Is Magic Johnson Gay

 Is Magic Johnson Gay? the basketball legend, shockingly came forward with his HIV positive status in November 1991. However, amid the outpouring of love and worries for his well-being, a rumor that Johnson might be straight started to circulate.

               Is Magic                                   Johnson Gay


Is Magic Johnson gay then? For the over a million people living with the once-deadly illness, Magic Johnson continues to be a symbol of hope 33 years after he announced his retirement from the Los Angeles Lakers due to HIV.

They contributed to dispelling myths and raising awareness of the virus. Magic Johnson Synopsis of the Profile Complete Name Magic is Earvin Johnson Jr.’s nickname.

Male Gender Date of Birth:

Is Magic Johnson Gay

August 14, 1959; Age (as of 2024): 64 years Leo is the zodiac sign. Birthplace: Lansing, Michigan Currently residing in Southern California’s

Beverly Park nationality Ethnicity of Americans African-American Faith Christianity 6-foot-9-inch (2.06-meter) tall 220 lb (100 kg) in weight Mother Christine Johnson and Father Irvin Sr. Sexual

Orientation Cookie Johnson, the married spouse, is in a straight relationship. Three Kids Go to High School College Everett Occupation:

American businessman and former professional basketball player; Michigan State Magic Johnson Who is that? Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr., an American entrepreneur and former professional basketball player

was born in Lansing, Michigan, on August 14, 1959. He is frequently recognized as the best point guard in basketball history. His parents, Arvin Sr.

and Christine Johnson, had a strong work ethic, which had a big impact on him and helped to shape the person and professional he became.

Johnson went to Michigan State College after graduating from Everett High School. where Jud Heathcote, the basketball coach, coached him.

Cookie Johnson, the spouse of Magic Johnson

Is Magic Johnson Gay

is an enthusiastic philanthropist and acts as the board of directors of the Magic Johnson

Foundation’s secretary. Johnson is the father of three children: daughter Alyssa with wife Cookie, son EJ with ex-girlfriend Melissa Mitchell, and son Andre.

Magic Johnson’s Career in Basketball Earvin Johnson, then 15 years old, earned the moniker “Magic”

at Everett High School following a spectacular triple-double game in which he finished with 36 points, 18 rebounds,

and 16 assists in his sophomore year. Magic, in his senior year of high school, averaged 28.8 points and 16.8 rebounds per game to lead his team to an amazing season record of 27 victories

and just one loss. His state championship triumph was the result of his leadership on the court, and he dedicated it to his best buddy, Reggie Chasteen, who sadly passed away in an automobile accident.

Johnson also had an incredible high school career

Is Magic Johnson Gay

highlighted by two picks that made him the most skilled athlete in Michigan at the time.

He was a point guard for the Michigan State College Spartans, who were coached by Jud Heathcote. Magic Johnson joined the 1979 NBA draft following two years of college ball, when he averaged 17.1 points, 7.9 assists, and 7.6 rebounds per game.

The Los Angeles Lakers selected him in the first round and kept him there for his whole career.

See also: Johnson’s HIV disclosure Continue reading: At a news conference on November 7, 1991, while he was at the height of his NBA glory,

Johnson disclosed that he was HIV positive. After undergoing medical tests for a life insurance policy, Magic Johnson was diagnosed with HIV, the man stated.

Is Magic Johnson Gay

He had many ladies for unprotected intercourse, which is how he contracted the virus. The 64-year-old Johnson is the director of the Magic Johnson

Foundation, which provides funding for HIV education and prevention initiatives in the most vulnerable regions of the country.

Many people believed that HIV was exclusively for “Other People” at the time of the gay basketball great Magic Johnson’s HIV announcement, which sparked speculation that Johnson might be gay.

Was Magic Johnson gay or straight? No, Magic Johnson wasn’t bisexual; instead, he contracted the virus from having intercourse without protection with several women.

Is Magic Johnson Gay

He made an effort to inform the public at his HIV announcement speech that anyone can contract HIV, regardless of their sexual orientation.

He stated, in part: “I think sometimes we think of gay people as the only people to understand; it’s not going to happen to me and here I am saying it can happen to anyone.

even with me, Magic Johnson.

Is Magic Johnson Gay

Relationship between Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas Isiah Thomas is regarded as one of the all-time best NBA point guards, along with Magic Johnson.

The celebrities were quite close even though they were on opposing teams. Before the LA Lakers and Detroit Pistons faced off in the 1988 NBA Finals, they even shared a brotherly peck on each other’s cheeks.

But Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas’s romance developed into a protracted conflict. Not long after Magic Johnson’s HIV diagnosis, they got divorced. Despite the overwhelming support from spectators

Johnson’s teammates were not doing well. Owing to false beliefs regarding HIV, the majority of athletes avoided Johnson out of concern for contracting the virus.

Furthermore, a common misconception was that HIV could only infect

Is Magic Johnson Gay

homosexuals. Isiah Thomas so started to doubt Magic Johnson’s sexual orientation, which offended Johnson.

In Larry Bird’s autobiography When the Game Was Ours, Johnstone describes how the 1992 Olympic roster leak made matters worse for basketball players who were questioning their sexuality.

Isiah Thomas felt that Magic Johnson contributed to his exclusion from consideration for the squad, as he was not called up.

Has the feud between Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas been resolved? In 2017, Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas expressed regret to one another in a one-on-one conversation.


Is Magic Johnson Gay

It was touching; Magic told Thomas, Continue reading They shook hands, and Thomas started crying at this point. Johnson expressed his emotions by adding, “Sexuality was questioned/I know, man, it wounded me too.

Come here, dude,” after Thomas was unable to reply verbally. Rising from their chairs, they gave each other a hug. Isiah Thomas is he gay? Isiah Thomas is not homosexual.

He wed Lynn Kendall in 1995; the two were students at Indiana University when they first got together.

Joshua, a son born in 1988, and Lauren, a daughter born in 1991, are the children of Thomas and Kendall.

FAQs Regarding Magic Johnson’s 2024 Net Worth? Magic Johnson, a hall of famer, has accumulated $1.2 billion in wealth through his ownership of multiple professional sports clubs and a life insurance company.

What role did Magic Johnson fulfill?

Is Magic Johnson Gay

In 1991, the 6-foot-9 Johnson was a power forward with the body of a point guard.

Whom did Magic first have a child with? The 43-year-old former basketball player welcomed Andre as his first child.

Indeed, Magic Johnson and his spouse Cookie Johnson are wed. He has always regarded Cookie as the basis of his life’s purpose.

How many women has Magic dated? Magic Johnson claimed to have slept with over 100 women in 1991, but he couldn’t even begin to count the number of times he had seen them, nor could he determine which of them had given him HIV.

Was. Magic and his wife met when? In 1977, Magic and Cookie, both freshman in college, met at a party. What was Magic’s NBA career length? Throughout his

incredible 13-year career, Magic guided the Lakers to five NBA Titles and nine trips to the NBA Finals. Final Word on Magic Johnson’s Gender Identity Does Magic Johnson identify as gay?

Magic Johnson’s announcement of his HIV diagnosis sparked rumors that he was gay. Then, there was a false belief that HIV could only infect gay males.

Magic Johnson, who has acknowledged getting the virus through unprotected sex with several women, is not gay.


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