who IS Ariana Grande Dating

Ariana Grande In 2020, who is Ariana Grande dating? The music video for “Stuck With U” has Ariana Grande confirming her relationship with Dalton Gomez. Ariana Grande and her boyfriend Dalton Gomez are making public appearances together. With Justin Bieber, the 26-year-old musician can be seen dancing and giving the Los Angeles real estate agent a hug in their new music video, “Stuck with U.”

                             who IS Ariana Grande Dating

who IS Ariana Grande Dating

The couple had largely kept their Conn who IS Ariana Grande Disinfection quiet since they were first seen kissing at a pub outside of Los Angeles in February, which ignited romance speculations.

The native of Southern California works as a buyer’s agent for the upscale real estate firm Aaron Kirkman Group, and based on Ariana’s most recent music video, it appears that they are presently staying at her Los Angeles house together.

“Ariana is visiting pals at home. She has been with the same set of individuals for several days and is taking her self-quarantining quite seriously,

an insider told individuals. Dalton is one of the individuals she is now living with; they have been doing so for a few months. Ariana is trying to keep her connection under wraps because she doesn’t want to be forced into another public romance, but she is happy with Dalton.”

Ariana Grande Has Dated Who? Ariana Grande is seeing Ethan Slater, one of her eleven past boyfriends. 

who IS Ariana Grande Dating

Ariana and Mikey Foster of Social House were once connected, but they broke up earlier this year. They were seen walking hand in hand at Disneyland in early February, but it’s thought they split up soon after. The two first aroused dating suspicions when they shared a kiss in Ariana’s “Boyfriend” video in 2019.

Ariana Grande demonstrated the complexity of relationships in her 2019 “Boyfriend” music video with Social House.

Ariana and Michael “Mikey” Foster portray two characters in the video who aren’t romantically involved but yet deal with jealousy in a relationship.

Many people were curious about Ariana’s partner after she released “Boyfriend”. Ariana has since entered into a number of partnerships,

who IS Ariana Grande Dating

but she most recently filed for divorce from her spouse. Now that she’s back on the market, let’s examine her past.

During her self-imposed seclusion during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ariana made hints that she had met a new man.

Loneliness need not accompany social separation,

particularly if you do it alongside your new partner. Ariana started posting pictures of herself on Instagram in March 2020 with a certain man that she had made the decision to keep to herself.

who IS Ariana Grande Dating

She didn’t reveal the man’s face at the time, so it was obvious that she was attempting to keep the specifics of her new connection a secret.

That did not halt conjecture as to his identity. It eventually came to light that Dalton Gomez was the new man in Ariana’s life. After the two went “Instagram official,” Dalton even made an appearance in the music video for her song “Stuck With U”.

In December 2020, Ariana Grande made the news that she and Dalton were engaged.

Ariana shared a number of insanely popular photographs on Instagram on December 20, 2020. She posted pictures of herself and Dalton with the message, “Forever and then some,” and one of them had a ring on *that* finger!

In May 2021, Ariana and Dalton tied the knot.

who IS Ariana Grande Dating

TMZ revealed that Ariana and Dalton tied the knot on May 17, 2021. The wedding was held at Montecito, California, at Ariana’s house, and fewer than twenty people were there. It goes without saying that the ceremony was quite affectionate and laid back.

Ariana and Dalton have filed for divorce as of September 2023.

Ariana and her spouse are reportedly no longer together, according to TMZ. Since she relocated to London in January to film Wicked, things have been a little challenging. They tried to patch things up but split up shortly after, according to TMZ’s source.

who IS Ariana Grande Dating

Sadly, they remain friends despite their inability to come to an understanding.

It has come to light that Ariana’s absence from her ring during the Wimbledon event was observed by fans.

Sources told TMZ in September 2023 that Ariana and Dalton had filed for divorce, not long after their split was made public. First to file, the “Break Free” singer stated that there were “irreconcilable differences.”

Not long later, Dalton filed. According to sources who spoke with TMZ, “everything was resolved before going to court” and “there is no bitterness.”

who IS Ariana Grande Dating

The couple’s official split date is February 20, 2023, according to sources close to TMZ.

Ariana and Ethan Slater are now dating.

Ariana, according to sources, has moved on and met a new boyfriend. TMZ has begun to associate her with her “Wicked” co-star, Ethan Slater.

They haven’t formally stated anything yet, but given how much time they’ve been spending together, it makes perfect sense.

Ariana Grande has refrained from mentioning Pete or any of her other exes by name, despite numerous fans speculating that the music video for “Thank U, Next” had some jabs at him. In an Instagram Story, she declared, per People,

who IS Ariana Grande Dating

“I will always have undying love for him. If you got any other impression from my recent work, you probably haven’t gotten the point.”

From September 2016 to May 2018, Ariana dated Mac Miller.

After their breakup, Ariana and Mac remained friends. Understandably, she was distraught when the rapper passed away on September 7, 2018, from an accidental overdose.

Ariana claimed in a Vogue interview that her loss was “quite devastating.”

who IS Ariana Grande Dating

“What we had between us was like, shit, but it was by no means perfect,” she said. He was the greatest person I’ve ever met, and he wasn’t deserving of his demons.

After being stuck as glue for a while, I noticed that I was losing my stickiness. The fragments simply began to fall away.” The “Boyfriend” music video by Ariana isn’t based on her own romantic relationships. Ariana clarified on Twitter that “Boyfriend” genuinely speaks to a wide range of individuals.

“Well, I think this song reflects a common theme in the lives of a lot of people I know,” she wrote in a fan tweet. While most people desire to be in love, they struggle to totally commit, trust, or allow themselves to be in a relationship where they can truly love someone.

even if they so choose. This year has been amazing for Ariana Grande, and then some.

who IS Ariana Grande Dating

In January 2020, she began seeing her future spouse, Dalton Gomez. In March, she went into lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. In June, she purchased a new residence, and in December, she became engaged to a real estate agent.

Oh, and they were married in May of this year. In a short ceremony, Ariana and Dalton exchanged vows in front of their closest loved ones.

People was informed by Ariana’s representative that “they have got married.” Less than 20 individuals attended, making it intimate and tiny. The space exuded love and happiness.

The couple is ecstatic, as are both of their families.” Friends and family of the “Positions” singer are apparently “thrilled” about her new hubby. 

who IS Ariana Grande Dating

All people adore Dalton. He’s fantastic for Ari,” a People source stated. “She has had a pretty calm and uneventful time of life, which is a good thing. They are overjoyed that she will wed Dalton.

” Considering her prominent persona and separation with comedian Pete Davidson, the Grammy Award winner hasn’t shared many details about her current partner.

“Ariana has been a little hesitant to go so public about her relationship with Dalton because she’s seen how it has affected her past relationships,” according to a source.

“Dalton and Ariana have been together in Los Angeles during quarantine, and it’s been a great opportunity for them to spend quality time together.” Prior to being married to Dalton, Ariana was involved with other love partners.


What you should know about their relationship and the pop star’s previous lovers is provided below.

Early in 2020, Ariana started dating Dalton Gomez. According to reliable sources, the couple started dating in January 2020—just before the COVID-19 epidemic broke out.

Dalton, a native of Southern California, represents A-list clientele as a buyer’s agent for the upscale real estate firm Aaron Kirman Group, according to People.

Based on an old yearbook photo, fans speculate that he is either 24 or 25 years old. The two are currently in quarantine together at the “Boyfriend” singer’s Los Angeles home; it’s unclear if real estate brought him and Ariana together or if they happened to meet by happenstance.

(It’s likely that they met through real estate as she paid $13.7 million for a house in the Hollywood Hills earlier in June.)

“Ariana is visiting pals at home. She has been with the same group of people for several days and takes her self-isolation quite seriously, the source told People. “One of the people she’s with right now is Dalton — they’ve been staying together for the past few months.”

Ariana, though, had a purpose for keeping this a secret. According to the insider, “Ariana doesn’t want to have another public relationship, so she’s trying to keep quiet about this, but she’s very happy with Dalton.”

In the music video for her duet with Justin Bieber, “Stuck With U,” they became official rather than just Instagram stars. (Scooter Braun oversees both.)

Ariana and Dalton can be seen cuddling and kissing in what appears to be a bedroom near the end of the film. For the couple, this was a big occasion because it was their first indication of their {official} relationship status.

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The Ariana Grande

Additionally, he appeared in the Lady Gaga song “Rain on Me” Instagram commercial, which is taken from her latest album Chromatics.

(In case you missed it, she pretends to give a weather report in the bathtub while Dalton holds the shower head above her head in the “Rain on Me” teaser.)

Dalton, however, has been posting about quarantine on his own account, @dalton_jacob, so it appears that they have been official on Instagram for a while.

Additionally, Ariana shared a monochrome image of Dalton and his twin brother Dakota playing video games on Instagram Stories. The image was taken from the back.

Find out more about Ariana Grande’s current decision to keep her private life secret:

It’s unclear what songs and music videos about Ariana and Dalton’s romance will drop now that they’re married.

Ari was engaged to Pete Davidson prior to Dalton.

In 2018, she was introduced to the stand-up comedian and Saturday Night Live star during an SNL after-party. They started dating right away and frequently expressed their love for one another.

They were engaged in a matter of weeks and spent the summer attending various events together. But by October 2018, the engagement had ended, and Ariana’s Pete tattoo had also come to an end. Nevertheless, Ariana’s Sweetener album still features a song named “Pete Davidson,” and he reappears in Ariana’s now-famous pop hit “Thank U, Next.”

Before dating, Ariana and Mac Miller were longtime friends.

Before they started dating, Ari and rapper Mac Miller were longstanding friends and partners. They first crossed paths in 2012.

Their romance was verified in August 2016, according to iHeartRadio, when they were seen kissing at the Katsu-Ya restaurant in Encino, California.

“Hello! “This is Malcolm McCormick, my favorite person on the planet and one of my best friends in the world,” Ariana posted on Instagram Stories after their breakup in the spring of 2018. “I am incredibly grateful to have him in my life in any capacity, no matter how our relationship develops or what the future holds for each of us! I hold him in the highest regard and love!” Being selfless is not being selfish.

It’s about wanting the best for that individual, even if at that moment that someone isn’t you.” She paid respect to the rapper on September 7, 2018, the day after he passed away. All Mac was doing was staring at her in a basic black and white picture.

Prior to dating Mac Miller, Ari was linked to Ricky Alvarez. Devoted followers of Ari may recall her connection with backup dancer Ricky Alvarez from the controversial #DonutGate video from 2015, in which Ari licked fresh donuts at a bakery in California.

TMZ was able to obtain the video and it shows him encouraging her. Nevertheless, they called it quits amicably. “She and him split up. They simply couldn’t get over it, even though he didn’t cheat or anything.

However, they remain friends,” a source told E! News. She started dating Big Sean in 2014. Big Sean and Ariana started dating in 2014 after he called off his wedding to Glee actress Naya Rivera. They made their red-carpet debut together on the MTV VMAs.

Their representatives provided Us Weekly with a statement following the split, saying, “They both care very much about each other and remain close friends.” We kindly ask that the media honor their request for privacy at this time with reference to this personal concern.” 2008 saw Ariana’s first romantic connection with Graham Phillips.

That year, while they were both leading roles in the Broadway musical 13, she got to know Graham. Before ending their three-year relationship in 2011, the two were dating. They have maintained a cordial relationship ever then, with Graham going to several of Ari’s gigs.

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