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Benedict Cumberbatch Finn Cumberbatch?July 19, 1976, is the birthday from the English actor Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch CBE.

His roles as Stephen Hawking in The Hawking (2004), Harry Potter in The New York Times, William Pitt in Amazing Grace (2006),

Peter Guillam in the spy thriller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011), and Sherlock Holmes (2010–2017) are some of his best-known roles.

his Academy Award-nominated portrayal of Alan Turing in The Imitation Game.

He was nominated for a second Academy Award in 2022 for his role as Phil Burbank in The Power of the Dog.

He played Stephen Ezzard in The Last Enemy (2008), Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, Bernard in Small Island (2009), and Paul Marshall in Atonement (2007).

He performed the voices of Smaug and the Necromancer in the 2012 film The Hobbit. While Cumberbatch played Julian Assange in the 2013

film The Fifth Estate, he is most remembered for his role as Doctor Strange, an Avengers member in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

She was ranked number one on Empire Magazine’s list of the “100 Sexiest Movie Stars” in 2013.

In 2014, Time magazine named him one of the most significant individuals in the planet.


Television debut for Cumberbatch was in a 2000 episode of Heartbeat. Later, in 2004, he made a comeback to the show. He debuted on stage as Ford in the motion picture 12 Years a Slave in 2001.

A Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television was given to Cumberbatch in 2013.

personal life

Benedict Cumberbatch Finn Cumberbatch

was already from a wealthy family. In the British colony of Barbados, his ancestor Abraham Cumberbatch founded a sugar plantation that employed slave labor.

His parents were both entertainers. In his adult life, he dated the actress Olivia Paulette.

On November 5, 2014, Cumberbatch announced his engagement to Sophie Hunter.

The couple, Hunter and Cumberbatch, tied the knot on February 14, 2015. Their three boys are Finn (born January 11, 2019), Christopher Carlton (born June 1, 2015), and Hal Auden (born March 3, 2017).

Hal Auden, Finn, and Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch are the three children of English actor Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife Sophie Hunter.

We’ll delve into the couple’s personal life in this article to find out more about their kids.

How many children does Benedict Cumberbatch have?

The well-known actor and his husband welcomed three adorable kids into their family on May 8, 2022

Ben, whose real name is Benedict Cumberbatch, is the only child of Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham.

But Tracy Peacock, his mother’s half-sister, died at the hands of her first husband, James D. Tabernacle.

Ben is considered one of the best actors in the world, having won several awards over his career, including the Critics’ Choice Television Award, the Laurence Olivier Award, the British 

Introducing Benedict Cumberbatch Finn Cumberbatch kids. Three names: Finn, Hal Auden, and Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch

Three well-known offspring of Ben and his wife Sophie are Christopher Carlton, Finn, and Hal Auden Cumberbatch.

Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch became the actor’s first father; he was the first kid born to the actor and his wife. 

2017 saw the birth of the second child, five-year-old Hal Auden Cumberbatch. As of May 8, 2022, Finn Cumberbatch is the actor’s last child. He was born in 2019 and is currently three years old.

Let me introduce you to Benedict Cumberbatch’s son, Finn Cumberbatch.

Finn Cumberbatch, the charming 4-year-old son of Hollywood legend Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife Sophie Hunter, was born in 2019.

Cumberbatch affectionately refers to Finn and his siblings as his beloved stars, highlighting the close bonds that exist within this family because of the warmth and love that surrounds them.

Despite the protective secrecy of her parents, let’s go into this intriguing world of the British celebrity offspring.

Finn Cumberbatch’s age

While it’s unclear exactly when, 4-year-old Finn Cumberbatch made his public debut in 2019. It is thought that he was born in the United Kingdom, which delighted his parents.

With a heritage tied to both British citizenship and Caucasian ancestry, Finn is a fantastic illustration of a person with a mixed race and culture.

magnificent lineage

They state proudly that Finn is the youngest kid of Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter.

Benedict Cumberbatch Finn Cumberbatch  is well known for his outstanding achievements in theater and cinema, having made a name for himself in well-known roles like Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Strange.

Experienced British actor Sophie Hunter, meantime, has transitioned from theater to playwriting and directing with ease, bringing her own flair to a variety of productions.

The well-known Hollywood actor Benedict Cumberbatch and his British writer and theater director wife Sophie Hunter are the parents of Finn Cumberbatch.

Finn was born in 2019 and has two older brothers. His father’s reference to him and his siblings as “his stars” indicates that they have received proper nurturing and care.

However, because his parents are so protective of him and his siblings, not much is known about the little child. Nevertheless, what we’ve learned about British celebrity infants is as follows.

Finn Cumberbatch biography synopsis

Finn Cumberbatch in full

male gender

2019 is the birth year.

Finn Cumberbatch Five years old

 Nationality: Britons

English nationality

Straight sexual orientation

Christianity is the religion.

status as a married person

Benedict Cumberbatch Finn Cumberbatch?

The parents of Finn Cumberbatch are Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Hal Auden and Christopher Caraton Cumberbatch are siblings.

Notable for: Being Benedict Cumberbatch’s youngest son

In 2019, Finn Cumberbatch was born.

At the moment, Finn Cumberbatch is five years old. His birthday is supposedly January 11; however, this has not yet been verified by sources.

Still, he was born in the United Kingdom, someplace. In addition to being British national, he is of Caucasian heritage.

Benedict Cumberbatch Finn Cumberbatch  and Sophie Hunter are Finn’s parents. He is the eldest of their children. His father is a well-known actor who has won several awards for his work in theater and cinema.

Hawking, Doctor Strange, and Sherlock Holmes. Some of his most well-known pieces are The Imitation Game and Power of the Dog.

The dates of Finn Cumberbatch’s birthdays





January 11



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January 11


The parents of Finn Cumberbatch were married in 2015.

Finn’s parents have spent the previous eight years as husband and wife.

It is unknown where or how they initially met, but rumors have it that they have been together for more than seventeen years, dating back when they were simply buddies.

Sophie had a relationship with artist Conrad Shawcross prior to their meeting. Before calling it quits, the ex-couple dated for a number of years after meeting at Oxford University.

Even after announcing their engagement to the public, Benedict and Sophie want to remain out of the spotlight.

They had been together for seventeen years before their engagement was revealed on November 5, 2014, in The Times’ “Upcoming Marriages” section.

On the tiny island of Wright Island off the coast of Great Britain, Cumberbatch and Hunter tied the knot three months after announcing their engagement to the world. In 2015, the wedding falls on the same day as St. Valentine’s Day.

Tom Hiddleston, who co-stars with Benedict Cumberbatch in War Horse, and Martin Freeman,

who portrays Sherlock in the same series, were among the famous people who attended the exclusive gathering.

Several accounts state that Finn’s mother had no desire to be married or have kids at first. She had already disclosed this to the public when she said to the Daily Mail that she was unable to even consider getting married.

Having children was not on Sophie’s list of priorities when she first sought more out of life. He’s changed so much since then, don’t you think?

Two of Finn Cumberbatch’s older brothers are


Finn is not his parents’ only kid, as was previously mentioned. In actuality, he is the youngest of his parents’ children.

He is the last of Benedict Cumberbatch Finn Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter’s three children, a well-known actor and actress. Christopher Carlton and Hal Auden Cumberbatch are his two elder brothers.

On June 1, 2015, a few months after his parents’ marriage, Christopher Carlton was born. Her conception was revealed in January, one month ahead of her parents’ wedding, and she was born before they were married.

Christopher’s name was first withheld from the public by Benedict and Sophie, who finally made it public three months later. Similar to Finn, Christopher is solely known by his first name and is seldom seen in public.

Finn, played by Cumberbatch, has a second older brother named Hal Auden. He is two years older than Finn, having been born on March 3, 2017.

The first name of Finn’s brother, Hal, is a play on Henry Harold and the Shakespearean figure Harry; his middle name, Auden, is a British boy’s name that means “old friend.” Nor has anything about him been made public.

On set, Finn got to know his father.

While not much information about the famous infant has surfaced, Finn and his siblings have been photographed several times with their father.

He resides in Camden, an Inner London district, with his parents in a multimillion dollar Victorian estate. Still, they spend a few hours outside.

They take vacations in other people’s houses in different places, such as Los Angeles.

Because he is the son of well-known Hollywood actor Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife Sophie Hunter, Finn Cumberbatch enjoys considerable fame in the nation.

Thus, let us inform you that Finn has gained notoriety due to his parents’ popularity, just like any other famous child. In fact, this is the reason why followers of Benedict are curious about his younger son.

Benedict Cumberbatch Finn Cumberbatch

Since Finn won’t be older than four in 2023, not many information are known about him.

His parents and two brothers survive him. You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for further information on Finn.

Everything you need to know about Finn, the youngest son of Benedict and Sophie, will be covered in this article.

Finn Cumberbatch: Who is he?

As this page has previously shown, Finn Cumberbatch is well-known for being the youngest child of Hollywood actor Benedict Cumberbatch and his spouse, Sophie Hunter.

Other than this, not enough information about his life is known. This is a result of his parents’ ability to shield him from prying eyes in the media.

Finn’s birthday

Finn, Benedict’s kid, was born in the UK on January 11, 2019, according to Internet Facts. For this reason, we can also claim that he is British national and a citizen of the United Kingdom.

We can determine his zodiac sign as Capricorn based on his birthdate.

Who are the parents of Finn?

Without a question, Finn Cumberbatch’s parents have contributed to his rise to fame. So allow me to introduce him to you: his mother, Sophie Hunter, and father, Benedict Cumberbatch, are well-known English actors.


Notably, Benedict, Finn’s father, is a talented actor. Indeed, you will undoubtedly recognize him from the MCU as Doctor Strange.

In addition, he has made appearances in a number of TV series and films, including Power of the Dog, The Imitation Game, Sherlock Holmes, and many more.

Sophie Hunter, Finn’s mother, is a British national as well. He is a Londoner from Hammersmith. Finn’s mother works in the entertainment business, just like Finn’s father Benedict.

He is a highly well-known theatrical director and author. She had, nonetheless, done some cinematic work prior to this.

He has directed a number of dramatic performances, including The Fantastic Electric, Ghosts, The Turn of the Screw, and Road to Belly.


It’s also important to remember that Finn’s parents got married in 2015. For the past eight years, he has had an extremely happy life. But it’s not like they’ve just been friends for eight years.

It has been said that they had been acquainted for almost seventeen years. When it all began, they were simply buddies. In the end, they tied the knot on Valentine’s Day of 2015.

Finn has two older brothers.

Finn is Benedict and Sophie’s youngest kid, as we already discussed. In his family, he also has two older brothers. With Sophie, Benedict has three children.

Thus, Hal Auden and Christopher Carlton are Finn’s two older brothers. Let us inform you that, as of June 1, 2015, Christopher is about four years older than Finn. Conversely, on March 3, 2017, Sophie and Benedict welcomed Hal Auden, their second son.

Benedict hopes to produce additional films that are appropriate for Finn and his siblings.

The delighted father of three, Benedict Cumberbatch, stated in an interview that the majority of his movies are rated for mature audiences.

Naturally, Finn and his brothers aren’t permitted to watch those films.

For this reason, Benedict hopes to make more appearances in family-friendly movies so that his kids may see his work at a young age.

queries to pose

Finn Cumberbatch: Who is he?

It is noteworthy to mention that Finn Cumberbatch is well-known for being the youngest child of Sophie Hunter, a theatrical director and playwright, and well-known British actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

What is Finn Cumberbatch’s age?

Finn, the youngest son of Benedict and Sophie, is just four years old.

Which siblings does Finn Cumberbatch have?

Hal Auden Cumberbatch and Christopher Carlton are the names of Finn’s two older brothers.

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