Magic Johnson Hiv

Claim: While participating in a study conducted by Dr. Anthony Fauci decades ago, Magic Johnson Hiv came into contact with HIV from a tainted hepatitis B vaccination.AP Evaluation: Wrong. The legendary Lakers player stated that he thinks unprotected intercourse is how he got the virus.

                     Magic                            Johnson Hiv

Magic Johnson Hiv

Johnson did not respond to the most recent allegations, but in the past, he has lauded Fauci—a renowned scientist at the time of AIDS’s initial discovery—for helping him cope with his diagnosis, which forced him to leave the NBA.

Fact: A video that has gone viral on social media purports that the Hall of Fame basketball player’s immune system-attacking illness, AIDS, was brought on by tainted immunizations.

The video, which features an interview with a scientist who is anti-vaccination, is going viral at a time when questions about the safety of COVID-19

vaccines are still being raised following the collapse of Buffalo Bills football player Damar Hamlin earlier this month. The number of unfounded claims is constantly rising.

Why did Magic Johnson’s HIV test come up positive?

Magic Johnson Hiv

In an Instagram post with a 37-second video, the scientist wrote.

“because tainted hepatitis B vaccine was used in Fauci’s research study.” attacking the weak both then and now!

Magic Johnson, how did you overcome HIV? The lack of knowledge and stigma associated with the human immunodeficiency virus raised doubts about the former professional

basketball player’s prospects for the future after he was diagnosed with HIV in 1991. But more than 30 years later, the 63-year-old is still going strong in his duties as a sports analyst, businessman

and HIV campaigner because of advancements in antiretroviral medications and condition management.

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Magic Johnson Hiv

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Magic Johnson, how did you overcome HIV? The lack of knowledge and stigma associated with the human immunodeficiency virus

raised doubts about the former professional basketball player’s prospects for the future after he was diagnosed with HIV in 1991.

But more than 30 years later, the 63-year-old is still going strong in his duties as a sports analyst, businessman, and HIV

campaigner because of advancements in antiretroviral medications and condition management.

Mark Heisler of the Los Angeles Times reported on November 8, 1991, the day after the Los Angeles Lakers player revealed that he had been diagnosed with the virus:

“Many people (diagnosed) with HIV live for many years, But they do not have any serious effects on the body.

Well-being Experts estimate that it currently takes an average of ten years from human immunodeficiency virus infection to an AIDS diagnosis.

Magic Johnson Hiv

Since HIV/AIDS was then commonly linked to early death, many people may have thought that this outcome was unattainable.

However, according to Healthline, the life expectancy of a young person with HIV is now equal to that of a similarly aged person without HIV because of advancements in antiretroviral medication.

These particular drugs have enabled Magic Johnson to control his HIV infection and turn it from a deadly illness to a chronic health issue.

According to Spencer Lieb, a senior epidemiologist and coordinator of HIV/AIDS research, “there is nothing unique about magic.” Live Science was informed by the Florida Consortium for HIV/AIDS Research.

People are still alive and doing well 20 and 30 years after infection.” The AIDS Institute’s HIV/AIDS Research Coordinator is Spencer Lieb.

In charge of over 400 scientific projects, he oversees the statewide Florida HIV/AIDS Research Consortium, whose HIV researchers are under his direction.

He was previously employed by the Florida

Magic Johnson Hiv

Department of Health as a senior epidemiologist in the HIV/AIDS Bureau.

According to Lieb, hundreds of patients have gone on to lead fulfilling lives in the state of Florida alone after receiving an HIV diagnosis in the early 1980s

the year that the country saw the confirmation of its first instances of AIDS. However, a great deal of people are not as fortunate as Johnson and many others, who have been able to manage their circumstances.

As of 2019, 1.18 million Americans were estimated to have HIV by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with 13 percent of those infected going undetected. Annually

over 36,000 individuals receive an HIV diagnosis

Magic Johnson Hiv

and over 15,000 pass away; however, these fatalities may result from non-AIDS-related causes as well.

HIV “remains incurable due to the presence of latent viral reservoirs,” notwithstanding recent advancements in therapy.

HIV incorporates into the DNA of the host during the course of the virus’s life cycle.

A portion of integrated HIV proviruses are transcriptionally silent; they do not create viral proteins or offspring until they are reactivated in response to different physical stimuli.

HIV’s latent infection causes some infected cells to evade immune detection and destruction, whereupon they develop into viral reservoirs.

Andrew D. Baddeley, MD, and Nathan W. Cummins, MD, for Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 2015.

The secret to preventing Johnson’s deadly illness from developing into AIDS lies with him and others.

An individual’s immune system eradicates nearly all HIV-positive cells and virus when they are infected. However, a tiny percentage do exist, and those HIV cells proliferate over time,

Magic Johnson Hiv

attacking the immune system in seven stages (the National Institutes of Health’s HIV information website explains this process).

The HIV life cycle is a progressive process that can be stopped at any point to stop the virus from developing into AIDS.

Scientists have created a number of potent medications to assist individuals like Johnson in managing and preventing the illness.

Initially, antiretroviral therapy, or ART, consisted of a regimen of three or four antiretroviral medications as the main weapon.

Johnson stated to The Guardian in 2021, “They were right when they told me the three-drug combination was going to save my life.” “I’m thinking,

‘Wow,’ as we speak today—30 years later, and I’m still here, healthy.

Magic Johnson Hiv

Everything has gone smoothly. There was only one medication back then; today, we have roughly thirty.

The Daily Beast claims that in 1994, about a year and a half before the drug combination became widely used in 1996, one of Johnson’s doctors who assisted in his treatment started him on it.

With the experimental medications earlier, Magic gained a head start. Lieb explains Life’s Little Mysteries,

They were made available to the general population, but numerous individuals also saw simultaneous benefits in clinical trials.HIV Prescription Drugs

As the body’s first line of defense against foreign invaders, CD4 cells, or T cells, are a group of white blood cells that HIV hijacks and uses their DNA to produce or replicate copies of itself.

According to Healthline, this process results in the destruction of these T cells. The two enzymes that HIV employs to replicate itself are the targets of the most popular medications in the ART regimen.

The genetic instructions of the virus, which are encoded in an RNA strand, are transcribed into double-stranded DNA by the first enzyme, reverse transcriptase.

Since HIV is classified as a retrovirus by scientists due to its reproduction mechanism, “antiretroviral” medications are created.

In order to manufacture new, functional HIV particles, the second enzyme, a protease, breaks the proteins made by our cellular machinery that has been taken over.

According to the Daily Beast, Johnson is now taking reverse transcriptase inhibitor and protease inhibitor drugs, which are contained in the pharmaceuticals Trizivir and Kaletra, respectively.

This is because medications have the potential to disrupt these processes.

According to Leeb, these and other HIV-fighting medications are “very expensive.” The JAMA Internal Medicine study from 2020 states that “high ART

costs are one of many structural barriers that lead to poor treatment access and adherence, contributing to sub-optimal HIV outcomes in the United States.

Most patients in the US and other countries

can now afford and obtain pharmaceuticals due to public and private medical insurance, numerous aid programs, and other factors.

Lieb called it a “myth” that Johnson, who is well-off, is buying himself preferential treatment. The majority of HIV-positive individuals can see a subtle drop in the viral

load—the quantity of virus particles in their blood sample—if they follow the recommended diet every day.

In addition to preventing HIV and AIDS symptoms, a low viral level lowers the likelihood that haphazardly altered copies of the virus would surface and become resistant to treatment.

A low viral load also significantly lowers the chance of spreading the illness to other people.

In rare instances, an individual living with HIV may be able to prevent AIDS on their own, even in the absence of contemporary drugs. Said to be just one in 500, these “long-term non-progressors” or

elite controllers” have been living with HIV for decades without taking antiretroviral medication.

It’s unclear if Lieb referred to Johnson as a member of this “rare breed,” but it’s more likely that “without the drugs, he would be progressing.”

According to, researchers are still examining long-term non-progressors in an effort to learn more about HIV

resistance and potentially benefit the 37.7 million people living with the infection, which is currently estimated by UNAIDS.

Johnson has done a great deal to help those living with HIV by increasing public knowledge and awareness of the condition.

Johnson swiftly announced his diagnosis, announced his NBA retirement, and shared his personal story.

“My ignorance could give me the cost of my life, but I wanted to make sure that no one else is infected with HIV for the same reason,” Johnson wrote in Sports Illustrated on November 18, 1991.

“I declared that I was leaving the NBA because I had tested positive for HIV. I also declared that I would use condoms for safe sex and would become a spokesperson

in the fight against the human immunodeficiency virus. Additionally, one of its attorneys declared, “I will overcome the illness.

He consistently fulfilled his vow by quitting, conducting

interviews, and working with HIV and AIDS groups. According to Nelson Olivera,

“Johnson battled HIV stigma with the same fervor he showed in court, establishing the Magic Johnson Foundation to spread knowledge about the virus,

and subsequently taking the fight to Congress and the White House to combat the illness.” compelled to spend funds for, according to Nelson Olivera. for the CBS News.

Alexander Cardzi, Joshua C. Martin, and Zachari Rodriguez wrote about the diagnosis and mortality in AIDS on “Information Parihar and Celebrity Exposure: The Effect of” Magic

“Johnson in its 2021 paper, which is for the U.S.” for the University of West Virginia in the US. His approach served as “public-health catalysts”.

that he made an effort to ascertain how his 1991 declaration—which affected heterosexual men who were tested for HIV—would affect them.

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