Larry English Girlfriend Pregnant

As Nicole Williams walked the Miami Swim Fashion Week runway, she made it known that she was expecting her first child. Larry English Girlfriend Pregnant? While walking the runway with her spouse for Sports Illustrated Swim, the 34-year-old

WAGS LA star—who is married to 36-year-old NFL player Larry English—unveiled her baby belly and a black bikini.

Larry English Girlfriend Pregnant

Larry English Girlfriend Pregnant

After assisting his wife in undoing her robe, English knelt down and caressed Williams’ abdomen with a kiss. Before walking off the catwalk hand in hand, the couple planted a kiss on the runway.

A video of the adorable moment was posted on SI Swim’s Instagram page, and the magazine wrote, “Moments like this. To Nicole and Larry, congratulations!

Fans also congratulated the newlyweds in the comments, with one person writing: “Oh, goodness. The greatest disclosure yet is this one.

One more admirer remarked, “The iconic and heartwarming moment is captured so well.” On her Instagram account, Williams subsequently revealed that she and English are expecting their first child together.

She posted an album featuring the football player’s professional pregnancy pictures. I was searching for the ideal caption for this when, surprisingly

Larry English Girlfriend Pregnant

I realized that a picture speaks a thousand words. Baby English is loading,” the WAGS star wrote.

Williams also discussed the chance to serve as SI Swim’s Rookie of the Year in 2023 in a another article that was published on Monday.

The model expressed her happiness that both of her ambitions had come true.

“This is the exact moment I received the call announcing that I was the first @si_swimsuit rookie of 2023 and that, in addition to walking the SI runway during Miami Swim Week

I would also be telling Larry for the first time that I was pregnant.

Larry English Girlfriend Pregnant

and creating my first suit!” the woman wrote. “I experienced genuine, profound feelings.

I could not stop crying, even at 38, and it seemed like a 14-year-old girl was screaming inside of me. Now that my day has finally here and I’m 38 years old

married to the man of my dreams, and the timing couldn’t be better.

Williams declared herself “forever grateful for this opportunity and for sharing such a special time in our lives

in addition. The news of the couple’s pregnancy came after Williams disclosed that she would be having in-vitro fertilization in February 2021.

In one of her posts, Williams is seen in a hospital bed with English beside her. She added that while she hadn’t intended to share the photo, she did so since it was a “significant step

Larry English Girlfriend Pregnant

in the couple’s “fertility journey.” Williams revealed in the open post that when she awoke following her operation, her doctors had successfully retrieved thirteen eggs.

Given that so many of you have either experienced this firsthand or are just beginning this road, I wanted to be as honest as possible with you all! We only got eight embryos since not all of the eggs

would mature; genetic testing is still pending. We are grateful and content no matter what happens

he continued at the time. Nicole Williams English is a 2023 SI Swimsuit rookie, a model, businesswoman

and designer. She also recently became a mother. In January, she and her spouse, former NFL player Larry English, welcomed their daughter, India Moon.

Larry English Girlfriend Pregnant

The Toronto native says she has been looking forward to the chance to model for SI Swimsuit for 20 years

but she never imagined that she would be fulfilling her goal while seven months pregnant.

Although this happy couple’s path to become a family of three hasn’t been simple, it has undoubtedly been an inspirational tale because of Williams English’s candor and transparency.

Editor-in-chief of SI Swimsuit, MJ Day, states, “We’re finally allowed to release Nicole Williams English’s images for the 2023 issue, even though we’ve already

featured her on our runways during Swim Week with a debut announcement and a pregnancy announcement.

thrilled about.” “We are even more thrilled that she picked us to document her pregnancy

experience, having us shoot her at seven months along with her gorgeous daughter India Moon, who is six weeks old and our tiniest, most priceless model. walked in front of the camera with.

up to this point. We are incredibly happy to have shared such a private life experience with Nicole since we believe it has great power.

arduous journey to motherhood

Larry English Girlfriend Pregnant

The couple got engaged in late 2016 after initially meeting in 2011 at a birthday celebration for a mutual friend. They got married in Laguna Beach, California, less than a year later.

Williams English decided to have a family, so in the beginning of 2021 she started IVF therapy.

Even though the first cycle yielded 14 healthy eggs at the beginning, the couple ultimately ended up with just one viable embryo.

Williams English had previously disclosed to SI Swimsuit that she and Larry had made the decision to wait a year or so to become pregnant.

Following a second operation under a different physician, a

After the doctor’s call, we discovered six healthy embryos. The happiest moment was this one.

At the moment, Williams English said, “I’ll never forget it.” “Of course, we have half boys and half girls.

Even with the ups and downs, she said that the IVF procedure was “worth it in the end.

her pregnant with a SI swimsuit announcement

The couple revealed their long-awaited pregnancy in the most spectacular way possible in July

by walking the catwalk together during Miami Swim Week. They were selected SI Swimsuit’s first newbie for the 2023 issue.

Walking down the runway was Williams English in a black bikini with a glitter cover-up knotted around her middle. She finally grasped her spouse’s hand.

English pulled up her veil to expose her growing baby bulge, which Williams English affectionately photographed while grinning from ear to ear.

After that, English planted a kiss on his wife’s stomach, and the two had a lovely kiss before Williams-English took off the cover-up entirely and they left.

It’s a double whammy for me to be able to surprise everyone with my pregnancy and be a newbie now,” she said to SI Swimsuit in the summer.

“I’ve never dreamed of two things as bizarre as these.

Taking pictures for SI Swimsuit While Williams English, who was expecting her first child, visited Dominica in late 2018

to take pictures for photographer Yu Tsai for the 2023 SI Swimsuit issue, she did so two months before giving birth to her daughter.

“The fact that I’m really a newbie and have been shooting while pregnant, it’s really great to know that my baby is going through this with me and one day she’ll look back at all these photos and know.

The fact that she was shooting will be revealed. For SI with mom,” says Williams English.

She highlights how wonderful it was to be able to enjoy the experience with her kid.

Williams claims that although she experienced anxiety and excitement on the English set

working with editor-in-chief MJ Day, Yu Tsai, and the rest of the SI Swimsuit crew was nothing short of amazing.

As the creator and designer of the high-end swimsuit brand Nia Lynn by Nicole Williams English, she is accustomed to wearing chic beachwear both in her daily life and on film.

Williams English, however, stayed true to her unique style when it came to maternity wear during her pregnancy.

She claims that in an effort to proudly flaunt her bulge, she used to wear crop tops and baggy jeans.

How she wants to motivate other people

Williams English had a casting call with SI Swimsuit six years ago and was a huge fan of Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum as a teenager.

Williams English believes that her daughter would be motivated to follow her own dreams by her persistence, as appearing for the magazine has always been her dream.

She says, “I hope I can show a part of myself and inspire people, especially while I’m pregnant.” “To be able to tell my daughter this story and show her this.

It’s so great to be able to tell him how I got here, how hard I worked to get here, that this was my biggest ambition, and that I wanted to encourage him to follow his dreams and never give up.

focusing on the future

Williams English and her spouse are currently relishing in priceless moments with their daughter and occasionally reminiscing about their happy beginnings as parents.

“There are many things for which I am thankful. I am appreciative of my child’s health.

Being able to photograph this stunning photo shoot with SI at seven months pregnant and yet be able to see myself for who I really am is amazing.

Says Williams English, Hoon. “I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and these photos will really represent that.

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