Melissa Mitchell Magic Johnson

      Melissa Mitchell Magic Johnson?.Magic Johnson is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former basketball player. He spent 13 NBA seasons as a player with the Los Angeles Lakers. Johnson has won the NBA championship ten times and the NBA Most Valuable Player award three times.

              Melissa                                    Mitchell Magic                   Johnson

Melissa Mitchell Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson’s parents and early years

Earvin Johnson Jr. is Magic Johnson’s full name. He was the fourth child born to Ervin Sr.

his father, and Christine, his mother, on August 14, 1959, in Lansing, Michigan. He is 62 years old as of 2022.

According to reports, Magic Johnson has three half-siblings and six siblings. He has a sister called Pearl and a brother called Larry.

Johnson’s passion of basketball was influenced by his parents, who taught him the fundamentals of the sport when he was young.

Melissa Mitchell Magic Johnson

In his native Mississippi, his father supposedly participated in basketball during his high school years. This is a game that his mother played when she was younger as well.

How was Magic Johnson’s name came about?

When Magic Johnson was fifteen years old, he was given the moniker “Mag” while attending Everett High School.

The moniker came from journalist Fred Stabley Jr. of the Lancaster State Journal, who saw the great player post a triple-double of 36 points and 18 rebounds.

Magic Johnson began playing basketball at an early age, participating in the sport from high school through his time as a student at Michigan State University.

In 1979, he declared for the NBA Draft and went on to become one of the league’s most successful players ever.

Magic Johnson’s status with HIV

Melissa Mitchell Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson was diagnosed with HIV in 1991 and continues to live with the virus.

Iviazic Johnson’s Status with HIV

Magic Johnson has been living with HIV for more than 30 years after testing positive for the virus in 1991.

Barely two months had passed since he and Arlitha “Cookie” Kelly were married when he found out about his illness.

Johnson’s career was nearly destroyed by the virus, which at the time was thought to be fatal.

Johnson took use of his HIV diagnosis to become a champion for testing, eradication, and public education despite the stigma and embarrassment associated with the virus.

His involvement in and sponsorship of multiple HIV awareness campaigns dates back to 1991, when he founded the “Magic Johnson Foundation.

He claimed that it was stressful to inform his wife about his illness because he never intended to harm her.

Cookie at the moment was expecting a child. Fortunately, the baby and she tested negative.

On November 7, 1991, Johnson announced in public his retirement and HIV status at a news conference.

The basketball star said that having several sexual partners was the reason he got the illness. Since HIV was once thought to solely afflict homosexuals

there was additional conjecture that he was gay or bisexual. Johnson denied reports that he was gay and made people aware that sharing a sexual partner increases the risk of infection.

A woman named Sue filed a $2 million lawsuit against Magic Johnson.

Melissa Mitchell Magic Johnson

A lady called Weimar Moore filed a $2 million lawsuit against Magic Johnson, claiming that the two had an affair prior to his public revelation.

She said that he purposefully gave her HIV. Although Sta Player acknowledged having sex with her in 1990, he denied purposefully giving her the illness.

Moore claimed the parties had reached a consensual understanding when a court later dismissed the lawsuit at their request. The settlement’s complete terms were never made public outside of court.

Magic Johnson’s matrimony and union

Magic Johnson remained wed to Arlitha “Cookie” Kelly, his longtime partner, as of July 2022. These two have been together for over thirty years.

Melissa Mitchell Magic Johnson

despite the fact that their marriage has had many highs and lows.

Even though their relationship has had many ups and downs, they have remained strong and devoted to one another.

Thomas, Aguirre, and Herb Williams attended their little wedding in Lansing, Los Angeles in September 1991.

The basketball player has an additional child who is not his biological child, but he and his spouse Arlitha Kelly have two children together.

Even though the couple’s marriage was filled with anomalies, they never put one another through too much.

Cookie claims that she and her spouse take easy steps to keep their glow going. He disclosed that every Friday night, he and Magic Johnson have a custom of going to the movies and their beach house.

The famous athlete has always described his spouse as encouraging, stating that after three months of dating, he knew she would become his wife.

Melissa Mitchell Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson claims that the couple’s faith is the most significant aspect of their lives. They are Christians.

At the moment, Magic Johnson resides in Beverly Hills with his spouse. In addition, he owns a vacation house in Dana Point, CA.

In September 2021, they had a star-studded gala to mark their 30th wedding anniversary.

Magic Johnson’s lawful wife is Arlitha Kelly.

She is a humanitarian, clothing designer, businesswoman, and author.

On January 20, 1959, he was born in Huntsville, Alabama, to parents Earl and Koira Kelly. At the age of six, she relocated to Detroit. His age as of 2022 is sixty-three.

The Story Behind Arlitha Kelly’s Nickname, “Cookie”

Melissa Mitchell Magic Johnson

Arlitha Kelly, the spouse of Magic Johnson, inherited the moniker “Cookie” from her mother.

Originally, the moniker was Cookie, after a character from the television program “77 Sunset Strip,” which ran in the 1950s and 1960s.

She had to modify it to “cookie” before first grade since she didn’t like the name her mother had given it.

It is said that Arlitha Kelly was named after her father. Harold Kelly and Pat Kelly are the names of his siblings, respectively.

Harold is his younger brother, and Pat is his older sister. According to reports, she went to an all-black school before enrolling

at Michigan State University, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in clothing and textiles.

After graduating from college, Cookie worked at a retail company before moving to Los Angeles to work for a sportswear company.

He started the well-known jeans brand “CJ,” which for six years solely offered high-end merchandise.

After six years, he shut down the business due to the growing demand for internet purchasing.

‘Believing in Magic’ is written by Arlitha ‘Cookie’ Kelly. He is a member of the Magic Johnson Foundation board of directors.

Her charitable endeavors include participating in the ‘Breathe’ program’s debut, which aims to prevent asthma in young children.

How Arlitha “Cookie” Kelly, the wife of Magic Johnson, met


Reports compiled by DNB Stories Africa state that Magic Johnson and Cookie first crossed paths in 1977, when they were both eighteen years old, during their early college years.

That that evening, they swapped phone numbers after meeting in the school club. Cookie disclosed that she was first hesitant

to provide her husband with her phone number because she was afraid he wouldn’t be able to contact her over the Christmas break.

He claimed that the star player called him the day he returned to school following the break.

Although Cookie assumed their first date would be at their regular restaurant, they end up going to a steak establishment. She said that she instantly fell in love with Johnson R.

It won’t be a typical date. She confessed that she instantly fell in love with Johnson.

Since the beginning of their partnership, there have been some memorable turbulent periods. Twice his engagement was called off.

In 1986, Magic Johnson made him a proposal, which he eventually called off.

Cookie disclosed that their initial bad relationship

Melissa Mitchell Magic Johnson

was extremely damaging to her, and the humiliation nearly caused her to have a nervous breakdown.

She said that she had already purchased her wedding gown and sent out invitations when Magic Johnson called off their engagement the second time.

Johnson reportedly informed reporters once and for all that he wasn’t ready to get married until after he retired from the game.

Fortunately, the pair married in September 1991 after dating for more than ten years, but they quickly encountered significant difficulties.

The marriage crises of Magic Johnson and Arlitha Kelly

Melissa Mitchell Magic Johnson

Two months after being married, Magic Johnson and his wife Arlitha Kelly experienced their first significant marriage difficulty when Johnson found out he had HIV.

The newlyweds were going through a trying period because Cookie Johnson was also expecting her first kid at the same time.

When she told her husband and herself, Arlitha Kelly Johnson stated, they both started crying.

She admitted that although she had never considered leaving him, she was terrified that he was abandoning her.

Let us inform you that he is HIV positive for further details.

The newlyweds were going through a trying period because Cookie Johnson was also expecting her first kid at the same time.

When she told her husband and herself, Arlitha Kelly Johnson stated, they both started crying.

She admitted that although she was terrified he might pass away, she had never considered abandoning him.

a second crisis

After the HIV scandal, Magic Johnson and Arlitha’s marriage nearly collapsed in 2001.

Cookie Johnson claimed that Magic had an enormous ego and was ecstatic about his celebrity, especially after receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of celebrity.

Arlitha claims that he declined to dance with her at the celebration of the accomplishment.

After they performed in public for the first time that year, they decided to part ways. Their divorce is complete.

After they performed in public for the first time that year, they decided to part ways. The couple’s brief split lasted just two weeks before they reconciled.

Embracing your son’s gender identity

His first son’s sexual orientation was also problematic.


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