Sumeke Rainey 2015

– Kanye West February 26, 2015.
Although Kanye’s recent collaborations with Beck, T-Swift, and even Bruno Mars have been heartening Sumeke Rainey 2015? the majority of the artists on his hit list have Perhaps he ought not to have attacked a vagrant or gone dark. Nonetheless, he still has time to make some commendable changes.

           Sumeke Rainey 2015

Kanye, who is well-versed in the media, is now touring in support of his latest album, So Help Me God.

Although Kim Kardashian’s romances with Kanye West are well known, have you ever wondered who he dated before Kim Kardashian? We are eager to show you around Kanye West’s interesting dating past.

Before we begin, here are some insights about the personal and professional life of rapper and artist Kanye West.

Born in 1977, Kanye grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Since he started rapping in 1996, he has become one of the most successful rappers in the American pop and music

industries, releasing a number of successive hit albums. Kanye is not just a well-known singer but he runs a fashion brand and is heavily active in politics.

Throughout his career, Kanye West has dated a number of stunning women in the acting and modeling industries.

Because of his widespread fame, Kanye has always been involved in a number of high-profile partnerships with well-known individuals, such as Kim Kardashian and Irina Shayk.

Kanye West and Sumeke Renée (1996–2002)

Kanye West’s hit song “Never Let Me Down” from his album The College Dropout makes reference to his high school girlfriend, Sumeke Renée.

He promised Sumeke’s father in the song that he would marry Sumeke, but as you can guess, their relationship didn’t turn out the way he had hoped.

Kanye West live
Sumeke was the one who encouraged Kanye in his early rapping days, and the two started dating in 1996.

But when Kanye started to receive praise for his songs in 2002, things started to go bad. It seemed as though they had split. famous.

Kanye West and Alexis Pfeiffer Between 2002 and 2008
Kanye West’s first lasting relationship was a six-year one with Alexis Pfeiffer. Owner of Los Angeles-based A Threads is fashion designer Alexis Pfeiffer.

Fashion brought Kanye West and Alexis Pfeiffer closer together and allowed them to have the most amazing and passionate moment of their life.

Soon after they began dating, Alexis and Kanye began conducting media appearances and interviews. During the interview, he also recounted their first encounter and conversation.

When Kanye initially met Alexis Pfeiffer, he was amazed by her sense of style, he revealed in an interview.

Kanye West’s first long-term girlfriend is Alexis Pfeiffer. Right now, the two are in a relationship.

The couple confirmed their engagement in 2006, as their love for one another reached new heights. They were so much in love that even their fans started to dream they would soon be married.

However, they broke up after canceling their engagement. Even after their split, Alexis Pfeiffer stated in an interview that she and Kanye West would always be good friends.

Kanye West and Brooke Crittenton (2004–2006)
As has previously disclosed, dating has not always been easy for Kanye West. In 2004, Kanye West started seeing actress-in-training Brooke Crittenton while he was seeing Alexis Pfeiffer.

Once their short breakup was over, Kanye started dating Alexis.

Along with Kanye and his mother, Brooke Crittenton attended the 2006 Grammy Awards. But they broke up fast, and Kanye proposed to Alexis Pfeiffer.

Kanye West is in a relationship with Brooke Crittenton, who was his previous girlfriend.
Despite their amicable relationship,

Brooke Crittenton and Kanye are always there for one another when things are tough. She went on, “I hope the best for him and he hopes the same.”

Kanye West and Angela Martini (2011)
Miss Universe 2011 from Albania, Angela Martini, and West started dating in 2011. Rumors quickly spread that they were dating.

Nevertheless, the couple decided not to comment on the claims because their love engagement was short-lived.

Are Kanye West and Candace Owens a couple?

Angela Martini and Kanye West are a couple; their relationship
Ten years later, Angela Martini disclosed that she had once had a romantic relationship with Kanye West.

He denied the stories that quickly started to spread, claiming that they had enjoyed passionate times together a century earlier.

2010–2011: Chanel Iman and Kanye West
Following his 2010 breakup with Amber Rose, Kanye West has been romantically linked to a number of gorgeous models, including Chanel Iman.

Kanye West and Chanel Iman were spotted together at Paris Fashion Week.

Chanel Iman and Kanye West are a couple. Chanel Iman and Kanye West grinning for a photo.
Chanel Iman also revealed that Kanye granted her permission to take part in his fashion show in Paris.

Kanye West helped Chanel throughout her early modeling career. He said that Kanye is a great man who works hard, and he offered him a lot of compliments.

Kanye West and Virginie Maury (2011)
Virginie Maury is a French model and actress.

Rumors that Kanye was dating a white woman began to surface in 2011 when a photo of them relaxing on a hotel balcony in Cannes went viral.

Kanye West and Virginie Maury are infatuated.

On a hotel terrace in Cannes, Virginie Maury and Kanye West were spotted.
This beautiful woman took some time to identify, but in the end it was found that she was well-known French model Virginie Maury.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (2012–2022)
One of the most famous couples in history, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, is considered a power couple in the history of the American entertainment industry.

They met for the first time on a set in 2002. Though they didn’t truly know one another, they spent time with Brandi, their common friend.

Kim reminisced about the moment Brandi asked Kanye, who didn’t even know her name, “Who is this, Kim Kardajan?”

Kim and Kanye got back together in 2008 while working on a TV pilot. They work together for a while before becoming good friends.

Kim married Chris Humphries in 2011, while Kanye was dating Amber Rose at the time. But after Kanye brought Kim to his design exhibition in Paris, they ended their relationships with their husbands and reconciled.

Since he was already in love with Kim Kardashian, Kanye wanted to take her out on a date. Kim Kardashian took some time to accept the fact that she also liked him before going on their first date.

The two started going on dates and fell in love, and then they started doing public appearances. Kanye makes reference to Kim in his lyrics.

Soon after, in 2012, there were reports of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy.


After becoming engaged in 2013, the couple took to social media to announce their engagement. Kim Kardashian posted a monochrome photo of her gorgeous ring. He asked her to marry him in a baseball stadium in San Francisco.

Many believe that a well-known individual cannot be Kim Kardashian’s next significant other.

Offspring of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with their four children

Kim Kardashian, looking stunning in a white gown, exchanged vows with Kanye West, who was adoring her with a passionate smile in his black suit. Soon after their marriage, they also welcomed Saint West, their first son.

Currently, the couple is blessed with two girls and two sons.

In 2021, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West, requesting joint custody of their children. After the divorce was finally formalized in 2022, they both resumed their single lives.


Kanye West and Christina Milan in 2016
While on his Saint Pablo Tour, Kanye West got to know American actress Christina Milan, 41. They fell in love the moment they met in 2016.

They did stay together for a night, in spite of the allegations to the contrary. Kanye West and Christina Milan in 2016
While on his Saint Pablo Tour, Kanye West got to know American actress Christina Milan, 41.

They fell in love the moment they met in 2016. It was said that even though they had spent the night together, they were not dating.

Although Kanye West is now seeing Christina Milan, he previously had an affair with Kim Kardashian.

Years after the fact, Kanye West admitted that he had cheated on Kim Kardashian with Christina Milan.

They declined to reveal that they were dating in 2016, citing the short duration of their correspondence.

Kanye West and Irina Shayk in 2021
Kanye West is well known for mentioning his girlfriends in all of his hit songs.

He may have also mentioned Irina Shayk in the Christian Dior Denim Show song from 2010.

Rapper Kanye West met Russian model Irina Shayk in 2021, not long after his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Since then, they have been spotted together several times, demonstrating their amazing bond. They were first spotted together in New York.

Kanye West & Vinetre (2021)
In 2021, rumors about Kanye West’s second relationship with 23-year-old Vinetre, an Instagram influencer and model, began to circulate after the couple split up.

Despite organizing several public demonstrations, Vinetrea and Kanye never disclosed their relationship.

Kim Kardashian’s Dating Wrappers Kim Kardashian with model Vinitrea
However, Vinitrea and Kanye’s romance ended in late 2021

and they both moved on. Kanye and Julia Fox began dating following the Vinetre.

Kanye West and Julia Fox (2021–2022)
Miami was the destination of Kanye and Julia’s first date early in 2021.

They started dating soon after since they fell in love the instant they met. However, after a year of dating, the couple parted up.

Julia Fox said that Kanye was too stressed up by his work commitments when people inquired why they broke up. She claimed to feel as though she was assuming the role of Kanye West’s girlfriend.

He said that he was only acting because he was too weak to manage the connection and that it did not feel like a real one. Ultimately, the couple decided to call it quits on Valentine’s Day in 2022.

Kanye West and Channi Jones (2022)
Kanye West was photographed in Miami with Channi Jones in February, just ten days after Julia and Fox parted ways.

Their relationship didn’t really take off until Channi Jones posted a picture of herself with Kanye on his Instagram story. Before that, there were only rumors circulating.

Kim Kardashian is Kanye West’s second girlfriend after Channi Jones. Kanye West and Channi Jones

In the end, even Kanye West confirmed their relationship on social media by posting a picture of himself and saying that they are becoming closer to Channi Jones, his new girlfriend.

In reaction to her devotion, Channi Jones even shared a black heart emoji on social media.

Prior to the crash, he is said to have participated in June 2022 while on a romantic holiday in Japan.

Around the end of 2022, Kanye began dating Brazilian bikini model and Instagram influencer Juliana Nelu.

The first time Juliana Nelu and Kanye West were sighted was in October.

Kanye West’s most recent girlfriend, Juliana Nalu

However, Juliana Nelu and Kanye West revealed on Instagram that they had split up in December 2022.

No one knows for sure if they are still dating or if Kanye fled because he hasn’t confirmed anything.

Famous musician and fashion designer Kanye West is single at the moment. He has dated models from all over the world as well as the US.

Rumors of Kanye’s connections with other prominent actresses, singers, models, and celebrities include Jena Xi, Kate Upon, Jemma Lucy, Amanda Lopor, Candice Swanpol, Adrian Huton, Jennifer Metkaf, and Cesli Lopaz. Kereen Stephens is one of these people.

When West first began out, his high school love Sumeke Renee was still his girlfriend. West’s father gave him a collection of records by Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield, and Marvin Gaye;

these songs were later used on his 2004 debut album, “The College Dropout”.

Actually, Sumeke’s voice can be heard when a woman in the song “Get Em High” asks West whether he knows Kweli. The song “Never Let Me Down” has him discussing his promise to marry her father, which he made while he was dying: “

There’s nothing worse than to see my girl’s father die that day.” Gone/I made a pledge to Mr. Rennie that I would wed your daughter.”

“Sure, I sent plane tickets / But when she came to kick it, things fell apart,” he sings in “Touch the Sky” from “Late Registration,” giving an indication as to why their relationship did not work out. 

Every girl I cheated on, every sheet I skated on / Couldn’t keep her at home, thought I needed Nia Long.” Although the exact date of their breakup is unknown, it was most likely in the late 1990s.

Even though Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were well-known for their lavish lifestyle, their six-year marriage ended in divorce in February 2021.

Although it first appeared to be a friendly breakup, things quickly turned nasty when Kardashian began dating Pete Davidson, which led West to publicly criticize him.

The couple reportedly got married in January of this year. After splitting from Kardashian, West has dated a number of women, including the widely reported six-week affair with Julia Fox.

More recently, he appears to have taken architectural designer Bianca Sensori more seriously. On June 13, a source told US Weekly, “Things couldn’t be better for Kanye and Bianca and they are doing amazing.”

Take a trip down memory lane with me as we look at the women the Chicago rapper has dated over the years. Before he committed to Sensei and Kardashian, he had a lot of high-profile relationships in the public eye.

Between 2002 and 2008, West was involved in romantic relationships with fashion designer Alexis Pfeiffer on and off.

Their relationship ended in 2004, but they had first met two years earlier

at the height of their fame thanks to the “College Dropout” campaign. They had reconciled by 2005, and in 2006, West proposed to Donda after her death.

In 2008, West passed away unexpectedly due to complications from a botched plastic surgery procedure, and he was buried.

Brooke Crittendon
While he was briefly separated from Alexis Pfeiffer in 2004, West began dating Brooke Crittenden, an ambitious actress who met him when he was working on his album “Late Registration” in 2005.

She went on to star in BET’s “Harlem Nights” and attacked people on MySpace who disapproved of her and West’s relationship. West also seemed to dislike Pharrell’s do-it-yourself publicity stunt, as he gently criticized the singer on “Number

One” by saying, “A-a-and you be givin’ me my space, A-a-and you don’t Be Runnin’ on MySpace.”

Model Cecily Lopez made an appearance in West’s “Flashing Lights” music video, and there were rumors that she was engaged to him after their 2008 breakup. “

It’s not hard to see why Kanye was instantly attracted to Cecily,” one of his “friends” told Britain’s The Sun. “But it’s more than just Kanye showing off, they actually get along well and have a deep connection.”

West was attracted to her, but their romance never made it past the media. Amber Rose

The song “Blame Game” on “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” was later inspired by their dramatic breakup; it has lyrics that allude to the Philadelphia native,

including “You always said / ‘Yeezy, I Not Your Right Girl’) / ‘You’ll probably get one of those “I like art” type girls’ / In all light, she was a hype girl / And I was content loving a lie.

” West began dating Amber Rose after his breakup with Pfeiffer and his rendezvous with Lopez; for two years, it seemed as though they were here to stay.

Sadly, she accused him of cheating on her with Kim Kardashian, his future wife.

After Rose made deplorable, slutty remarks about her, West and her ex-boyfriend Wiz Khalifa got into a heated Twitter argument in January 2016

which ended when Rose declared Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship “inappropriate”! news. Since then, their relationship has become more peaceful.

Selita Ebanks
Model Selita Ebanks, who starred in Kanye West’s “Runaway” music video, was a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

The two have been spotted together at the US Open tennis tournament and Paris Fashion Week, leading some to speculate that they were dating for a few months in late 2010.

Kim Kardashian West pursued Kardashian for a very long time before they were married—nine years, to be exact. In 2004, when Kardashian first met the “famous” rapper, she was working as Brandy’s secretary.

Nothing happened because Kardashian was still married to her first husband, Damon Thomas, at the time.

Over the next few years, they reconciled once more, but it wasn’t until 2011 following Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries.

In 2014, they were married in Italy after West proposed to her in a lavish fashion in San Francisco in 2013. After six years of marriage, Kardashian filed for divorce in February 2021,

ending their relationship.

Following his separation with Kardashian, West appeared to have moved on with Irina Shayk. In June 2021,

the two were pictured celebrating West’s 44th birthday while on vacation in France, causing considerable speculation. The couple decided to part up in August 2021 after dating for a while.

Shayk had, in fact, known West for almost a decade; she had appeared in the music video for the 2010 album’s song “Power” and modeled in their Yeezy Paris Fashion Week presentation in 2012.
Julia Fox

Following her split from Shayk, West briefly entered into a romantic relationship with the “Uncut Gems” actor. The two were spotted dining together at Carbone in Miami on January 1, 2022.

A few days later, she and Jeremy O. attended the Broadway production of “Slave Play” starring Harris. However, the relationship didn’t last longer than six weeks.

In September of that same year, Fox stated in an interview with ES that she was “proud” of leaving West at “the first sign of red flags” and that he “feels like he has a lot of work to do, and I don’t have the time or energy for it” in addition to mentioning his “unresolved issues.

After that interview, West came under fire for his anti-Semitic remarks, which led to his talent agency terminating him.
Channi Jones

Fox’s relationship with West ended soon after, and there were rumors that she was seeing model Channi Jones. West and Fox made their first purchase of each other together in Miami in February 2022,

and he commented on an Instagram photo of them that featured a black heart emoji. A few more sightings of them together later on indicated that, according to TMZ, the couple split up in June 2022.

Although the sensor is an architect, it is unclear how the two came to be. West Yigi’s brand. Bianka Censor and Beanca Censor were first mentioned when West released the song “Censori Overload” in December 2022.

The two were spotted at Waldorf Estoria in January 2023. According to TMZ, West and Censor were married in a secret ceremony before the day of their Waldorf Estoria.

However, the publication also revealed that the couple had never actually applied for a marriage license.


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