Jessica Lord and Matt Rife: Rising Comedy Stars

In the world of entertainment, Jessica Lord and Matt Rife are making big waves. Jessica, 25, is an actress and dancer from Manchester, Canada1. Matt, 28, is a comedian who has quickly become a star2. Together, they’ve won over fans all over the world with their comedy and charm.

Jessica started her acting career in 20151. She’s been in hits like “Find Me in Paris,” “Ransom,” and “Party of Five”1. Matt Rife, on the other hand, has become a big name in comedy. His humor and stage presence have won many fans.

Matt Rife’s career has soared3. He has 17 million followers on TikTok and sold over 750,000 tickets for his tour3. His success reminds people of comedy legend Dane Cook, drawing in Gen Z fans3.

jessica lord and matt rife

Key Takeaways

  • Jessica Lord is a 25-year-old actress and dancer from Manchester, Canada, known for her roles in “Find Me in Paris,” “Ransom,” and “Party of Five”.
  • Matt Rife is a 28-year-old comedian who has gained a massive following of 17 million on TikTok and sold over 750,000 tickets for his “ProbleMATTic World Tour”.
  • The couple’s relationship first sparked rumors in June 2023, and they confirmed it in August 2023.
  • Rife’s rise in comedy has been compared to the popularity of Dane Cook, resonating with Gen Z audiences.
  • The duo’s success and growing prominence in the entertainment industry have made them a rising power couple to watch in the coming years.

Jessica Lord and Matt Rife: A Power Couple in Comedy

In comedy, Jessica Lord and Matt Rife stand out. They have won over fans and industry experts with their skills and chemistry4.

Matt Rife: A Comedic Force to Be Reckoned With

Matt Rife, 28, is a comedian making waves. He’s worth $30 million as of 20245 and has 17 million TikTok followers5. His stand-up routines go viral, making him a social media star. In 2023, he made $25 million5, proving he’s a big name in entertainment.

His “ProbleMATTic” tour was a huge hit, selling over 750,000 tickets6. It’s set to continue in 2024, showing his growing popularity5.

People say Rife reminds them of Dane Cook, another big comedian6. Stars like Dave Chappelle admire him, offering advice on balancing work and life6.

Jessica Lord: An Actress and Dancer with a Flair for Comedy

Jessica Lord is also a star, known for her acting in “Find Me in Paris”5 and her dance skills4.

Lord and Rife started dating in mid-20234. They made their red carpet debut at the Forbes event in New York City, showing they’re a power couple4.

Matt Rife and Jessica Lord

Jessica Lord and Matt Rife are a dynamic duo. They’re talented, funny, and have a real connection. Their journey in comedy is inspiring, promising laughter and success for everyone564.

How Jessica Lord and Matt Rife Met: A Serendipitous Encounter

The story of Jessica Lord and Matt Rife meeting is full of luck and surprise. In 2022, Matt Rife was set to perform in Mississippi. But, his flight was delayed because of tornado warnings7. This gave him more time in the area, where he met Jessica Lord8.

Even though Jessica was in a relationship, she and Matt quickly connected. Over the next year, their bond grew. By mid-2023, they started dating, beginning their relationship8.

“It was truly a chance encounter that led to the start of our relationship,” recalled Jessica. “We never could have predicted that a delayed flight and some tornado warnings would bring us together, but we’re grateful it did.”

Their meeting in Mississippi was a lucky turn of events. It shows that sometimes, the best connections come from unexpected places78.

Jessica Lord and Matt Rife

As their relationship grew, Jessica and Matt became a strong team in comedy. Matt’s comedy and Jessica’s acting and dancing skills work well together78.

Jessica Lord and Matt Rife: Navigating Careers and Relationship

As a rising Hollywood couple in the entertainment industry, Jessica Lord and Matt Rife balance their careers and personal life9. Rife’s ProbleMATTic World Tour has sold over 750,000 tickets9. Lord supports him, managing his busy schedule and making sure he relaxes.

Supporting Each Other’s Dreams

Lord, known for her unique accent, supports Rife’s success9. They met in Mississippi in 2022 and fell in love9. Their relationship, confirmed in September 20239, shows their support for each other’s dreams.

Balancing Work and Personal Life

The Hollywood couple keeps a good work-life balance. Lord, who started dancing at 4 and acted professionally9, reminds Rife to take breaks10. Rife, 28, says Lord helps him with sleep and balance, especially with fame.

“Dave Chappelle advised me to make time for my personal life, as that’s where the best material comes from – living.”
– Matt Rife

Lord and Rife support each other’s dreams while keeping their relationship dynamics strong10. Rife, with 17 million TikTok followers10, credits Lord’s humor and support for his balance.

jessica lord and matt rife relationship

The Hollywood couple faces career and personal life challenges together11. Lord’s acting career and Rife’s rise as a content creator have made their bond stronger91011.

Jessica Lord and Matt Rife: A Glimpse into Their Relationship in 2024

Jessica Lord and Matt Rife are now a top Hollywood couple12. They met after Lord dated British star Kate Beckinsale12. They made their public debut at the Forbes Top Creators List event in New York City12.

Despite their busy lives, they keep a good balance between work and home12. Rife, famous for his TikTok videos and comedy tours13, has found great support in Lord. She helps him keep up with his career and personal life13.

On social media, they share moments of their relationship, showing their strong connection and support for each other12. Rife, with 17 million followers on TikTok13, often jokes about his girlfriend in his acts, showing her sense of humor13.

Rife has faced criticism but stays focused on making his fans happy and keeping a positive outlook13. He values work-life balance, inspired by comedian Dave Chappelle’s advice13.

Rife’s net worth is now $30 million in 2024, and Kate Beckinsale’s acting success adds to their bright future14. Their journey shows how to balance personal and professional life in Hollywood14.

jessica lord and matt rife relationship 2024

Lord and Rife inspire fans with their talent and relationship. Their story proves the importance of balancing work and personal life in showbiz13. With their strong support for each other, they’re set to entertain fans for many years12.


Jessica Lord and Matt Rife are a powerful duo in comedy and entertainment. They met in Mississippi15 and quickly fell in love. Their relationship has won over fans and the media.

Matt Rife’s career took off on TikTok16. Jessica Lord, an actress and singer, has been in many TV shows and films15. Together, they’re becoming more popular in comedy17.

The couple supports each other in their careers and personal life15. Matt Rife is a famous comedian with a big online fan base15. Jessica Lord started dancing at 4 and turned to acting later17. They manage their busy lives, even with Matt’s tours16.

Jessica Lord and Matt Rife are loved by fans and seen as role models171516. Their journey shows how love, hard work, and support can lead to success and happiness.


Who are Jessica Lord and Matt Rife?

Jessica Lord is an American actress and dancer, known for her role in “Find Me in Paris”. Matt Rife is a comedian and actor with a big social media following. He’s famous for his viral stand-up routines.

When did Jessica Lord and Matt Rife start dating?

Rumors about Jessica Lord and Matt Rife started in June 2023. Fans noticed Rife’s playful comments on Lord’s Instagram. They officially confirmed their relationship in August 2023.

What is Matt Rife’s current career status?

Right now, Matt Rife is on his “ProbleMATTic” world tour. It started in July 2023 and will go into 2024. He’s performing in cities across North America, Australia, and Europe.

How did Jessica Lord and Matt Rife meet?

Jessica Lord and Matt Rife met in Mississippi in 2022. Rife was doing a comedy show. His flight was delayed by tornado warnings, so he got to know Lord better.

How have Jessica Lord and Matt Rife navigated their careers and relationship?

Jessica Lord and Matt Rife are rising stars in entertainment. They balance their careers and relationship well. Lord supports Rife’s busy schedule and helps him manage his work. Rife values Lord’s humor and support.

What have Jessica Lord and Matt Rife been up to in 2024?

In 2024, Jessica Lord and Matt Rife’s relationship is thriving. They’ve been seen together more often. They made their red carpet debut at the Forbes Top Creators List Launch in New York City in November 2023.

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