Jessica Rabbit Makeup: Glam Cartoon Character Look

Jessica Rabbit Makeup from the 1988 film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is a pop culture icon. She’s known for her sultry and exaggerated look. Her bold red lips, heavy purple eyeshadow, and big auburn hair have inspired many to try her style1.

Disney’s Jessica Rabbit is one of the most glamorous cartoon characters. Her makeup and look have become legendary. They’ve sparked a trend of bold, retro makeup looks2

. Fans have created everything from balloon sculptures to makeup tutorials and special merchandise2.

Jessica rabbit makeup

Key Takeaways

  • Jessica Rabbit’s iconic makeup features bold red lips, heavy purple eyeshadow, and exaggerated eyelashes.
  • Her look has inspired countless beauty enthusiasts to recreate her sultry and seductive cartoon style.
  • The fascination with Jessica Rabbit has led to a range of merchandise, tutorials, and even custom sculptures.
  • Recreating her makeup requires precision, blending techniques, and the right color palette to achieve the perfect two-dimensional yet believable effect.
  • Achieving Jessica Rabbit’s hourglass figure and voluminous hair are also key elements of the complete look.

Introducing Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit is a sultry, voluptuous cartoon from the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit3. She stands out with her heavy purple eyelids, pouty red lips, and big auburn hair. Her look is meant to be exaggerated, like old Hollywood.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s Iconic Character

4 Jessica Rabbit is a top sex symbol in animation4. A UK newspaper named her the sexiest cartoon character in March 20094. Kathleen Turner voices her, and Amy Irving sang “Why Don’t You Do Right?” for her debut4. After the film’s hit, Jessica Rabbit was a big deal at Disney’s MGM Studios. But by 2000, they stopped using her stuff4.

Jessica’s Distinctive Animated Look

4 Jessica is seen as beautiful, passionate, and glamorous4. She wears a red dress that highlights her curves, including her large cleavage and hips4. She tells Eddie Valiant, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”4

jessica rabbit

5 The script for the movie was in its third draft by September 2, 19865. It’s set in a 1940s Hollywood studio lot5. Baby Herman is tiny, and R.K. Maroon is worried about going over budget on a cartoon5.

5 Maroon wants Eddie Valiant to get compromising pictures of Jessica Rabbit for a hundred bucks5. Valiant mistakes a shadow for something else, then realizes it’s Dumbo5. A truck with a 1946 California license plate is seen bringing in props534.

Jessica Rabbit’s Makeup Style

Jessica Rabbit’s makeup style is bold and dramatic. It grabs your attention. At the center, her bold red lips and smokey eye makeup stand out. They give a sultry look6.

Her lips are shaped with a deep red lip liner. Then, they’re filled with a rich, creamy lipstick6. Her eyes are made up with purple and silver eyeshadows. These are blended to give a deep, multi-dimensional smokey eye effect6.

A modern take on Jessica Rabbit’s makeup uses the “halo” technique for depth6. Various purple and silver shades are used for a sultry look6. The makeup artist used different brushes for different effects6.

Highlighting and contouring aren’t big parts of Jessica Rabbit’s makeup6. But her defined eyes, thick brows, and bold red lip are key6. This modern take on her look is meant to be alluring and easy to try at home6.

jessica rabbit makeup

Creating a Modern Jessica Rabbit Makeup Look

To get a modern Jessica Rabbit makeup look, start with a smooth base. Use a hydrating primer7 for a flawless base. Then, apply a light foundation that lets your skin glow7.

Prepping the Skin for Makeup Application

For a glowing look, add a luminous highlighter. CIAT London’s Face and Body Highlighter, part of their Jessica Rabbit collection, costs $207. Apply it on your cheekbones, nose, and cupid’s bow for a radiant effect.

Achieving the Sultry Eye Makeup

For Jessica Rabbit’s sultry eyes, use rich purple and silver eyeshadows. Blend them for a soft, alluring look. The “halo” method makes the eyeshadow look seamless8.

Add volumizing mascara and dramatic false lashes for the final touch. This combo gives you that Jessica Rabbit look8.

modern jessica rabbit makeup

“Makeup can transform you into a different person, and that’s the fun of it.”
– Grace An, Makeup Artist

Mastering the modern Jessica Rabbit makeup means balancing sultry and whimsical. Prepare your skin well and craft stunning eyes to capture her timeless charm879.

Perfecting the Jessica Rabbit Signature Red Lip

One of the most iconic elements of the Jessica Rabbit look is her bold, red lip. To get this look, start by lining your lips with a deep red lip liner10. Next, fill your lips with a rich, creamy red lipstick10. For extra glamour, dab a small amount of shimmery gold eyeshadow in the center of your lower lip. This adds dimension and makes your lips look fuller10.

The Jessica Rabbit Collection from CIAT London has the perfect Glitter Storm formula lipstick for this look11. It costs $22 and is a bold, true blue metallic red with hyper shine and shimmer. It’s perfect for recreating Jessica’s signature look11.

“The Glitter Storm Lipstick in the collection is described as a bold true blue metallic red with hyper shine and shimmer.”

The collection also includes a 9-pan eyeshadow palette with purple, copper, and bronzy shades10. This palette lets you try different eye makeup looks, from a sultry smokey eye to everyday styles10.

If you love Jessica Rabbit or want to add old Hollywood glamour to your makeup, perfecting the red lip is key. With the right products and practice, you can feel like a true bombshell11.

jessica rabbit red lip

To get the perfect Jessica Rabbit red lip, start with bold, creamy red lipstick and add shimmery gold for dimension10. Try different lip liner and lipstick shades to find what works best for you1110.

Jessica rabbit makeup

To get the look of Jessica Rabbit, focus on her big facial features. This guide will show you how to get that sultry, animated look she’s known for.

Covering Natural Brows

Begin by covering your natural brows with concealer. This lets you draw on brows that are higher and more arched, like Jessica’s. Make sure the concealer blends well for a smooth look.

Contouring for Angular Features

Next, use matte foundation for a porcelain-like skin tone. Then, contour to make your face’s angles stand out. Aim for a chiseled jawline and nose, just like Jessica’s. Blend the contour shades well for a natural look.

recreating jessica rabbit facial features

Perfecting the Porcelain Skin

Keep your skin looking flawless and doll-like, just like Jessica Rabbit’s. Use a high-coverage foundation and cover any blemishes for a smooth, flawless look.

“Jessica Rabbit’s makeup is all about amplifying her features to an exaggerated, almost caricature-like level. It’s the key to capturing her distinct animated aesthetic.”

By focusing on Jessica Rabbit’s signature features, you’ll get closer to her captivating look. Blend well for a flawless, high-definition finish.

Contouring for an Hourglass Figure

To get Jessica Rabbit’s iconic hourglass figure, focus on strategic contouring and highlighting. Use makeup techniques to make your curves stand out and highlight your natural beauty12.

Body Makeup Techniques

Body makeup is a great way to boost your hourglass shape. Use a matte, darker foundation or powder on areas you want to slim down, like the waist12. This trick makes your midsection look slimmer.

Then, apply a lighter, more glowing product on the bust and hips. This makes these areas look bigger12.

For a bold look, think about Aquash ape. It’s a gentle liposuction using water pressure to remove fat cells, needing only local anesthesia12. Waist liposuction is another top choice for getting rid of extra fat in the midsection12.

A tummy tuck is popular for fixing the belly area, often from having kids or losing weight13. Mixing liposuction with a tummy tuck lets a skilled surgeon shape your whole torso, including hips, thighs, and lower back, for a better look13.

The success of getting an hourglass figure after a tummy tuck depends on your body type and shape. People who were curvier before pregnancy or closer to their ideal weight might find it easier to get that hourglass look after surgery13.

If you want even more curves, think about adding breast augmentation to your procedures13.

hourglass figure

Always talk to experienced medical pros, like board-certified plastic surgeons, before any cosmetic procedures like waist reduction or tummy tuck surgery12. They can give you advice tailored to your body and beauty goals.

Mastering contouring and body makeup lets you achieve a stunning Jessica Rabbit-inspired hourglass figure. This will definitely catch people’s attention and make a lasting impression.

Styling Jessica’s Voluminous Hair

Getting Jessica Rabbit’s iconic hairstyle is key to her charm on screen14. The secret is using hot rollers and Velcro rollers. They give the hair volume, curl, and a smooth finish.

Hot Roller and Velcro Roller Techniques

Start by dividing the hair and curling it away from the face with hot rollers14. This method creates the round, full shape needed for Jessica Rabbit’s look. After curling, use Velcro rollers to cool and set the curls.

Hot rollers and Velcro rollers together are vital for the right volume and smoothness14. Hot rollers curl and lift the hair. Velcro rollers then keep the style in place and fight frizz. This combo gives you Jessica Rabbit’s famous glossy, full hair.

For extra style hold, use an anti-humidity hairspray like Pantene Pro-V Restore Beautiful Lengths14. It keeps the style perfect and guards against the weather. This way, your Jessica Rabbit look stays flawless all day.