Who Is Nikki Bella Married To

Around the world, John Cena is a well-liked professional wrestler and actor. Who Is Nikki Bella Married To? His fame grew to such an extent that people talked about everything he did. The fact that John Cena began dating fellow WWE star Nikki Bella in 2012 was a long-standing topic of conversation.

On the main stage of WWE WrestleMania 33 in 2017, Cena proposed to Nikki Bella. Nikki accepted and they were engaged. which turned into the wrestling industry’s headline.

          Who Is Nikki                        Bella Married To?

Who Is Nikki Bella Married To

Did they tie the knot?

They were reported to be married on May 5, 2018, after being engaged for a year. However, they ended their romance in April 2018, citing a lack of agreement.

Nikki disclosed that she was unable to match herself with Cena’s expectations for their relationship since Nikki desired a family of her own.

Cena has repeatedly said in the past that he does not want children because he wants to concentrate on his career and does not want to be an absentee dad.

To whom is Cena wed?

On July 11, 2009, John Cena wed Elizabeth Huberdeau. However, their union was short-lived as Cena filed for divorce in May 2012, and the two got divorced in July of the same year.

On October 12, 2020, Cena wed his lover Shay Shariatzadeh in a secret wedding held in Tampa, Florida.

They fell in love in 2019 while working on the set of John Cena’s Playing with Fire. Shay works as an electrical engineer and a product manager.

Cena has maintained his privacy in his personal life despite being in the public eye.

To whom is Nikki Bella wed?

Who Is Nikki Bella Married To

On August 26, 2022, Nikki Bella marries Russian dancer Artem Chigvintsev. While competing in the 25th season of Dancing with the Stars, they started dating in January 2019.

They declared their engagement in January 2020, and a few weeks later, they revealed they were expecting a child. Mateo Artemovich Chigvintsev, the son she gave birth to, is doing well in his marriage.

queries to pose

What is the age of Nikki Bella?Nikki Bella is 39 years old and was born on November 31, 1983.

Which twin, Nikki or Brie, is older?

  1. The elder twin, Nikki Bella, was born sixteen minutes ahead of Brie.

Has Nikki Bella left the WWE?

A retired professional wrestler, Nikki Bella gave birth to her twins in 2020.

Is Nikki Bella a mother of any children?

Mateo Artemovich, the son of A. Nikki Bella and her spouse Artem Chigvintsev, will turn 3 years old in 2023.

Who is the husband of Nikki Bella?

  1. In 2022, Nikki Bella marries Artem Chigvintsev.

Nikki Garcia, real name Stephanie Nicole Chigvintsev (née Garcia-Coles; born November 21, 1983), is a former professional wrestler and television personality from the United States.

Her most well-known role was as The Bella Twins, a performance she did with her twin sister Brie in the WWE from 2007 to 2023, under the ring name Nikki Bella. She is the presenter of the game show Barmageddon at the moment.

Bella Nicki

Garcia in the year 2018


Stephanie Garcia-Coles, Nicole

November 21, 1983 (age forty)

California’s San Diego, USA


America the United States

Alma mater

Jobs at Grossmont College

spouse of professional wrestler and television star Artem Chigvintsev (M. 2022).

Kids Only One Family

Danielson, Briana, the twin sister

Laurinaitis, John (stepfather)

Brian Danielson, his brother-in-law, wrestled professionally under the ring name Nicole Bella, also known as Nicki Bella.

5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) is the bill height.

weight on bill: 125 lb (57 kg)

sent a bill out of Scottsdale, Arizona

trained in San Diego, California under Tom Prichard

Natalia Neidhart [center for WWE performance]

Who Is Nikki Bella Married To

Initial entry: September 15, 2007; last entry: March 14, 2023

Together with her twin sister Brie, Garcia joined the WWE in 2007 and was placed in the developmental division of Florida Championship Wrestling, where she formed the team known as The Bella Twins.

In 2008, she made her SmackDown brand debut. In 2021, she and Brie were honored as The Bella Twins and entered into the WWE Hall of Fame. She also starred in the reality TV series

Total Divas while she was a WWE wrestler, and she and Brie had their own spin-off, Total Bellas. Despite making few appearances during his latter years in the WWE, he acted as an ambassador for the organization.

Her WWE contract terminated in 2023, and she and Brie declared they would stop using the “Bella” moniker and go back to using their legal first name, “Garcia” for professional purposes.

Who Is Nikki Bella Married To

They went on to promote themselves as The Garcia Twins. Representing herself, Garcia was voted Diva of the Year by Rolling Stone in December 2015 and maintained her top spot in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Female 50 in November of the same year.

In 2016, she and her sister shared the Choice Female Athlete trophy at the Teen Choice Awards.

early life experience

Garcia-Coles was raised on a farm in the Scottsdale, Arizona, neighborhood of Phoenix. She was born sixteen minutes before her twin sister Brianna, to parents John Garcia and Kathy Coles.

Her ancestry is mixed Mexican and Italian. She played soccer for the Scottsdale club in primary school, along with her twin sister, and was a devoted supporter.

In 2002, she received her diploma from Chaparral High School. After that, she went back to San Diego for college, where she played soccer for Grossmont College.

A year later, she moved to Los Angeles and started looking for an agency. She was employed by the Mondrian Hotel as a waiter.

She then began working in acting, modeling, and promotions. Their first appearance on national television came on the Fox reality series Meet My Folks.

The Garcia twins were signed on as Budweiser’s World Cup twins after this performance, and they were pictured clutching the World Cup trophy.

Who Is Nikki Bella Married To

In 2006, Nikki participated in the “International Body Doubles Twins Search

alongside her sister Brie. Later, Nikki and Brie participated in the WWE Diva Search in 2006, but they finished last.Florida Championship Wrestling (2007–2008) edit is produced by World Wrestling Entertainment/WWE.

In June 2007, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) signed Nicole to a developmental contract with her sister. She was then assigned to WWE’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), in Tampa, Florida.

Nicole and her twin Brie, also known as The Bella Twins, won their first match in the ring on September 15, 2007, at an FCW house show. Victoria Crawford served as the special guest referee, and they defeated Nattie Neidhart and Chrissy Wayne.

She quickly got into a planned rivalry with Crawford and Neidhart, facing off against them in a string of bouts in October 2007.

She and Brie would trade places behind the referee’s back if one of them was injured as part of her on-screen persona.

In addition, she sporadically participated in mixed tag battles alongside male wrestlers like Robert Anthony and Kofi Kingston.

He also appeared on Heath Miller’s Happy Hour promo segment in a few non-wrestling roles.

He oversaw Derrick Linkin beginning in December 2007, but when Linkin was freed in January 2008, the plot was abandoned. Then, she and Brie got back into Neidhart and Crawford’s feu

He oversaw Derrick Linkin beginning in December 2007, but when Linkin was freed in January 2008, the plot was abandoned. After that, she and Brie picked up where they left off with Neidhart and Crawford,


wrestling them for the most of 2008. Neidhart was replaced in Feud by Milena Rucka after she was promoted up to the WWE roster in April 2008.

In addition, Nikki fought against opponents like Daisy and Katie Lee Burchill in bikini contests. Nikki last appeared on FCW on September 2, when she took part in the Divas Battle Royal, which Miss Angela ultimately won.

Editor Bella Twins (2008–2011)

Article main: Bella Twins

In her SmackDown debut, Briana defeated Victoria as Brie Bella. This occurred on August 29, 2008.

She had a string of matches against Victoria and Victoria’s partner, Natalya, and soon established a planned rivalry with them.

Every time Brie entered the ring, she would fall, get back up, and win the bout. When Brie walked beneath the ring on the SmackDown episode from October 31,

Victoria grabbed her legs. However, the other pair of legs kicked Brie, indicating that someone else was underneath the ring.

After defeating Victoria on SmackDown the following week, Brie attempted to escape Natalya and Victoria by running under the ring, but both of them reached for Brie, eliminating both Nicole and Brie.

After that, the Twins assaulted them and rejoiced. After Nicole was unveiled as Nikki Bella, the Twins defeated Victoria and Natalya in their first-ever team match on the November 21 SmackDown program.

For the next few months, they kept up their tag team competitions. The twins got to know The Colons (Carlito and Primo) on TV beginning in November when they both appeared in various backstage scenes together.

The Miz and John Morrison, who flirted with the Bellas and took them on a Valentine’s Day date, were added to the plot in February 2009.

The Miz and Morrison were on the date, and this led to a rivalry between the Primo and Carlito teams as they fought for the twins’ affections, who seemed to have no preference amongst the four of them.

Carlito and Primo unintentionally spat an apple in Brie’s face while targeting Morrison and The Miz on the March 17 episode of ECW.

After Nikki started making fun of Brie’s bad luck, a rivalry between the two developed.

As a result, Nikki sided with Morrison and The Miz while Brie stuck with Primo and Carlito, turning Nikki into a liar. The following week on SmackDown, Brie squared off.

won her debut match, a six-person intergender tag team match against Nikki. After Morrison and The Miz distracted the referee in their first singles bout on the March 31 episode of ECW, Nikki pinned Brie.

The Bella Twins were selected in the 2009 Supplemental Draft on April 15, 2009, both for the Raw brand. Brie appeared in her first in-ring fight on April 27 on Raw, where her team defeated the eight Diva tag team.

When Nikki turned face to assist Brie during the bout, it also seemed as though she was reunited with her twin. The next month, Nikki made her debut in the ring for the brand in a battle royal, but Beth Phoenix defeated her.

They were both traded to the ECW brand on June 29, 2009. The next evening, she made her ECW debut as a special guest on The Abraham Washington Show.

She became embroiled in a fictional dispute with Katie Lee Burchill when Nikki won a bout by secretly switching places with Brie.

The rivalry came to an end in September when Nikki defeated Burchill on Superstars, following Brie’s same victory over him the following week on Superstars.

Eve Torres with the Bella Twins in 2010


As part of the tri-branded Divas deal, the Bellas were traded back to Raw on October 12; there, they mostly participated in backstage segments with weekly guest stars and infrequently engaged in match competition.

Brie competed in a tournament for the vacant WWE Divas Championship on the January 4, 2010 episode of Raw

but she was defeated by Maryse in the opening round after a switch caused Nikki to be pinned. She and Jillian Hall got into a dispute in June 2010

and Brie won by exchanging places with Nikki. After swapping with Brie, Nikki defeated Hall the following week.

When The Bellas officiated one of Hall’s matches as a special guest, the feud heated up.

Hall assaulted both of the sisters during the match, but Nikki’s quick count led to Hall’s defeat as Gail Kim pinned her. The twins won a tag bout against Hall and Maryse on Superstars the next week.

The storyline came to a close on Superstars the next week when the twins defeated Hall and Maryse in a tag match.

The Bella Twins, who will be Jamie’s mentors in the all-female third season of NXT, made the announcement on August 31. On the NXT program that aired on October 5, Jamie became the first rookie Diva to lose.

When Brie entered the ring for a match with the twins in November, the twins started a narrative involving Daniel Bryan. Following her victory, Nikki

went outside to fight with Bryan over his affections, but Bryan intervened and forced them to embrace.

Over the next two months, he started managing Bryan and would often accompany him to the ring. When the Bellas saw Bryan kissing Gail Kim backstage, they became the first negative characters in their careers in January 2011.

She persisted in her attacks on Kim at the Royal Rumble and Raw. On February 7, she and Melina lost to Tamina, Eve Torres, and Kim.

Divas Champion, editor (2011–2012)

April 2011, Brie Bella as Divas Champion (right) and Nikki Bella (left).

Following their appearance as Lumberjacks during the Divas Championship match between Torres and Natalya on the Raw program from February 14, the Bellas and Eve Torres started a feud.

Gail Kim and Natalya attacked Torres backstage following the bout, but they were stopped. In a tag match the next week, the twins triumphed over Torres and Kim.

Nikki emerged victorious from a battle royal the next week, positioning herself as the top contender for the Divas Championship. On March 7, she made an unsuccessful attempt to challenge Torres for the title.

Nikki assisted Brie in defeating Torres to win the Divas Championship on April 11. Nikki helped Brie successfully retain the championship against Kelly Kelly at Over the Limit when they switched spots.

Redeemed. But on June 20, at a special “Power to the People” episode of Raw, Brie lost the title to Kelly

ending her 70-day reign. Two weeks later, on July 17, at Money in the Bank, she lost the title again to Kelly. She could not get it back.

For the most of the remaining year, the twins competed as a tag team, frequently taking on Kelly and Torres. After entering WWE in March 2012, the Bellas lost to AJ Lee in a singles match, which sparked their second argument.

After Brie and Lee’s bout, Nikki disclosed that Brie was supporting Team Johnny in the 12-man tag battle at WrestleMania XXVIII, but Nikki was supporting Team Teddy. Consequently, their tensions grew.

After Kelly Kelly diverted Beth Phoenix, the then-Divas Champion, Nikki defeated her in a non-title battle on the April 6 episode of SmackDown. In a lumberjack match on Raw on April 23, Nikki

overcame Phoenix to capture the Divas Championship for the first time. After Twin Magic failed, Brie lost Nikki’s crown to Layla at Extreme Rules, which resulted in her winning the Divas crown in just one week.

The era came to an end. She participated in her final match with WWE the next night on Raw, however she was unable to defeat Layla in a triple threat match to reclaim the Divas Championship.

WWE declared on its website later that evening that Eve Torres, the executive administrator, had fired the twins.

2012–2013 Independent Circuit edit

The twins made their debut in an independent wrestling match for Northeast Wrestling on May 1, 2012, in Newburgh, New York.

Later on December 15, at the Season Beatings pay-per-view, they made an appearance for CTWE Pro Wrestling, each time sharing the ring with a different wrestler.

go back to the WWE edit

Storyline of Total Divas (2013–2014) edit

Article main: The entire day

The Bella Twins made a surprise comeback to WWE in a backstage segment alongside Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) on the March 11, 2013 episode of Raw.

They attacked Cameron and Naomi, The Funkadactyls, on the March 15 SmackDown broadcast.

The next week, they tried to sabotage matches between Team Rhodes Scholars and Brodus Clay and Tensai, but were attacked by The Funkadactyls.

Following interference from Cody Rhodes, the twins made a comeback to the ring and defeated The Funkadactyls on the Main Event program of March 27.

Five days later, on Raw, they defeated the Bella Twins at WrestleMania 29 on April 7 at Tons of Off. Due to scheduling conflicts, the eight-person tag match between Funk (Clay and Tensai) and The Funkdactyls and the Team Rhodes Scholars was called off,

and the results were shown on Raw the next night, with the Bella Twins and Team Rhodes Scholars losing.

In both normal tag team and six-diva tag team fights, The Twins prevailed over The Funkadactyls, so extending their feud with them. Nikki fractured her tibia in June.

The Bellas made a comeback to the reality television show Total Divas in July, where they started a fight with co-star Natalya.

On August 18, Brie and Natalya prevailed in the Raw singles competition and at SummerSlam. The Bellas became faces in the process when the cast of Total Divas were embroiled in a planned feud with Divas Champion AJ Lee, who made fun of both the program and the group.

changed. On the October 25th SmackDown program, Nikki made a comeback to the ring but was defeated by Lee. The twins competed in Survivor Series on November 24 and were a member of the winning team Total Divas.

The twins received the Slammy Awards for Diva of the Year on the Raw show airing on December 9.

Nikki participated in a 14-Diva “Vickie Guerrero Invitational Match” at WrestleMania XXX on April 6, 2014, for the Divas Championship, which was ultimately won by current champion AJ Lee.

In the same month, Brie got entangled in Stephanie McMahon and Kane’s ongoing plot involving her real-life husband Daniel Bryan.

As part of the storyline, McMahon threatened Brie if the wounded Bryan did not withdraw from the WWE World. Brie will be fired by him.

Brie was forced to “quit” WWE after losing the heavyweight championship at Payback on June 1 before McMahon slapped her across the face.

Nikki was punished by McMahon by being placed in multiple handicap matches after Brie left. On July 21, Brie made her comeback to WWE television after a month-long absence.

Following the altercation, McMahon smacked Brie and was taken into custody. In exchange for the “charges” being dropped and a bout against McMahon at SummerSlam, Brie was rehired.

Nikki attacked Brie on the August 17 pay-per-view, turning heel and assisting McMahon in winning the match.

The twins engaged in a backstage and in-ring dispute over the course of the following few weeks, which included A brief cameo by Jerry Springer on the September 8 Raw was also included.

According to the plot, Nikki was crowned the Divas Division’s face by McMahon, who also set her up for a fight for the Divas Championship at Night of Champions on September 21, which she managed to win. was not successful.

After that, Nikki got the go-ahead to start making Brie participate in handicap matches, which were identical to the punishment Brie had gotten from McMahon, even though Brie was able to win them.

This resulted in a match between the sisters on October 26 at Hell in a Cell, where the loser had to spend 30 days serving as the winner’s personal assistant. Nikki won that match.

Brie lost. After winning the Halloween Costume Battle Royal on SmackDown five days later, Nikki rose to the top of the Divas Championship contender rankings.

Divas Champion with the longest reign (2014–2015)


On November 23, Nikki was given the opportunity to face AJ Lee for the championship at Survivor Series.

With Brie’s assistance, Nikki prevailed, earning the title of two-time Divas Champion. By this time, the two had made up, with Brie taking the back seat.

Nikki went on to win the title three more times: on December 14, at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, over Lee in a rematch; on December 14, on SmackDown over Naomi; and at Fastlane over Paige.

Following their formation of an alliance on February 22, 2015, Paige and Lee faced off against the Bellas.

On March 29, at WrestleMania 31, they engaged in a tag match where Paige and Lee emerged victorious.

In 2015, Nikki (right) and Brie (left) posed as the Divas Champion.

Following Nikki’s victory against Naomi at Extreme Rules on April 26 thanks to Brie, a feud broke out.

Naomi teamed up with Tamina, who was back, to take on the Bellas, who were easily defeated. It was said that this character shift was

sudden,” “abrupt,” and “without any reason.” As a result, on May 17 at Payback, the two teams engaged in a tag bout, which Naomi and Tamina won.

In a triple threat match on May 31 at Elimination Chamber, Nikki prevailed over Naomi and Paige to keep her title, and Brie was barred from the ring.

Using Twin Magic, the Bella Twins turned villainous once more in June, aiding Nikki in holding onto the championship against Paige on the June 1 Raw program and at Money in the Bank on June 14 after a dispute with Paige.

She teamed up with Alicia Fox during the event to create Team Bella. Nikki kept the championship against Paige and Tamina on July 4 at The Beast in the East. Stephanie McMahon called for a

revolution” in the WWE Divas division and introduced Charlotte and Becky Lynch as Paige’s allies for the first time, while NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks debuted as Naomi’s ally and Tamina.

After Team Bella was outnumbered by Paige, Naomi, and Tamina for several weeks, there was a brawl between the three teams.

Afterwards, on Raw’s August 3 show, Nikki was defeated by Charlotte in a tag match, and on Raw’s August 17 program,

Following a ten-month hiatus, Bella unexpectedly reappeared on August 21, 2016, as a villain at the SummerSlam pay-per-view.

She partnered with Natalya and Alexa Bliss to take on Becky Lynch, Naomi, and Carmella, replacing Eva Marie.

collaborated with. Bella pinned Carmella, which led to the defeat. Bella, who was formerly a part of the SmackDown brand, and Carmella began a narrative feud as a result, which helped to restore Bella’s reputation as a face.

In addition to her battle with Carmella, Bella competed in Backlash on September 11 to determine the first-ever WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion. She defeated Natalya in the challenge, but Carmella defeated her.

After facing Carmella at No Mercy on October 9, Bella finally received her comeuppance, defeating her in a no-disqualification match on December 4 at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs.

Later, Bella was named Team SmackDown’s captain for the customary five-on-five elimination fight at Survivor Series. Nevertheless, at the November 20 event, Bella was attacked backstage prior to the contest

which forced Natalya to take her place. accepted it. Carmella exposed Natalya as the assailant in December, shortly after their rivalry came to a close. This confirmed Bella’s triumph and Natalya’s downfall within the WWE

as the primary causes. Early in 2017, both ladies persisted in their attacks, which resulted in a double count-out on February 12 in a match at Elimination Chamber.

Following Bella’s unintentional stumble in the backstage make-up area during her bout with Natalya, which resulted in Natalya winning

Maryse attacked Bella with a lead pipe during a rematch on the February 21 episode of SmackDown. In a Falls Count Anywhere match, lost.

Following Maryse’s attack, Bella’s real-life boyfriend John Cena and Maryse’s real-life husband, The Miz, became embroiled in a fight between the two.

This resulted in a mixed tag match victory for Cena and Bella over the other pair at WrestleMania 33 on April 2.

Bella accepted Cena’s well-meaning proposal after the game. Bella stated on April 4 that he will be taking a break from wrestling on his Instagram account.

On January 22, 2018, The Bella Twins made an appearance on the 25th Anniversary Raw. A few days later, on January 28, at the Royal Rumble 2018, Nikki and Brie participated in the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match.

Nikki started at number 27, and she lasted for 16 minutes and 30 seconds before being eliminated by the winner. The last woman to be ejected was her.

The Asu twins supported Ronda Rousey during her match against Alexa Bliss when they appeared at the August 19 SummerSlam pay-per-view. The Riott Squad, which consisted of Ruby Riott,

Liv Morgan, and Sara Logan, was the opponent of the Bella Twins when they made their full-time Raw comeback in September. She won several tag bouts and singles matches against them.

Against all chances, Ronda Rousey teamed up with The Bella Twins, and the three of them triumphed against The Riott Squad in a six-woman tag match on October 6 at Super Show-Down. Two days later, on October 8th, Raw aired.

In the episode, Nikki attacked Rousey after The Riott Squad defeated them in a rematch. Later, Brie followed suit, turning becoming a villain for the first time since 2015. Later that evening

it was revealed that Nikki would callenge Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship in the October 28 main event of WWE Evolution

the first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view. Despite Brie’s repeated interventions, Nikki prevailed.

2019–2023: Ambassador and Hall of Fame editor

Bella’s professional career in professional wrestling came to an end on June 20, 2019, after it was revealed that she has a brain cyst.

The WWE Hall of Fame induction of Nikki and her twin sister Brie was revealed on the February 21, 2020, episode of SmackDown.

On the second night of WrestleMania 37 on April 11, 2021, Nikki and her sister Brie made an appearance together and attacked Bayley, sending her rolling down the ramp and revealing her face once more.

In spite of her retirement, Nikki was revealed as a competitor in the women’s Royal Rumble match at the Royal Rumble on the January 7, 2022, SmackDown edition.

She defeated Sarah Logan and Alicia Fox to enter at number twenty-four in the named event on January 29. Her sister Brie, who was also competing, eliminated her.

Due to the twins’ influence in their lives, Nikki and Brie decided not to renew their contracts with WWE when they announced this on their podcast, The Nikki & Brie Show, on March 14, 2023.

Since “Garcia” was their initial name, they later reinvented themselves as The Garcia Twins, wanting to begin a new chapter in their lives.

different media edito

Meet My Folks featured the twins prior to their collaboration with WWE. The twins might also be seen in the music video for “Right Side of the Bed

by Atreyu Band. In 2014, he also had an appearance in Trey Songz’s “Na Na” music video. The twins appeared as guests on the MTV series Ridiculousness in October 2012.

The twins made a cameo appearance in the 2014 episode “A Nightmare on State Street” of the television series Psych.

Nikki and Brie appeared in their own spinoff, Total Bellas, after being part of the main cast of the reality television series Total Divas, which debuted in July 2013.

The program debuted on E! Nikki and Brie co-starred in two films, The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age SmackDown! (2015) and Confessions of a Womanizer (2014), which were released on October 5, 2016. Gave voice for.

The JBL & Cole Show, a WWE YouTube series, featured both of the twins. She also participated in the Miss USA 2013 competition as one of the celebrity judges. She made an appearance at the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards

when she gave the Best Female award. At the 2015 Teen Choice Awards, both twins received nominations for Choice Female Athlete, an award they went on to win in the 2016 ceremony.

“The Bella Twins” is the new YouTube channel that Nikki and Brie debuted on November 21, 2016. The twins’ daily video blogs and daily fashion, beauty, travel, fitness, relationships, and health videos may be seen on their channel.

The Bella Twins announced on April 2, 2018, that they had won a YouTube Gold Creator Award for their channel’s one million subscribers.

The Bella Twins made an appearance on March 2, 2017, in the video “When Someone Tries to Steal Your BFF” uploaded by Lilly Singh on YouTube.

Together with Hill Family Estates and Gage Branding, Nikki and Brie introduced Belle Radici, their wine line, on August 21, 2017.

Bella’s inclusion in the celebrity competitors for the 25th season of Dancing with the Stars was revealed on September 6, 2017. Artem Chigvintsev, a professional dancer, was paired with her. On October 30, 2017, he was eliminated.

Nikki and Brie founded Birdybee, a lifestyle intimates and activewear business, on November 1, 2017. “Empower and educate women by reflecting the twins’ passion for life, strength, women’s health and wellness,

and entertainment,” reads the tagline for the range, which includes transitional intimates, loungewear, and activewear.

Bella made an appearance in the celebrity edition of American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja on May 23, 2018.

Nicole + Brizie, a body and beauty collection, was introduced by Nikki and Brie on January 28, 2019.

The Bellas Podcast, which Nikki and Brie are hosting on Endeavor Audio Network, debuted on March 27, 2019.

It was revived in 2021 following its acquisition by Sirius XM subsidiary Stitcher.

When Nikki and Brie published their memoir Incomparable in March 2020, it shot to the top of the New York bestseller list.

Nikki and Brie established Bonita Bonita Wines, a new wine label, in 2021. She also collaborated with Colugo to produce her own line of baby goods.

Nikki and Brie also declared that they are now creative consultants at Colugo in addition to being investors.

Alongside Simon Cowell and Travis Pastrana, Nikki judged on America’s Got Talent: Extreme. The show ran from February 21, 2022, to March 14, 2022, when it closed.

Nikki will be hosting Blake Shelton’s new game show Barmageddon, which is themed around bars, starting on October 19, 2022, Shelton said.

On March 2, 2023, it was given a second season renewal.

The new dating game show Twin Love, which will debut next summer, will be hosted by Nikki and Brie, according to an announcement made on March 2, 2023 by Amazon Studios and ITV Entertainment.

individual life editor

Nikki disclosed on Total Divas in May 2014 that, at the age of 20, she had wed her high school sweetheart; the union was dissolved three years later.

In 2012, Nikki began dating John Cena. Following their mixed tag battle at WrestleMania 33, Cena proposed to her, and on April 2, 2017, the couple were engaged.

The pair announced their engagement and called off their May 5, 2018, wedding on April 15, 2018.

In January 2019, she started dating Russian dancer Artem Chigvintsev, a fellow Dancing with the Stars partner. In 2020, the couple declared their engagement on January 3.

Nikki revealed her first pregnancy alongside her twin sister Brie on January 29, 2020. Brie also revealed her second pregnancy on the same day.

On June 11, 2020, at the fifth season finale of Total Bellas, Nikki revealed the baby’s gender: he is a boy. His birthday is July 31, 2020.

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2014’s Womanizer’s Confessions Miguel Ali is the director and writer of the comedy-drama Erica.

2015 WWE: Stone Age SmackDown with The Flintstones! Nikki Boulder, actress Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone are the directors of this animated direct-to-video picture.

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2002–2003 Introducing My Unknown Folks

“Turin” (Season 1, Episode 9) is the 2011 Clash Time Itself episode.

2012 absurdity

“Mania Mania” (Season 2, Episode 3) is the Clash Time episode.

2013–19 Entire Main Cast of Divas (Seasons 1–8)

Season 9’s The Guest

Chief Producer

2014 “A Nightmare on State Street” is the eighth episode of Season 8 of Psych.

2015 Unfiltered: “Nikki Bella” (Season 1, Episode 10) with Renee Young

2016–2021 The main cast of Total Bellas (seasons 1-6)

Chief Producer

2017 Contestants on Dancing with the Stars: Season 25

American Ninja Warrior’s 2018 Celebrity Ninja Warrior special edition stars in order to raise money for Red Nose Day.

Episode 9 of Drop the Mic, Season 2, “WWE Superstars vs. GLOW / Layla Ali vs. Chris Jericho”

Episode of Mizz & Mrs.: “A Simple Misunderstanding”

“The Shift with the Baby on Board Bedroom How-To” (Season 1, Episode 3) is the 2020 Celebrity Call Center episode.

2021 The Bachelorette (Episode 4, Season 18)

America’s Got Talent 2022: Severe Judges

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