Liz Trujillo Flavor Flav Wife

Flavor Flav is an American rapper and hype man, whose true name is William Jonathan Drayton Jr. Liz Trujillo Flavor Flav Wife

She was just a regular lady living her life

out of the spotlight before she became associated with the rap celebrity, who also serves as a spokesperson for the rap group “Public Enemy.”

This hasn’t really altered, though, because she still prefers to lead a very secluded existence. Because of this, not much is known about him; nonetheless, we have learned a few facts that will undoubtedly catch your attention.

Synopsis of Liz Trujillo’s profile

Elizabeth Trujillo in full

gender Women

  • Born on: 1975

49 years old

  • White ethnicity

  • American nationality

  • Straight sexual orientation

  • Status of Marriage: Wed

  • Flavor Flav, also known as William Jonathan Drayton Jr., is the spouse of Elizabeth Trujillo.

Children of Elizabeth Trujillo: Karma Drayton

  • Well-known for: Marrying American rapper Flavor Flav

Liz Trujillo’s past is obscured in certain details.

Liz’s further details are unclear, despite reports that she was born Elizabeth Trujillo in 1975 and is of Middle Eastern heritage.

As a result, a great deal of information is still unknown, such as her precise birthdate and location, family history, early years, parents, siblings (if any), and educational background.

It would be a bit simpler to learn about Liz if she was on social media, but sadly, it has been determined that she is not active on any of the platforms.

There is no online imprint of him that can be found, and no verified profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok exist.

How old is the wife of the rapper?

As we’ve previously established, it’s uncertain when Elizabeth was born. She was born in 1975, nonetheless, if claims about her age are to be accepted. As such, she is 49 years old now.

On March 16, 1959, Flavor Flav, her spouse, was born, making him nearly sixteen years her senior. Nevertheless, the pair is still going strong in spite of their age gap.

Reality television star Liz Trujillo Flavor Flav Wife

Liz Trujillo is a trained attorney whose areas of expertise are contracts in the worldwide energy industry and sustainable development, according to several web sources.

On closer inspection, though, it turns out that this information is really about a different Liz Trujillo, who teaches law at the University of Houston Law Center.

Given that Liz has been on several VH1 reality series, including the Season 3 reunion of Flavor of Love, it is reasonable to classify her as a reality television star.

A performance called Flavor of Love drew well over twenty girls. Every season, contestants vie for the rapper’s devotion and eventual love in Flavor Flav’s house.

Remarkably, the rapper proposed to the mother of his seventh child—rather than any of the ladies who had ever been in any of the show’s seasons—during a reunion for the show’s last season (Flavor of Love 3) in 2008. Liz.

Additionally, Liz Trujillo had an appearance on Couples Therapy’s third season, which ran on VH1 from June 12 to August 21, 2013.

The program centers on the characters as they get professional relationship therapy from Dr. Jane Mann. The psychiatric physician and his team.

Liz and her boyfriend enrolled in the show with the intention of mending their relationship, which was going through a difficult moment at the time.

When questioned about the worst experience of her marriage during this, she disclosed that she learned that her then-boyfriend had signed a contract for his dating program, Flavor of Love Seasons 1, without her knowledge.

2. Thankfully, he was able to get back on track with the support of on-air treatment sessions.

While shooting Couples Therapy, the rapper’s wife is admitted to the hospital due to a medical issue.

Liz Trujillo allegedly started “behaving strangely” during the recording of a televised therapy session in April 2013, fainted, and was transported to the hospital.

Some reports suggested that the event was caused by a possible painkiller overdose; however, a VH1 spokesperson first corroborated this allegation and added that it was an accident.

Speaking with TMZ, Flavor Flav’s agents insisted that “claims of an overdose or any intake of drugs couldn’t be further from the truth.” Rep instead. Liz was stated to be experiencing a health issue due to tiredness.

The spokesman went on to say that she spent the entire night filming Couples Therapy and was treated for fatigue at the hospital. He went on to say that the show’s creators were fabricating this regrettable tragedy in order to boost their ratings.

The spokesman went on to say that she spent the entire night performing couples therapy and received treatment for fatigue at a medical facility.

He further asserted that the show’s producers were fabricating this regrettable occurrence only to boost viewership.

What is the net worth of Elizabeth Trujillo?

It is reported that the rapper is worth $2 million. Liz Trujillo was undoubtedly compensated for her television show appearances, as evidenced by her participation in the aforementioned programs.

It is unknown, although, how much money he made from them. It’s also unclear if she has a job or manages any other private businesses, but even if she didn’t, we think she would still be okay financially given how well her husband is doing in his work.

The Real Story Behind Liz and Flavor Flav’s Divorce

Although it’s unknown when they began dating, it’s reported that Flavor Flav and Liz became together off-set while Liz was filming the second season of Flavor of Love.

As previously mentioned, Flavor left the victors of season three of the program and finally proposed to Liz during the Flavor of Love 3 reunion in 2008.

The public is unaware of the day this famous couple tied the knot, despite the widespread belief that they made their relationship official long ago.

This is due to the rapper leading a low-key existence and keeping his private affairs secret for a few years following their engagement.

Fans were uncertain about his status with Liz Trujillo as a result of this. In order to set the record straight, the man behind the Public Enemy campaign disclosed that they remained together.

When he visited Steve Harvey’s talk program in May 2016, he disclosed this and shared memories of his time as a reality TV star on Flavor of Love.

He said, “My daughter is at home, just relaxing, and my son Karma is nine years old right now. However, after twelve years together, we are still together.”

News reports mention Flavor Flav criticizing Liz Trujillo.

There have been many ups and downs in Liz and Flav’s marriage since they started dating. The rapper has been the root of most of his issues, from cocaine usage while speeding to marijuana being discovered in his car.

In October 2012, following Flavor Flav’s arrest and subsequent charges of assault and violence on his fiancée Liz Trujillo, the couple’s relationship entered a serious crisis.

He remained in contact with Liz Trujillo. In order to set the record straight, the man behind the Public Enemy campaign disclosed that they remained together.


When he visited Steve Harvey’s talk program in May 2016, he disclosed this and shared memories of his time as a reality TV star on Flavor of Love. He said,

“My daughter is at home, just relaxing, and my son Karma is nine years old right now. However, after twelve years together, we are still together.”

There have been many ups and downs in Liz and Flav’s marriage since they started dating. The rapper has been the root of most of his issues, from cocaine usage while speeding to marijuana being discovered in his car.

In October 2012, following Flavor Flav’s arrest and subsequent charges of assault and violence on his fiancée Liz Trujillo, the couple’s relationship entered a serious crisis.

In an interview with Rumor Fix, Liz described the event in detail, stating that it took place in the performer’s Las Vegas residence.

She also claimed to the media outlet that the rapper attempted to kill her 16-year-old son Gibran Trujillo with a butcher knife after he had beaten her so severely that she was unable to walk. was charged with being disloyal. He.

She said that the hype man had been having an affair with her for a number of months. She had read a message from a lady telling her how much she liked spending time with him, so she knew for sure.

Flav also intended to pay the same woman a visit in Vegas. Liz smashes her phone out of rage after seeing the message. Liz claimed that Flav was awakened by the sound of the shattered phone, and that’s when everything started to go wrong.

A hip-hop artist lets loose his inner beast

Liz was thrashed and beaten all over by Flavor, who also called her a “f***ng bitch” and tugged her earrings. She said to The Rumor Fix, “I’m damaged, I’m in complete pain, I can’t move,” and she had to go to the hospital where she was given medicine for anxiety and discomfort.

Girard, Liz’s adolescent son, intervened to save her during the mayhem by placing Flav in a headlock and holding on to him until he made a commitment to calm down. Girard freed him when the hip-hop musician obeyed him,

and Flav naturally got more aggressive. He threatened to murder Gird by pointing a 20-inch butcher knife at him.

The terrified mother claimed to have phoned the police at this point.In 2007, Liz Rodriguez and her husband Flavor Flav delivered Karma Drayton, a male, as their first child.

The young kid, who was flawless, made his debut in the world when he and his mother made an appearance on the Flavor of Love 3 reunion.

her father proposed to her on her mother’s lap. Flava frequently shares photos of Karma on social media, and based on those postings, it appears that he is really in love with her.

While the one-year-old is the only kid Liz and her rapper husband are known to have, both of them have children from previous relationships. Karma is her father’s seventh child and her mother’s second.

His mother had a kid named Gibran Trujillo from a different guy a few years before to his birth. On her father’s side, she has other half-siblings named Shanique, Dezyna, the Quanah, William, who’s Jasmine, it Kayla, as well as Jordan.

Liz is one of those famous wives who will do all it takes to hide her personal and professional life from the public.

We still hope that additional details about her will become available soon, even if the majority of what we know about her is related to her connection with rapper Flavor Flav.

Introduction to There has long been an agreement involving fans and the media around Liz Truzilo, famous artist and reality star Flava Flave’s wife.

Liz is much more to Truzilo than just meets the eye, despite the fact that his connection with the Flava Flave has frequently taken center stage.

This post delves into five fascinating facts about Liz Truzilo, sheds light on their lives, and discusses his position as a committed partner in accomplishments.

  1. The early years and background of Liz Truzilo:

Liz was born in Truzilo, Los Angeles, California, in 1980. His ancestry is mixed, encompassing African American, Mexican, and Native American elements.

He had a strong interest in culture and music as a child, which ultimately motivated him to cross the street wearing a flava flav.

  1. Liz Trujilo’s professional background: Apart from his affiliation with the Flava Flave, Liz Truzilo is an accomplished businesswoman.
  2. She started her own clothing brand called “True Love Clothing” and has successfully established herself as a fashion entrepreneur.
  3. Their business aims to empower women by providing fashionable, inclusive clothing alternatives.

  1. The Love Story Between Liz Truzilo and Fleva Flave: In 2003, Liz Truzilo and Flava Flave started dating. Their partnership has succeeded throughout time as a result of the two of them overcoming many obstacles together.
  2. Their steadfast dedication to one another has remained constant throughout the years, despite their well-timed ups and downs.

  1. Liz Truzilo as a mother: Apart from her accomplishments in her career, Liz Truzilo is a devoted mother. They have reared Karma, Shanak, and Quana with Flav Flav, instilling in them the principles of love, respect, and tenacity.

  1. Liz Truzilo’s humanitarian endeavors: Liz actively participates in charitable endeavors and uses her platform to support the Truzilo community. It has aided several groups and projects that assist education and youth empowerment in underprivileged communities.

Broad inquiries regarding Liz Truzilo (2024):

  1. What is Liz Truzilo’s age?

Liz Truzilo will be 43 years old in 2023 because she was born in 1980.

  1. What are Liz Truzilo’s height and weight?

Liz Truzilo is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 135 pounds in 2023.

  1. Is Liz Truzilo and Flave Flave still wed?

Yes, Liz Trujilo and Flava Flave will continue to have a happy marriage till 2023.

  1. What is the brand name of Liz Truzilo’s apparel line?

“True Love Cloth” is the name of Liz Truzilo’s clothing company.

See also Natalia Bryant’s weight and height 5. How many of Liz Truzilo’s kids have flav flav?

Karma, Shanik, and Quana, the three children of Flava Flave and Liz Truzilo, are together.

  1. What charitable endeavors does Liz Truzilo undertake?

The Liz Truzilo provides funding to a number of groups that prioritize actively empowering people and advancing education.

  1. Is Liz Truzilo talented at music?

Liz Truzilo enjoys music and frequently helps her husband with his musical endeavors, even if her passions are fashion and business.

  1. What difficulties do they have in their connection with Fleva Flave and Liz Truzilo?

Liz Truzilo and Flava Flave, like every relationship, have had their fair share of difficulties, but their dedication to one another has enabled them to overcome these barriers.

  1. Where is Liz Truzilo’s clothing brand available?

Liz is featured in a few retail locations as well as online for Truzilo’s “True Love Clothing” clothing line.

  1. What gave Liz Truzilo the idea to launch their clothing line?

Liz Trujilo founded her design brand because she was passionate about fashion and wanted to use clothing to empower women.

Additionally, take note of Q Paso Con Pancho de La Chula Ya La Bestia.

  1. Does Liz Truzilo have any future ambitions to grow their brand?

Liz Truejillo’s business attitude implies that she may think about growing her brand in the future, even though concrete plans are not available.

  1. How does Liz Truzilo manage to reconcile his personal and work lives?

Liz Truejillo effectively balances his personal and professional spheres by prioritizing his family and pursuing his business goals.

  1. How does Liz Truzilo seem on social media?

By 2023, Liz Truzilo continues to actively market his clothing brand, give glimpses into his personal life, and keep up an active social media presence.

  1. Is Liz Truzilo going to branch out into other fields?

But it’s unclear if Liz Truzilo intends to go into other businesses; however, her tenacity and initiative


William Jonathan Drayton Jr., best known as American rapper and hype man Flavor Flav, is married to Liz Trujillo. Liz would rather keep to herself, but her marriage to the rapper has elevated her profile, and she now frequently appears on reality TV programs like Flavor of Love and Couples Therapy.

Liz Trujillo’s history

Although Liz is of Middle Eastern heritage and was born Elizabeth Trujillo in 1975, a great deal of her personal history is unknown.

Her birthplace, date and time of birth, family history, early years, parents, siblings, and educational background are all unknown. He isn’t even active on social media.

Liz Trujillo’s age

Liz’s age is assumed to be 48 years old based on rumors that she was born in 1975, while her exact birthdate is unclear. Flavor Flav, her spouse, was born in 1959, making him around 16 years her senior.

The career of Liz Trujillo

Liz is a reality TV celebrity who has been on series including Couples Therapy and Flavor of Love on VH1.

Although there were rumors a while back that she was a registered attorney with an emphasis on contracts in the international energy industry and sustainable development, Liz Trujillo, a faculty member at the University of Houston Law Center, is the true owner of this knowledge.

What Liz Trujillo is worth?

Although Liz’s precise net worth is unclear, her participation on reality TV series have surely brought her some money. But her husband’s more than $2 million net worth is thought to be sufficient for his financial security.

Liz Trujillo’s Status as Married

It is unknown when Liz and Flavor Flav began dating, however they did meet off-set while Liz was filming the second season of Flavor of Love.

Although the exact year of their marriage is unknown, it is thought that they had been together for more than 12 years as of 2016, the year Flavor Flav appeared on Steve Harvey’s talk show.

Liz Trujillo’s lineage

Karma Drayton is the son of Liz and Flavor Flav, born in 2007. He is the second kid of his father and the second child of his mother. Gibran Trujillo is the name of Liz’s kid from a previous relationship.

Liz Trujillo made an assault

In 2012, Flavor Flav was taken into custody for assault and violence on Liz Trujillo. She said the rapper tried to kill her 16-year-old son Gibran Trujillo and beat her so terribly that she was unable to walk.

She accused him of betraying her after the butcher knife. As part of a plea agreement, Flavor Flav admitted guilt to attempted assault, received a year of probation, and underwent domestic abuse education.

In summary

Although Liz Trujillo would rather stay private, her union with Flavor Flav has elevated her to a prominent position in society. She has gained some notoriety via her participation on reality TV shows, and her turbulent relationship with the rapper has also made news regarding her personal life.

Liv, the mother of Flav’s youngest kid, Karma, accepted his proposal during the reunion for the third season of Flavor of Love.

In a similar vein, how did Liz Trujillo and Flavor Flav meet?

The pair had a VH1 program of their own. Weird love was the name of it. But the new pair called it quits after just one season. But Flavor Flav declared on the reunion episode that he was in love with Elizabeth Trujillo, whom he had met off-set while filming the second season of the program.

So, is Flavor Flav still wealthy?

William Jonathan Drayton Jr., a.k.a. Flavor Flav, is a New York-born American rapper, actor, comedian, and television personality.

$2 million is his net worth.

Date of birth: March 16, 1959

Origin Nation: United States

Richest Person: A Professional Rapper

October 9, 2021 • Last updated: 2021

Is Flavor Flav linked to Boosie?

In a video that was shared on Twitter and Instagram, Flav and Boosie announced that Boosie will be a guest on Flav’s podcast, “The Flavor Flav Show  Indeed, it is true that everyone claims he is my son.

Did Flavornav really love Tiffany Pollard as a result?

She said that she “loved” Flav and Davis together. However, she also declared her hatred for them in the same sentence. She stated that she detested Flav for “what he did to me” in particular.

With a tender embrace, Flav and Davis said goodbye to the season

For what length of time did Flav and Delicious date?

In an interview with Delicious for the Dinner with Avery podcast, the former reality star said that she dated Flav for four months without ever having intercourse with him.

Was Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen married?

She was involved in a well-publicized romance with rapper Flavor Flav in 2005. As shown in Strange Love, which was shot before to their marriage,

Nielsen’s current spouse, Mattia Dessi (born in 1978), shared a home with her in Italy. On July 8, 2006, the pair was married in Malta.

What is the net worth of Snoop Dogg?

Snoop Dogg is one of the wealthiest rappers in the world today and among the wealthiest from the 1990s West Coast hip-hop movement, according to Celebrity Net Worth, which estimates his net worth at $150 million. Let’s examine “Uncle Snoop’s” diverse portfolio of investments.

Big Rick is now where?

He’s settled in Napa now.

What is the Flavor Flav?

It will be theirs. Flavor Flav, a rapper and reality personality, is the most recent celebrity to enter the restaurant industry.

In Las Vegas, he is launching Flavor Flav House of Flavor, a soul food takeaway joint with his specialty red velvet waffles, fried chicken, and fried shrimp.

What dad is bossy?

On November 14, 1982, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Boosie was born Torrance Hatch Jr. He was raised on West Garfield Street. His father was a minister, and his mother, Connie Hatch (née Givens), was a school principal. In 1997, Torrance Hatch, Sr., his father, passed away.

Who is the father of Boosie?

Little Boosie Family

In terms of his family, Boosie is the son of Raymond Hatch and Connie Hatch, his mother. When he was just 14 years old, his father overdosed on drugs in 1996, leaving him with a mother who had retired from teaching. Information on his sibling status has not yet been made public.

How is crazy from Flavor of Love doing?

Despite receiving some unkind remarks from his competitors throughout the event, Crazy has persisted in pursuing a career in music.

She works as a professional DJ and records music in studios while residing in Los Angeles. Krazy still harbors feelings for Flav, the rapper, despite the passage of time.

Did Flavor Flav date Delicious?

Fans are interested in knowing what Deliciously, aka Chandra Davis, has been up to since dating Flavor Flav on Flavor of Love Season 2.

Without the wild energy of dating competitions like Flavor of Love, the early 2000s felt empty.

What transpired between Hoopz and Flavor Flav?

Nicole Alexander (also known as “Hoopz”) was one of the competitors. Tiffany Pollard (also known as “New York”) was another legendary competitor.

While New York came close to winning the first season, Flav ultimately decided to go with Hoopz. Sadly, their romance was short-lived as they split up, as they disclosed in the reunion episode.

Has anything transpired about Flavor of Love?

Smiley has persisted in modeling, acting, and mostly producing since his days on reality TV. She is currently a single mother overseeing her daughter’s aspirational singing career.

She’s working on a master’s degree as well. She said in 2016 that she was able to leave an abusive relationship because of her participation on FoL.

What was the compensation for the Flavor of Love contestants?

The daily stipend for “Flavor of Love: Charm School” and “Real World” is a meager $100.

In season three, Flavor Flav makes a choice.

Following three seasons, Flavor Flav made the decision not to wed or go out with any of the three winners. Rather, the third season reunion program disclosed that he will wed Liz, the mother of his seventh kid, Karma.

What caused Brigitte and Stallone’s divorce?

The actor Sylvester Stallone filed for divorce from actress Brigitte Nielsen on Monday, announcing their separation after 1.5 years of marriage.

Paul Bloch, a representative for the 41-year-old celebrity, claimed that Stallone gave “irreconcilable differences” as the cause of the unexpected split. The couple tied the knot in December 1985.

Will Smith, a billionaire or not?

Smith’s 2021 net worth is projected to be $350 million.

What is the net worth of Beyoncé?

Strangely enough, Forbes values Knowles’ net worth at $440 million on our list of 2021 Self-Made Women.

In 2020, how much is Drake worth?

What is the net worth of Drake? According to Forbes, Drake earned over $49 million in 2020, placing him at number 49 on the publication’s Celebrity 100 list.

Nonetheless, Drake reportedly earns over $70 million a year in compensation and has a $200 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Flavor Flav Bodyguard: who is she?

Big Rick serves as Flavor’s bodyguard and aide. He first connected with Flav in 2004 when they were both filming Strange Love,

Flav’s second performance, at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. Big Rick was employed in a Florida correctional facility.

What is the true name of Flava Flav?

On March 16, 1959, Flavor Flav was born William Jonathan Drayton Jr. in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York

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