How Did Magic Johnson Get Aids

Video clips from Magic Johnson’s interview with Frontline on the 20th anniversary of his HIV diagnosis were released by us in November 2011.How Did Magic Johnson Get Aids? An edited transcript of his lengthy interview, which took place on June 16, 2011, has been included to the post.

        How Did Magic                    Johnson Get Aids

How Did Magic Johnson Get Aids

“Due to the HIV virus, I must retire from the Lakers today,” Earvin “Magic” Johnson announced in an interview with his wife, Cookie, 20 years ago today.

The news was shocking. a room full of sports journalists who, upon hearing the news, broke down in tears.

In 1991, most people still believed that HIV/AIDS only afflicted gay men and drug addicts, even though it was becoming more and more common in the African American community.

This would have been five years prior to the development of the “triple cocktail” drug therapy, which would have made HIV infection no longer be fatal.

Few celebrities at the time had disclosed their HIV diagnoses in public, and none had the following of Johnson, who acknowledged getting the virus from unprotected heterosexual intercourse.

How Did Magic Johnson Get Aids

Dr. Marsha Martin, who served as Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala’s special assistant on HIV/AIDS

policy and is currently the head of Get Screened Oakland—a nonprofit devoted to improving this—says that Johnson’s announcement had a significant influence. HIV Testing Facilities in Oakland, CA

Both the general public and Black individuals gained knowledge from this.You don’t even need to talk about the what, how, and why—you can live with it. This is not significant.

The ability to be evaluated and treated is what matters most. You can achieve that if you put in your best effort, make an effort to maintain your health, take your

prescription drugs as directed, get regular exercise, eat a nutritious diet, and provide for your family.

Since 1985, Frontline producer Renata Simone has reported on the AIDS crisis; most recently, she was involved in the critically acclaimed Frontline series The Age of AIDS.

For her upcoming documentary on AIDS in Black America, which will premiere on Frontline in 2019, Simone spoke with Johnson in June of last year.

Johnson informed us that his current priorities are encouraging people to get tested and educating them. He mentioned that 50% of people who are tested don’t

How Did Magic Johnson Get Aids

follow up to acquire their findings, and that African American and Latino groups account for the majority of new cases. People must currently be the first to get tested and receive their results.

These figures need to be lowered, particularly for the minority group.

Here are some longer snippets from his conversation.

discovered that he was infected

After traveling to Utah for a preseason game, Johnson unexpectedly got a call from his doctor informing him that he had to come back right away. He thought to himself,

I’m going to die,” when he heard the news. However, Johnson’s primary worry was “How will I survive that long?” even after receiving assurances from his physicians, Drs.

David Ho, the creator of the “triple cocktail” treatment, and Michael Mellman, the team physician for the Lakers. Why did they make this decision? to be seen by the public

Elizabeth Glaser, an AIDS campaigner, persuaded Johnson to reveal his illness to the public.

During a blood transfusion while giving birth to her daughter Ariel, Glaser became infected with HIV, which she then transferred to Ariel and her son Jake.

According to Johnson, “She promised me before she died that I would be the face of this disease and really go out and help people and educate people about it.

How Did Magic Johnson Get Aids

Above all, Cookie, who was two months pregnant at the time, was persuaded by Glaser that “the world needs to know that Magic Johnson had HIV.

I have not recovered.

Johnson has spent the last 20 years trying to bust myths surrounding HIV.

Together with fellow basketball player Yao Ming, they created this PSA with the theme, “You can’t get AIDS from a hug, a handshake, or a meal with a friend.

However, he wants to debunk the major notion that he hasn’t fully recovered.

“Trying to keep a secret is a burden.

Johnson acknowledges that things aren’t always as they seem, but he still feels “blessed” to have his family’s support following his diagnosis.

For people who are having trouble communicating with their relatives, she offers this advice:

If your uncle no longer wants to be your uncle, find another uncle. Her advice for adolescent girls

Johnson believes, “Teens should educate themselves.” “They should practice safe sex.”

He claimed to have had a “birds and bees conversation” with his 16-year-old daughter Alyssa a few days before to his Frontline interview.

“You have to have these conversations, because they’re important,” he said. In particular, I should mention that I have this virus.

I had to warn [my kids] about what would happen if they followed my actions because I don’t want them to ever understand this. However, Johnson has

State, so that’s what I’m focused on.

I have some knowledge of your modest upbringing, your parents. Could you briefly discuss it?

God has given me two amazing parents, and I resemble them both. I’m just like my mom; I have her smile and charisma and her enormous heart because she wants to serve and save the world.

How Did Magic Johnson Get Aids

After then, I resemble my father exactly. I work hard and efficiently. I told my dad that I had 20 jobs because he had only had two jobs in his entire life.

They were concerned with education and family values. They forced their upbringing on us in order for us to grow up to be decent members of society.

They also taught us how to be wonderful spouses and parents.

The six of us were educated by our mother how to be young ladies, moms, and take care of our families.

Our father was a strong, kind, and excellent example of a Christian man.

They set a wonderful example for all of us, for their children, and for the entire world, in my opinion, and they still do.

… It could be difficult to choose just one, but I was wondering if you had a favorite basketball moment that truly encapsulated what you enjoy about the game.

Which scene or play is your favorite?

When the Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics in 1987, I believe it was the pivotal moment.

We won the series and I was able to win the game for the Lakers with a hook shot in the last seconds. 3-1 up. That’s most likely a wonderful moment.

However, there was also the Olympic experience, when I had the opportunity to play with the world’s best athletes, like Michael Jordan,

Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, and others, and represent both the United States and my nation.

And then there was certainly another instance when, as a rookie, nobody believed we would win a major game in Philadelphia without Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. We were up 3-2 and needed to win.

That game is his to win. we won the game. I finished with 42 points, 15 rebounds, and 7 assists. I told them to “keep a positive attitude and work,” and they answered, “Okay.

How Did Magic Johnson Get Aids

So he replied, “Let me introduce you to Dr. [David] Ho, a leading HIV and AIDS doctor, and you can talk.” In essence, Dr. Ho told them, “You’ll be fine.

Because AZT was the sole medication in the pipeline at the time, he claimed that many more medications were coming in behind it. As a result, there are many drugs entering the pipeline.

Additionally, Dr. Ho had a very positive outlook on life. His understanding of the illness also helped me feel considerably better, which delighted me and gave me confidence about my circumstances.

And so, under Dr. Ho’s supervision, we conducted several different series of blood tests. After that, he got back to me and advised me what to take and how much to take.

Have there ever been any negative effects?

No adverse effects ever affected me. I’m one of them; I believe that what helped me too was that I kept working.

Although it was difficult for me at the time, I was able to get through it because I couldn’t let it happen to me.

I believe I was able to handle the medication because I continued to run, play basketball, lift weights, and work out on the treadmill.

I believe that taking that much medication at initially alters both you and your body in some way, so I had to adjust to the shift. However, after four or five months, my body adjusted to the drug.

After I adjusted to it and grew accustomed to it, everything was alright. Are you tired after taking the pill?

Needless to say, anyone will do. However, I believe that I followed the program because it was effective for me. Additionally, I believe that Dr.

Ho was always available and answered all of my concerns, especially during the first year when I had a lot of them.

What occurs if I get a cold? because despite your belief that everything will set off a reaction, nothing does.

Thus, he soothed me anytime a notion occurred to me. Dr. Ho has been the greatest; he responded to all of my questions.

How Did Magic Johnson Get Aids

I am grateful that he accepted me as a patient and thoroughly taught me on the HIV and AIDS crisis so that I could speak about it with knowledge and objectivity.

Furthermore, not many people are aware that I have been fighting for 20 years. I was on the HIV/AIDS council under President George H.W. Bush.

I have visited various dharamshalas that were opening at that time, as well as various cities. I have therefore raised a lot of money for HIV and AIDS.

However, Elizabeth Glaser is the one to whom I owe a great deal of gratitude because she greatly assisted me. At the time, she was dying of AIDS, and I needed someone who was living with the disease to talk to.

Are you experiencing negative reactions?

Yes, I handled it with the NBA in a little but significant way. David Stern, the NBA Commissioner, was incredible.

The NBA and Commissioner Stern, along with numerous other owners and coaches, have been steadfast supporters of mine since the beginning.

How Did Magic Johnson Get Aids

However, a few players later stated that, for whatever reason, they did not want to play against me.

To be honest, I felt deeply offended by that since they didn’t want me to return to the league after I showed them that nothing would happen in the Olympics.

I was so demoralized by this that I made the decision to leave.

But I made the decision to educate them in order to transform that negative energy into positive energy. That’s what I ultimately chose to do.

I made it my mission to inform players that they could play against me or any other HIV-positive person, and that I was in good health just like everyone else.

I was able to educate the globe by participating in the Olympics and succeeding there, and I was content when, four years later,

I returned to the Lakers and continued to educate NBA players. I wanted to get out of my own way, so I did it.

I didn’t want my basketball career to end because of HIV. Personally, I desired to retire.

beyond I retired, I had a terrific time and felt the need to begin a new chapter in my life because life continues beyond basketball.

Thus, this is the reality for everyone living with HIV. The nicest part of it is that I was able to demonstrate to other individuals who are afflicted

with this illness that it is possible to carry out regular tasks and still lead a good life, even if you have the virus.

How Did Magic Johnson Get Aids

.. You and AC Green, you know, had a little altercation. He gave you bad criticism when you first started, and you then educated him. Could you give us the story in brief?

Being a deeply religious man, AC. believed that my frequent sexual encounters with women caused me to get this illness, which is why he reacted negatively.

So as soon as I turned on the air conditioning. We were close before our relationship ended, so I added, “You know, we all make mistakes.

I’m paying the price for the error I committed. “You know,” I replied, “I’m leaving the sport I love, and …

HIV is going to impact me in a big way because I can’t play basketball anymore.”

I claimed at the time that I didn’t know how long I would live on Earth because I was now concerned about my health.

“You know, I need your support, not to be upset or discouraged because nobody is perfect,” I uttered. You’re not flawless.

” I also told him that he wasn’t flawless. “You and I both have made mistakes,” I informed him.

So, when I told him this, he started crying, gave me a hug, and prayed for me. It was a significant moment for both of us.

You proceed, and in doing so, he also gains knowledge. Yes, whether they’re looking for information about who to contact or what to do, or whether they or a family member has received an HIV diagnosis.

After that, I receive a lot of messages and calls from people all over the world, and I give speeches about HIV and AIDS in China, Greece, and other countries.

Together with Yao Ming, I produced a fantastic PSA in China. 22 days, 11 nations were visited by me. I talked about HIV and AIDS during the day and played basketball at night.

Speaking about HIV and AIDS, I’ve traveled the world, educating people along the way. People are shocked that I’ve remained here this long and am also pleased.

Except for one medicine, which we had when I made the announcement 20 years ago; today, we have more than 30. It demonstrates the ways in which medicine has improved, evolved, and changed.


Could you clarify this to individuals who believe that you have healed? When we speak with people, they all assume that you have recovered, even though it is clear that you are in perfect condition.

I have not recovered. I’m now taking my medication. Thank God, I’m following my doctor’s orders and the HIV virus is largely dormant in my body and bloodstream.

We don’t want anything to infect, awaken, or rouse it up. more dynamic. Therefore, no, there isn’t a cure, and even if I manage to survive this existence and the virus persists within me, I won’t mind.

I believe that our shared goal is to live longer. This was an execution by hanging sentence. HIV will become AIDS once it is declared.

However, with today’s medical advancements, our increased scientific understanding of HIV and AIDS, and the wonderful individuals working in the HIV/AIDS community, including Dr. Ho, if you go and get tested

Tion: Discriminatory acts, no matter how minor or huge, are serious issues.

Hopefully, the administration will step in and take tough measures against anyone who engage in this.

Businesses and individuals, retailers or anyone else, and, well, the AIDS Healthcare [Foundation] does a fantastic job. They provide you with free medication if you are unable to pay for it.

fantastic crew; He is the best. It is unrelated to their ability to manage the task, take responsibility, or do their duties.

You brought them there because they’ve been doing this for years, and nothing will change.

Your outstanding worker is still capable of working and managing their task. And I advise them to start with their own education.

I have some of the world’s greatest partners right now. When you can sell the Lakers and Starbucks together for over $100 million, you know you done

something right, right? Therefore, don’t let their illness or HIV—whether it’s HIV or AIDS—deter you from [keeping] them because these people can do a lot for you.

You ought to say, “I’m going to help you,” in my opinion. Not only will you keep your work, but you’ll also contribute to our office’s education regarding the illness.

And they ought to act accordingly. We’ll find you a fantastic company after he proves to be a terrific employer to me. I salute you as a terrific boss.


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