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Born in Malibu, California, Lisa Marie Kubikoff  Hot is an American citizen. She is married to actor Cary Elwes and was born in Britain. On May 9, 1971, he was born in Agoura Hills, California, USA.

         Lisa Marie             Kubikoff Hot

He is Caucasian and has acted in several films, the most well-known and seen of which being Wonderland. Actress Lisa Marie Kubikoff hails from America.

Picture courtesy of Instagram user @lisamarieelwes (edit by the author) Instagram, the source Lisa became interested in and aspired to perform while still in high school.

She debuted as an actress in the 1985 film Future Hunter. In 2024, Dominique Alves, the child she has with her spouse Cary Alves, will be seventeen.

Synopsis of the Full Profile: Lisa Marie Kubikoff is a 51-year-old female born on May 9, 1971, under the sign of Taurus (2022).

Date of Birth: United States, California, Agoura Hills Current Address: United States, California, Malibu Nationality: White Ethnicity: Christianity Weight in Kilograms: 60 lbs.

132 lbs. Brown Eye Color: Brown Hair Color Brothers and Sisters: Kubikoff Janet Status of Marriage: Married in 2000 Career: Photographer, Filmmaker, and Actress Approximate

Net Worth: $2 million on social media

:age-daughter-profile-networth-movies/Lisa Marie Kubikoff was born when? Lisa Marie Kubikoff Hot was born on May 9, 1971, and in 2022, she will turn 51. Compared to her 60-year-old spouse Cary Elwes, Lisa is nine years younger.

Biography of Lisa Marie Kubikoff The American actress and her twin sister, Janet Kubikoff, whose credentials are unavailable, were reared in Malibu, California, by their parents. Lisa’s late mother was a registered nurse, and it is thought that her father was a chef.

Although she had a wide range of interests as a child, she tended to focus on athletics while attending Agoura Hills High School in Agoura Hills, California, during her high school education.

In addition, Lisa enjoyed performing and participated in a few school productions. Lisa Marie Kubikoff’s films At the age of 14, Lisa started her acting career in motion pictures in 1985.

In the 1985 motion picture Future Hunter, he made his acting debut.

Despite not being well-known from her debut picture, Lisa became well-known for her part in Sleepy Hollow. In addition to her career as an actress in films, she has worked as a photographer for MTV.

A selection of the films in which she appeared as a cast member is shown below: Additionally Read -Daughter-Movies-Profile-Networth Evans Shanna Biography: Net Worth, Career, Age, Siblings, and Marriage 1993: The Cold Face 2001: Wonderland; 2003:

Spy Kids 2003: The Control of Rent The Lords of Salem (2012) Dominic Elwes is the daughter of Lisa Marie Kubikoff.

Image courtesy of @dominiqueelwes on Instagram, edited by the writer Instagram, the source Dominic Elwes, the daughter of Lisa Marie and her husband Cary Elwes,

was born on April 24, 2007, in a hospital at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, California. Dominic will be 15 years old in 2022.

She became well-known as a result of her parents’ prominence and popularity.

He has more than 2,000 followers on Instagram, where he is quite active. The only child of Lisa and Carrie, Dominic is still enrolled in school.

Her parents provide her with a pleasant existence despite the fact that she does not have a source of income.

How much Lisa Marie Kubikoff is worth Her acting career has contributed significantly to her projected $2 million net worth, which is unconfirmed.

As was already said, Lisa is a photographer who has shot fragrances for well-known brands and collaborated with organizations like MTV, all of which have increased her wealth. See also: Littrell Bundy’s biography.

As of this writing, neither Facebook nor Twitter have been authenticated. profiles discovered. Who is the wife of Cary Elwes? As of December 3, 2022, Lisa Marie Ellis has just under 5,000 followers on Instagram under the username @lisamarieelswes.

There were no confirmed Facebook or Twitter profiles available at the time of writing. Who is the wife of Cary Elwes? Cary Elwes and Lisa Marie Kubikoff, his spouse.

@lisamarieelwes (Author-modified) Instagram, the source Cary Elwes, an English actor and playwright, is sixty years old, and his wife is Lisa Marie Kubikoff. After 22 years of marriage, the couple has moved on.

On October 26, 1962, Carey was born in Westminster, London, England.

His breakthrough performance in 1987’s The Princess Bride as Westley is what made him most famous.

Beyond her numerous film appearances, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff is a well-known performer and producer who has achieved a great deal in the entertainment industry. She is also a skilled photographer, especially when it comes to capturing still moments for MTV.

Lisa Marie Kurbikoff’s early years
Filmography: ‘Wonderland’ (2003), ‘The Cool Surface’ (1993), and ‘Rent Control’ (2003) are among the films for which Lisa Marie Kurbikoff is well-known. She was born in Agoura Hills, California, on May 9, 1971.

The American actress Lisa Marie Kubikoff was raised in Malibu, California, along with her twin sister Janet Kubikoff.

Although her parents’ background is unknown, there are rumors that her late mother was a professional nurse and her late father was a chef. Lisa attended Agoura High School in her hometown.

Lisa’s interests were wide-ranging during her early years. She participated in several school musicals to further explore her passion of acting, and she was highly involved in athletics while attending Agoura Hills High School in California.

Details on Lisa Marie Kurbikoff include her US citizenship, white ethnic ancestry, and Christian faith.

A complex investigation of family, images, and movies

In addition to his work with MTV as a still photographer, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff is well-known for his performances in the films “Wonderland” (2003), “The Cool Surface” (1993), and “Rent Control” (2003).

In addition to her acting career, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff dabbled in photography. Her path took many different turns, starting with her time at Agoura High School.

Her career took a turn for the better when she married English actor Cary Elwes on June 25, 2000.

An additional personal touch to her life comes from the fact that her twin sister Janet Kurbikoff shares her birthday.

Throughout her career, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff has worked as an actor, producer, photographer, and supporter of her husband’s and their daughter’s career aspirations, Dominique Alves.

The classic story of Lisa Marie Kurbikoff and Cary Elwes’s love

After becoming meeting at a chili cook-off in Malibu in 1991, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff and Cary Elwes went on to have a happy marriage on June 25, 2000, having already become engaged in 1997.

The photo from Lisa Marie’s wedding
Lisa Marie and Cary Elwes’ June 2000 marriage

After twenty years of marriage, Lisa and Carey are still happily married; their daughter Dominique was born on April 24, 2007, and they have a strong bond in addition to their love for art.

Carey is an actor, and Lisa is a gifted photographer, producer, and performer.

A fascinating part of their family life is their choice to keep Dominic out of the spotlight.

She can now follow her passions without feeling the weight of her fame. Lisa Marie Kurbikoff and Cary Elwes’

heartwarming story is one of unwavering love, a shared passion, and letting each family member grow in their own special way.

strengthening family bonds in the framework of harmonious creativity
Actor Cary Elwes and Lisa Marie Kurbikoff were married on June 25, 2000.

Their daughter Dominique was born into their union on April 24, 2007.

Lisa and Carrie exchange vows
Lisa and Carey exchange vows on their wedding day 

The couple has opted to carefully keep their child out of the spotlight so that she may freely follow her interests and identity.

Their common enthusiasm for the arts culminates in a magnificent blend of skill, love, and lifelong friendship.

The loving mother-daughter duo of actress Lisa Marie is holding a cup of tea.
The couple has deliberately kept their child out of the spotlight in order to give her the chance to discover her personality and passion, which may be beneficial.

Dominic Alves will be about 15 years old in 2022 and will have completed the seventh grade. Lisa Marie’s daughter Dominic Elwes was born on April 24, 2007, to Lisa Marie Kurbikoff and Cary Elwes.


Lisa Marie Kurbikoff attended Agoura Hills High School in his native California, where he studied acting alongside such

performers as Amy Graham, Beverly Peele, Shane Stanley, and Heather Graham. His educational history is not immediately evident in the search results.

Common Sense

The biography of Lisa Marie Kurbikoff is interesting.

She went to Agoura Hills High School in her birthplace of California. You may recognize him from the films “Wonderland” (2003), “The Cool Surface” (1993), and “Rent Control” (2003).

The American actress and still photographer Lisa Marie Kubikoff rose to fame because of the comedy film “Rent Control”.

• She was born in 1970, completed her high school education at Agoura, and had the option of going to college.

In addition to making his feature film debut in 1985, he also worked as still photographer and associate producer on the 2003 picture “Rent Control.” She enjoys traveling, being active, and spending time with Jim Carrey

• Her daughter Dominique Elwes, who was born in 1962 and stands 6 feet 1 inch and weighs 167 pounds, is the product of her marriage to the actor Cary Elwes.

Lisa Marie Kubikoff is a well-known actress and still photographer in the United States. She became well-known for her part in the comedy “Rent Control,” but her main claim to fame is that she is married to renowned British writer and actor Cary Elwes.

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1 Age, childhood, and educational background

Two Interests and Hobbies
Three careers and four personal lives
Five Size, Weight, and Physical Features
six-figure net worth

7. Who is Lisa Marie’s husband, Cary Elwes?
Age, childhood, and educational background

Lisa Marie Kubikoff was born in the United States on May 10, 1970, under the sign of Taurus. She will turn fifty-two years old in mid-2022.

His twin sister, Janet Kubikoff, is currently an interior designer. Her parents are believed to be a chef and a nurse, though Lisa has not disclosed their names to the media.

Lisa Agoura attended a prestigious high school where she was classmates with several future celebrities, including actress Heather Graham,

model Beverly Peele, and producer for Visual Arts Entertainment Shane Stanley. She initially enjoyed athletics, but after turning seventeen, she began to take an interest in photography.

Mary graduated in the early nineties, though it’s unclear how

interests and pastimes

Mary is a travel enthusiast who has visited many locations in America and Europe. She periodically travels to red carpet events with her spouse, and her preferred destination is Paris, France.

They earlier posted an Instagram picture of her with the actor. Her favorite Jim Carrey films are “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Liar, Liar,” and “Yes Man.”

Lisa is a health-conscious person who goes to the gym often and follows a strict diet to maintain her toned physique.

She likes attending parties and high-profile events with her hubby. In 2021, she was spotted at a costume party with Elves, and she posted photos of the two of them on Instagram.


Following his on-screen debut in the thriller “Future Hunter” in 1985, Kubikoff took a break from acting until he returned in Eric Greenberg Anjou’s thriller

“The Cool Surface” in 1993, playing the lead role alongside Steve Tyler, Teri Hatcher, and Robert Patrick.

The film follows a Los Angeles writer who becomes enamored with the actress who lives next door.

In 2003, David Eric Brenner wrote and directed “Rent Control,” a film that starred Carmen Electra, Ryan Browning, and Melissa J.

Hart and told the story of a young couple who move into Aunt Agatha’s apartment after she passes away and must keep her death a secret.

Kubikoff worked on the project as an assistant producer and still photographer.

Mary’s next role was in the 2003 crime picture “Wonderland,” starring Lisa Kudrow, Kate Bosworth, and Val Kilmer, directed by James Cox.

personal life

It’s widely accepted that Lisa gave up acting to become a housewife after her daughter was born. Cary Elwes and Lisa met in 1991 at a chili cooking competition in Malibu, California, and they clicked right away.

They got together on June 25, 2005, but they didn’t announce their engagement until 1997, when they had only begun dating. On April 24, 2007, the couple’s first child, a girl named Dominic Alves, was born at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

His mother congratulated him on finishing the seventh grade despite a difficult period of time on Instagram, where he recently finished. Despite everything, we adore and are proud of you, Adversity.

Mary and her family now live in Malibu, where their lavish property has a garden facing the Pacific Ocean with Andalusian and Moroccan influences.

I spent most of my childhood in southern Spain, and my father would often take us to Morocco,” her husband said in response to a question about why he liked the Moroccan theme in an interview.

I therefore made an area that brought back memories of my early years.” It appears that Mary gets along well with her in-laws.


Mary is a well-paid actor, producer, and photographer who has worked on a number of projects. By 2024, his net worth is expected to have exceeded $2 million. Meanwhile, her spouse is a well-known actor who has amassed a net worth of approximately $8 million

citing his numerous successful roles in films like “Yesterday’s Hero,” “Another Country,” and many more.

Who is Lisa Marie’s husband, Cary Elwes?
Ivan Simon C. Elwes, born October 26, 1962, under the sign of Scorpio (now 59), was raised alongside his older brothers, Damien Alves, an artist, and Cassian Alves, a producer.

Tragically, Carey’s father took his own life in 1974, when he was only 12 years old; his parents divorced when he was four years old. His ancestry is Ashkenazi Jewish, English, Serbian, and Irish.

Carey attended Harrow School before continuing her education there. She studied acting at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA).

She also attended Sarah Lawrence College in New York and the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

Elwes made his screen debut as James Harcourt in “Another Country” (1984). He gained popularity for his role in “The Princess Bride” (1987).

Since then, he has starred in several well-received productions, including the drama series “Stranger Things” in 2019; he has also been in “Seinfeld” (1996), “Psych” (2009–2014), and “Family Guy” (2014–2016).

The London-born actor has been nominated for multiple awards, including a Golden Satellite for his performance in 2001, an MTV Movie Award for Best Horror Performance for his role in “Saw” (2005),

and a BTVA Video Game Award in 2013. Prize given out. “Uprising,” a miniseries on war.

American actress Lisa Marie Kubikoff was born.

The actress worked as a still photographer for MTV in 2004. She gained notoriety as the spouse of English actor Cary Elwes.

Age and ethnicity of parents

Lisa Marie Kubikoff was born in the United States and is an American citizen. The specific date of his birth has not been made public.

Born on the same day as Janet Kurbikoff, her twin sister, Lisa Marie Kubikoff is an American-white national with no known nationality. She has not provided any information about her parents.

Even though she posts pictures of them on social media all the time.

Which school did Lisa Marie Kubikoff attend?

Lisa Marie Kubikoff was a student at Agoura High School.

Other than that, we are unaware of her educational background.

Lisa Marie Kubikoff: Career and Professional Life

Lisa Marie Kubikoff starred in her first feature film, Future Hunter, in 1985.

In 1993, she then starred in The Cool Surface.

He played the role of Mars Attacks in the well-known 1996 movie.

Lisa has also acted in a number of well-known blockbusters.

Lisa Marie Kubikoff Hot became well-known for her performance in the movie Sleepy Hollow.

He quickly got the chance to work on films, including Spy Kids and The Lord of Salem.

The actress became well-known for her performance in the 2003 Wonderland film.

That same year, she appeared in Rent Control.

Lisa Marie Kubikoff is a photographer as well.

Lisa Marie Kubikoff has worked as a freelance photographer for MTV since 2004.

He worked in the production and camera-electrical departments for Rent Control.

Lisa Marie Kubikoff’s fame has grown even further as a result of her marriage to English actor Cary Elwes.

Together, they appear in public and attend various events.

What is Lisa Marie Kubikoff’s estimated net worth?

Referring to her spouse Carey, Lisa Marie Kubikoff’s net worth as of 2024 is estimated to be $2 million.

He’s a renowned actor.

The estimated net worth of Lisa Marie Kubikoff is $10 million.

There’s a massive iron and wood arched doorway at the couple’s Malibu home.

He purchased the property in 1995 and refurbished the patio in 2008.

He purchased the property in 1995 and refurbished the patio in 2008.

conjecture, disagreement

In terms of her private life, the actress has maintained a low profile.

As a result, Lisa Marie Kubikoff has not been linked to any controversies or speculations in the media.

 Physical attributes: mass and elevation

On average, Lisa Marie Kubikoff stands five feet two inches tall.

The actress’s hair and eyes are both dark brown.

social media

He now has more than 4,000 followers on Instagram.

She doesn’t seem to be active on other social networking sites, either, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.


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