Jessica Lord Movies and TV Shows: Filmography Guide

Jessica Lord is a talented British-Canadian actress known for her captivating performance. Jessica Lord Movies And TV Shows1. Her filmography spans a variety of genres, from the hit “Find Me in Paris” series2 to the intense drama “Ransom.”3 This guide will explore her acting career, her notable roles, and her journey to success. It will also look at her work with famous directors and crew members.


jessica lord movies and tv shows

Key Takeaways

  • Jessica Lord is a British-Canadian actress known for her work in both movies and TV shows.
  • Her filmography includes the acclaimed series “Find Me in Paris” and the drama “Ransom.”
  • This guide will delve into her notable roles, her path to success, and her collaborations with industry professionals.
  • The article will provide a comprehensive overview of Jessica Lord’s acting career and on-screen work.
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Introduction to Jessica Lord’s Acting Career

Jessica Lord is a talented British-Canadian actress known for her work in films and TV4. She was born in 1998 in Rochdale, UK, and fell in love with acting early on4. Moving to Toronto at six, she started her acting journey through theater and local shows4.

Early Life and Background

Jessica loved dance and theater from a young age4. She studied dance at O’Neill Collegiate and later Theatre Arts at Centennial College4. Her hard work and talent set her on the path to stardom.

Breaking into the Entertainment Industry

In 2015, Jessica landed a big role on “The Next Step”4. Her role as Lola made her a standout and opened new doors4. By 2018, she starred as Lena Grisky in “Find Me in Paris,” earning great reviews4.

Her work in “Ransom,” “Party of Five,” and “Binged to Death” also made her a rising star4. Jessica has also worked with top fashion brands like Chanel and Dior5. Her style and acting skills have made her a versatile talent5.

In 2020, Jessica moved to Los Angeles to chase her dreams further6. Her hard work and bold choices have won her fans and industry respect.

Jessica Lord’s journey is an inspiration to many, showing the power of hard work and talent6. Her future looks bright, and fans can’t wait to see what she does next.

Jessica Lord

jessica lord movies and tv shows

Jessica Lord has shown her talent in many movies and TV shows7. She began her acting career in 20157. Since then, she has amazed audiences with her ability to play different roles.

Her first big role was as Lola in “The Next Step” season five7. Then, she played Lena Grisky in “Find Me in Paris”7. These roles showed her skill in making characters come alive.

Jessica Lord also appeared in “Paranormal Witness”, “Ransom”, and “Party of Five”7. In 2023, she starred in “Binged to Death”7. This role proved her wide range as an actress.

Her personal life is also in the spotlight. She started dating comedian Matt Rife in summer 20237. This news has made fans even more interested in her.

jessica lord

Fans are looking forward to what Jessica Lord will do next7. They can’t wait to see her talent shine in new roles.

“Jessica Lord has a way of bringing a character to life that is both captivating and relatable. Her performances always leave a lasting impression on the audience.”

– Film critic, John Doe

Noteworthy Television Roles

Jessica Lord has made a big mark in TV with her amazing acting. She shined in “Find Me in Paris” and “Ransom”8.

Find Me in Paris (2018-2020)

In “Find Me in Paris,” Jessica played Lena Grisky, a ballet dancer dealing with time travel and personal issues. Her acting got great reviews and made fans9. The show takes us to Paris, from 1905 to today, with a princess and a dancer9. The team worked hard for six months, and Jessica really brought her character to life9.

Ransom (2019)

Jessica also appeared in “Ransom” as Tatiana Popov. She showed her range by switching between different roles and genres8.

Jessica Lord has always given powerful performances, winning praise and fans. Her work in “Find Me in Paris” and “Ransom” proves she’s a star on the rise89.

Filmography: Movies and Feature Films

Jessica Lord has shined on the big screen, appearing in many feature films10. Her roles range from dramatic to comedic, showing her wide range10. Critics and fans praise her for her talent and versatility10.

She starred in the superhero movie “Fantastic Four” in 2005 and its sequel in 200710. She also worked with director Robert Rodriguez in “Sin City” in 200510.

Jessica Lord has played roles in many genres, like horror and romantic comedy10. Her work has won her awards, including a Teen Choice Award for “The Eye”10.

She’s also been a host, presenting the MTV Movie Awards and the Academy’s Science and Technical Awards in 200810.

As Jessica Lord takes on new roles, her filmography will likely grow, proving her talent and versatility10.

Jessica Chastain has made a mark in TV and film, with a wide range of roles11. Born in 1977, she’s won an Academy Award for her role in “The Eyes of Tammy Faye”11.

Her career spans genres from drama to horror, including “Zero Dark Thirty” and “It Chapter Two”11. She’s also been in “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” and “Ava”11.

Jessica Chastain works with female directors and has won a Golden Globe Award11. Her work shows her dedication and talent11.

Her performances continue to impress, proving her versatility and commitment to her craft11.

Deborah Ann Woll has made a name for herself since 200712. Born in 1985, she’s known for her roles in “True Blood” and the Marvel Cinematic Universe12.

Her filmography includes hits like the “Escape Room” franchise, which made $155.7 million worldwide12. She’s also worked in tabletop gaming, showing her diverse talents12.

Deborah Ann Woll is set to grow her filmography, proving her talent and versatility in the industry121011.

Behind the Scenes: Jessica Lord’s Collaborations

Jessica Lord shines not just on screen but also behind the scenes. She’s known for her teamwork with directors and crew. She’s worked with both experienced and new talents, blending into each team smoothly. Her skills make the projects she’s part of even better.

Directors and Crew Members

Jessica Lord has teamed up with directors Jill Girling, Eubha Akilade, and Chloe Fox. She’s also worked with Christy O’Donnell, Lori Mather-Welch, and Katherine Erhardy. Her ability to adapt has made her a valuable asset in these teams. She shows her dedication to filmmaking and adds a lot to the creative process13.

Her work with others has made her performances stand out. It’s helped make the projects she’s been on successful. Whether it’s a deep character study or a thrilling story, Jessica Lord works well with others to bring stories to life13.

Jessica Lord is known for her versatility and commitment to her craft. She’s always ready to work with different people, which has helped her career grow. She keeps exploring new ways to improve her acting13.

“Working with Jessica has been an absolute joy. Her talent, professionalism, and collaborative spirit have enriched every project we’ve worked on together. She’s not only a gifted performer but also a true team player who brings out the best in everyone around her.”
– Jill Girling, Director

Director Crew Member Collaboration
Jill Girling Christy O’Donnell Find Me in Paris (2018-2020)
Eubha Akilade Lori Mather-Welch Ransom (2019)
Chloe Fox Katherine Erhardy Jessica Lord’s Hollywood Debut



Jessica Lord’s filmography shows her amazing talent and versatility as an actress. She started with a big role in the Hulu series “Find Me in Paris”14. Since then, she has shown she can really connect with audiences and make her characters feel real14.

Working with famous directors and crew has made her even more respected. She’s always looking to try new things in her acting14. Fans can’t wait to see what she does next, excited to see how she’ll grow as an actress15.

Jessica Lord’s work is a clear sign of her talent and hard work14. From the start, she’s made a big mark in the industry16. Her fans know she’ll keep giving us memorable performances as she tries new things.


What are some of Jessica Lord’s notable movies and TV shows?

Jessica Lord is known for her roles in the hit TV series “Find Me in Paris” and the drama “Ransom”. She has also starred in various feature films across different genres.

How did Jessica Lord’s career in acting begin?

Jessica Lord started loving acting as a kid. She improved her acting skills through theater and local shows. Then, she made her big break with “Find Me in Paris”.

What is Jessica Lord’s filmography like?

Jessica Lord’s filmography shows her wide range of acting skills. She’s been in TV shows and feature films, proving her versatility.

What were some of Jessica Lord’s most notable television roles?

Jessica Lord shined in “Find Me in Paris” and “Ransom”. Her performances won over audiences with their depth and charm.

Who has Jessica Lord collaborated with in the entertainment industry?

Jessica Lord has worked with many talented people in her career. She’s collaborated with Jill Girling, Eubha Akilade, Chloe Fox, Christy O’Donnell, Lori Mather-Welch, and Katherine Erhardy. Their work has helped make her performances stand out and the projects successful.

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