name was added to the roster of rock stars who provided voiceovers for Metalocalypse, the heavy metal parody/tribute show on Cartoon Network.

In the DoublebookedCloak season 3 finale, he provided the voice of Abdul Malik, the divisive Syrian tyrant.


Grohl was named the week-long presenter of Chelsea Lately in February 2013. Elton John was among the attendees; on the E! Show, he disclosed that he will collaborate with Grohl on the upcoming Queens of the Stone Age album.

Ahead of time, Grohl hosted the program during “Celebrity Guest Host Week” in the first week of December 2012.


Grohl and the Foo Fighters were selected by David Letterman to perform “Everlong” as the last musical guest on the last edition of The Late Show with David Letterman on May 20, 2015.

Letterman stated that “Everlong” is his all-time favorite song and that he and the band “bonded together” ever since the band postponed tour dates at his request so he could do his first concert following heart bypass surgery.


Grohl made an appearance in a Muppets episode on December 1, 2015, when he and Animal engaged in a “Drum Off” competition. In February 2019, Grohl made an appearance on Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary season.


The announcement was made on January 28, 2021, that The Coda Collection will release the first officially sanctioned documentary featuring Dave Grohl. What Drives Us is a documentary that was released on April 30, 2021.


As the special guest storyteller on CBeebies Bedtime Story on October 8, 2021, Grohl recited a tale that was inspired by the Beatles song “Octopus’s Garden.”


movie making

The music videos for Foo Fighters’ “Monkey Wrench” (1997), “My Hero” (1998), “All My Life” (2002), “White Limo” (2011), and “Rope” (2011) were directed by Grohl. Did.

And all the music videos from the Concrete and Gold and Sonic Highways periods. Apart from Foo Fighters, he also filmed the music video for “By Crooked Steps” by Soundgarden (2014).


The documentary Sound City, which tells the tale of the renowned Van Nuys recording studio Sound City Studios, was produced and directed by Grohl in 2013. The film had its debut at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and was Grohl’s first feature-length directing effort.


Sonic Highways is a record that was developed and recorded in eight different American locations, and Grohl filmed an eight-part documentary miniseries of the same name to coincide with its release. HBO debuted it on October 17, 2014.


What Drives Us, a feature-length documentary on Vans touring, was directed by Grohl in 2021. On April 30, 2021, it was made available on Coda Collection via Amazon Prime.


Kale Jelly

Cal Jam 17, a music festival organized by Grohl and the Foo Fighters to commemorate the release of the band’s ninth studio album Concrete & Gold and launch their North American tour, is scheduled for October 6–7.

The event is modeled by California Jam. , 2017, in Glen Helen Amphitheater, with 3,100 campsites, 27,800 spectators, and nine arrests.


On October 5–6, 2018, Cal Jam 18 took place in San Bernardino, California, and included a reunion of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters.

Grohl is a self-taught musician who just uses his ears because he is unable to read music. Grohl uses two Gibson ES-335-based guitars as his main instruments.

He bought an original cherry red Gibson Trini Lopez Standard in the early 1990s because he loved the way the diamond-shaped sound holes looked on it.

It is now his main recording instrument. In addition, he bought an original 1965 Pelham Blue Trini Lopez from a doctor in the United Kingdom.


Designed by Gibson using Trini Lopez’s standard specs, the Pelham Blue Gibson DG-335, which is Grohl’s signature model, is his main stage guitar.

It has a stop tailpiece instead of Trini Lopez’s trapeze tailpiece.


which Gibson created using the Trini Lopez Standard specifications, but with a stop tailpiece in place of the trapeze tailpiece seen on the Trini Lopez and a different color. In addition, he has a silver-finished “Memphis Dave Grohl ES-335” trademark guitar, which is exactly the same as the DG-335.

with keeping with But Here We Are’s aesthetics, Grohl also started playing a DG-335 with white finish for the Foo Fighters’ 2023 return.

Grohl D’Addario plays with strings that are gauged from 0.11-0.49, but because of his forceful approach, he utilizes 0.42 gauge for the A string and 0.60 gauge for the bottom E string. His main acoustic guitar is a Gibson Dove in black, modelled after Elvis Presley.

In 2008, Dave Grohl holding an acoustic Gibson Dove guitar.

With five distinct tom sizes ranging from 5×8 inches to 16×18 inches, two 20-inch crash cymbals, an 18-inch china cymbal, and one 24-inch ride symbol, Drum Workshop designed Grohl’s drum set. with a typical hi-hat, snare drum, and kick drum.


Dave Grohl’s DW drum kit: Ideas, Philanthropy, and Advocacy

After surviving the initial rock fall, Grohl wrote a message of support to two workers who were trapped in the collapse of the Beaconsfield mine in Tasmania, Australia, in May 2006.

One of the guys asked to have the Foo Fighters CD In Your Honor sent to them on an iPod in the early days following the collapse. 

Although I’ve just moved halfway across the world, my heart goes out to both of you, and I want you to know that when you come home, two tickets to any Foos show,”

part of Grohl’s message said. One of the miners agreed to meet Grohl for drinks following the Foo Fighters acoustic performance at the Sydney Opera House in October 2006.

composed an instrumental for the gathering, pledging to have it featured on the group’s next record.

The track “Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners” is included in Kaki King and can be found on the Foo Fighters’ 2007 album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace.


When asked about the White Knot ribbon, he said, “I believe in love and I believe in equality and I believe in marriage equality.” He has worn the ribbon at several events to show his support for homosexual marriage.

Grohl’s involvement in gay rights advocacy began in the early 1990s. Grohl is an advocate for gun regulation. 2002 D.C. He stated that the sniper assaults were “an indication of where the country is headed if we don’t get stricter with gun laws” in an interview shortly after they concluded.

“People need to recognize that our country needs to go strong on gun restrictions; it simply happens,” he said. “I grew up in suburban Virginia, hunting in season. I personally carry a gun. I’ve matured. But if everyone else wants to, I’m willing to leave.


In a 2008 interview, Grohl stated that he had given up using cannabis and ingesting LSD when he was twenty years old, and that he had never used cocaine, heroin, or speed.

I’ve seen people die,” he declared. Being young is not easy, and these things don’t make it any better.

He was included in a BBC anti-addiction film in 2009. He presented himself as an addict to coffee.

Known for consuming six cups of coffee on average each morning, he was sent to the hospital in 2009 after experiencing chest trouble brought on by an excess of caffeine.


Grohl played “My Hero” at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, and backed Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign. In addition to performing at the “Celebrating America”

event on Joe Biden’s inauguration day in 2021, Foo Fighters backed his 2020 presidential campaign.


private life

Grohl wed photographer Jennifer Leigh Youngblood of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, in 1994. December 1996 saw their separation, and in 1997 they became divorced.

Jordan Blum and she were married on August 2, 2003. Their three children, born in 2006, 2009, and 2014, reside in Los Angeles.


According to a 2012 Stereogum article, Grohl had a net worth of $260 million at the time, making him the third richest drummer in the world, after Ringo Starr and Phil Collins.


Grohl disclosed that he was deaf in his left ear due to decades of onstage performances in an interview from June 2011.

He disclosed that he had hearing loss during an interview on The Howard Stern Show in February 2022, and that this affects both his day-to-day existence and his career as a musician; For over 20 years

, his tinnitus made it impossible for him to read lips; this problem got worse when people started using face masks during the COVID-19 outbreak.

When it comes to music creation, he won’t wear in-ear monitors even though they might shield his ears from outside noise and prevent him from hearing his teammates.

said that his hearing “are still tuned to certain frequencies, which means they can still detect minute variations in cymbal percussion and other subtle sonic details.”




Dave Grohl during the 2014 Valor Concert

After receiving the key to his birthplace of Warren, Ohio, in August 2009, Grohl gave performances of the songs “Everlong,” “Times Like These,” and “My Hero.

In Warren, there is a roadway called “David Grohl Alley” that bears murals honoring him painted by regional artists.


In celebration of Grohl, his hometown of Warren erected a massive 902 lb (409 kg) drumstick in 2012. The Hollywood Reporter claims that this enormous pair broke the Guinness World Record.

The world saw the record-breaking drumsticks for the first time on July 7 at a concert at Warren Amphitheater.


On December 4, 2014, Grohl’s first-ever solo Rolling Stone cover story was released.


film year, filmography, and role notes

1992 The Year Punk Broke Himself, a 1991 documentary

2000 Has the collapse already been place? Daniel Dotson’s voice was the only one

2005 Classic Album: Nirvana’s documentary Nevermind

Tenacious D playing guitar, drums, and vocals at The Pick of Destiny Satan 2006

2010 Lemmy’s own rock documentary

2011 Original Muppets Cameo

2011 Foo Fighters: He Goes Back and Forth rockumentary

Featuring guitar, percussion, and vocals, 2012 See a Little Light: A Celebration of the Music and Legacy of Bob Mold Himself

2012 Documentary, Bad Brains: A Band in Washington, D.C.


2013 Sound City Director Film

2013’s documentary The Death and Resurrection Show Himself

2013: Documentary film, The Story of Descendants/All Himself

2014 Salad Days Independent Film

Rye Coalition 2014: The Tale of the Unfortunate 5 His Own Documentary

2015 Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck Himself (documentary using archive material)

2015 independent documentary All Things Must Pass

2016 Desert Edge: A Scene of Rock and Roll Documentary about History Itself

2016 Self-documentary The Smart Studios Story

2018 Industrial Mishap: Wax Tracks’ Tale! captures his own documentary

2020 Bill & Ted’s Self-Meeting Music Video

2021 The Band Documentary: Me, Myself

What motivates us for 2021 [169] Director Documentary 2022: Studio 666’s in-house horror movie with a backstory

Role notes for television shows in the year

1996 The X-Files: Uncredited cameo as “Pusher” guy strolls down the corridor

Space Ghost (1996) Coast to Coast Auto

on 2006, he sang and played guitar on The West Wing.

2010 Abdul Malik’s voice in Metalocalypse

2013 drug use history Memphis Mafia

2013 The Disturbing Orange’s High Fructose Adventures

2013 Chelsea’s Most Recent Invitees

2014 Sonic Highway on your own

2014 off-camera self

The Muppets Himself, 2015


“Hamilton” from the 2016 Drunk History American Congressman episode Jimmy Kimmel in Real Time! the guest host in person

2019 Sesame Street guitar performance and self-singing

2021 CBeebies Bedtime Store guitar performance and self-singing From birth to the stage, these 2022 hot ones


Early life in biography

The majority of Dave Grohl’s formative years were spent in Springfield, Virginia. He was a guitarist for various punk bands in the area.

He started playing drums for the hardcore punk band Scream at the age of 15. Before splitting up in 1989, Scream performed on tour across Europe and the United States.

Following their breakup, he attempted to join a little band named Nirvana as a drummer.


Attitudinal Harmony

See Nirvana in the main article.

In 1990, Grohl, Kurt Cobain, and Krist Novoselic formed Nirvana. They went on to become one of the decade’s biggest bands, with over 50 million records sold globally.

Grohl started working there just before Nevermind was released. Nevermind turned out to be a timeless record that continues to have a significant impact on the alternative rock and metal genres. The group did, however, only create one more studio album, In Utero, in 1993.

Kurt Cobain’s corpse was discovered in his Seattle residence on April 8, 1994. Following this incident, Nirvana broke up, and in 1995 Grohl formed Foo Fighters, his MBHH8


The Foo Fighters


Grohl did all of the recording for the debut Foo Fighters album alone. One by one, he recorded the pieces of each instrument, then put them together.

Currently a multi-Grammy Award winning rock band, The Foo Fighters sell out enormous venues when they tour.

What is the net worth of Dave Grohl?

Dave Grohl is a $330 million dollar American rock musician, singer,

songwriter, and filmmaker. As the lead singer and guitarist of Foo Fighters and the erstwhile drummer of Nirvana, Dave Grohl is most renowned for these roles.

Grohl sold 75 million records with Nirvana worldwide, including 30 million in the US. In addition to selling over 30 million records globally, Foo Fighters have been among the top-grossing touring acts for more than 20 years, which is particularly significant given Dave’s personal financial situation.

However, Foo Fighters leader and eighteen-time Grammy winner Dave Grohl is one person who doesn’t need constant reminders about conserving money. Yes, you may argue, he has no trouble saving money:

He has an estimated net worth of $320 million, but he is far richer than that, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Though he does have certain extravagances, such a music studio that is modeled like ABBA’s renowned Atlantis studio, he is most known for “driving the family car” and “living in a house that’s quite big”.

However, Grohl has a straightforward habit that, with a little modification, we can all adopt: In response to a question on his pay on The Red Bulletin in 2017,

Grohl stated, “It comes straight to my bank.”enters the account where everything becomes rancid and odorous.


In several respects, Grohl is putting into practice what experts have long advised: paying yourself first. Even before the money enters the account, he makes sure it flows directly into it.

A’set it and forget it’ strategy to investing has proven beneficial for many customers, according to certified financial planner Daniel Forbes of Forbes Financial Planning, provided that it doesn’t result in cash flow constraints.

Many experts advise the following for a pay-yourself-first strategy: A portion of your income should be put into savings to create an emergency fund, and the remainder should be used to pay bills and other necessities.

able to earn money and put money aside for other little necessities. Long-term objectives, and much more when it comes to investing.


According to Cameron Brady, a certified financial adviser with Michael Brady & Company, 

establishing automatic savings in an account before the check hits your checking account is a great way to build discipline with your savings habits.

It’s a smart practice to get into even if you can only contribute a modest amount to savings; similar to 401(k) contributions, you probably won’t miss money if you don’t watch it, according to Alison James of Worthwise Financial Partners.


However, to ensure that you have at least three months’ worth of emergency funds, make sure that at least a portion of those automatic payments are deposited into a high-yield savings account (you can view the highest rates on savings accounts here).

There may be costs involved. Honestly, it’s not much better than storing your cash under the mattress in a typical savings account given the average interest rates that exist right now.

At a minimum, you should consider setting up a high-yield savings account or purchasing a Series I bond,” James advises.

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