Buckwild Flavor Flav Now

In the second season of the VH1 reality show Flavor of Love, Buckwild Flavor Flav Now invites female contestants to his house to compete for his love.

From the weekly debut of the second season on August 6, 2006, until October 29, 2006, a total of twelve episodes were aired.

During the first season reunion, Hoopz declared

that her relationship with Flavor Flav was over, saying, “It’s like that, but it’s not like that.”Buckwild Flavor Flav Now also said, “

No more gold diggers!” to the producers while they were discussing the following season. (mostly refers to the appealing characters from the first season)

Filming began in 2006 for the 11-episode season, which featured an extra episode for the reunion. VH1 uploaded videos of the candidates’ auditions on iFilm, where fans could rank the candidates.

The launch of the show drew three million viewers. The show’s framework remained mostly unchanged from the previous season, with the exception of Flav’s chats with Big Rick over who he would send home or keep before the ceremony.

The second season dropped this story aspect.

The season finale of the second series drew the best ratings of any non-sports basic cable program of the year and of any VH1 program ever, with over 7.5 million people.

November 28, 2006 saw the DVD release of the whole second season.

Davis Chandra, Michigan’s Detroit, New York winner Tiffany Pollard, New York; Utica Crazy, the runner-up Crawford Heather, California’s San Diego, third-place boots Hodge, Larissa, California’s Corona, fourth

Bucky Johnson Shay Atlanta’s Fifth Position in Georgia
Upland, California’s Buckwild Becky Johnston is ranked sixth.

Nibbles Dominic Majors, South Midwood Places 7–8 in New York
Chicago’s gorgeous Kelly Jay, Illinois
Like Dat Boyd Darra’s Boerum Hill in New York

Jersey City, New Jersey

Toasty ranked ninth. Tenth place goes to Jennifer Toof of Havertown, Pennsylvania; Dare Jasmine, Taipei Something’s Tykeisha Thomas, Norwalk, CA;

eleventh place goes to Tiger; and twelveth and thirteenth place goes to Brittany Morano Chatsworth of California.

Marietta, Georgia’s Spanky Dunbar, Maria, 14th–15th Position Wire Desmond Jessalyn, Palm Springs, California

Mama Bamma Tarashai, Lee Bessemer 16–20 Place, Alabama
Milk Chocolate Atlanta, Georgia’s Ronis Clark

Hood, or Yancey, Compton, CaliforniaDallas, Texas Renee H-Town Austin Eyes Mercado Bonnie New York City

Los Angeles, California took home the 21st place Safiri* Windsor Safiri. *No nickname was ever discovered.

competitive progression, elimination sequence, and individual episodes 1–12
Savory 7 3 5 2 5 1 2 1 Special Guest Winner
New York visitor #1 1 2 Guest Runner-Up
ridiculous 3 2 1 1 2 5 4 3 Elim shoe guest 10 9 5 1 2 3 Elim the visitor

Buckwild Beautifully Leaves Guest 12 7 2 4 7. Elim Visitor Dat 9 1 3 7 comparable Elim the Guest Snacks 6 6 7 8 6 Elim
Cozy and comforting 11 4 4. Elim Visitor

Babma Elim Guest Confectionery Elim Guest Eyes Elim Guest Hood Elim Guest H-Town Elim Guest Leave of Absence 5 5 and possibly 13 12 Eleventh guest tiger guest Spunky 14 Elim elem guest Wire 8 Elim Guest

Safiri DQ Guest

The winner received Flavor of Love as a gift.

That competitor was the runner-up.
At the end of episode 6, the contestant returned from Buckwild Flavor Flav Now of Love 1 and entered the tournament.

The contestant received the watch last.
The rival was eliminated from the contest.
The contestant declined to continue in the event despite receiving a watch.

It was found that the contender was actually a clandestine agent working for Flav rather than a real participant in the competition.

The rival was no longer eligible to participate.
Flav’s house had an awful stink.
made its debut on August 6, 2006.

When twenty additional hopefuls showed up, the house had just fourteen bedrooms. Flav interrogates Safiri and H-Town on their fight over a bed.

When it was determined who started the fight, Safiri was removed for physically attacking H-Town.

It was found to be me when Flav acknowledged that there was a spy in his house. He tells Buckwild Flavor Flav Now that Bamma is too cool and a little strange, Tiger wasn’t into Flav, Wire was on The Fifth Wheel, Toasty drinks too much, and Chocolate didn’t say much.

Hood’s agency brought him to the show as well. Spanky confronts Somethin’ for his prior homophobic comments when they have some alone time later. Something burst and started screaming, and the designers added a demonic voice for comedic effect.

At the elimination ceremony, following the removal of the five female contestants Hood, Bamma, H-Town, Chocolate, and Safiri, the competitors discovered that Somethin had excrement on the floor. This was a result of Somethin’s inability to exercise self control or go to the bathroom. Maybe.

That meant Hood, Bamma, H-Town, Chocolate, and Safiri were gone.
Hood: The agency sent him an invitation to the show.

Bamma: Flav claimed not to feel it.
H-Town: Got into a physical altercation with Saffrey and suggested that he get his injuries examined.
Says Flav, he wasn’t in the mood for chocolate.

Safaree: Disqualified from the tournament for attacking H-Town on a bed.

Flav is blind.
made its debut on August 13, 2006.

Flav challenges the remaining fourteen Flavorettes to a blind speed dating competition in an attempt to get to know them better without attracting attention to himself. Everything fell apart when Flav realized he couldn’t eat something he couldn’t see.

Flav had 10 minutes to make an impression on the ladies as he hobbled from one table to the next. At the conclusion, Flav, who was drinking a bucket of KFC, proclaimed Buckwild, Like Dat, and Tiger the winners.

The following day, Buckwild Flavor Flav Now takes the three female winners of the speed dating competition out on a group date to the “gonzoliers” (gondolas) at LBC.

Flavor Flav tried to do as it was customary and kiss every woman they passed under bridges, even though Tiger had no intention of doing so. She stated he didn’t like kissing her after other females.

Later that evening, Flav hosted a mixer, and everything was going well until Wire saw Bucky and Flav kissing. She did not move till Flav gestured for her to come in. Then, by playing the piano excessively loudly, she ruins Bucky’s date.

Toastee provided Buckwild Flavor Flav Now

recommendations on who to eliminate during the elimination ceremony that evening, and they took it into mind. Spanky and Wire were removed. She wept after Spanky was eliminated because she felt that she had put

“beauty queens” and “girls who want to have sex with other girls” ahead of herself. Saying goodbye to

Buckwild Flavor Flav Now she said, “If I had to do it, I’d shit on your floor.”

A blind speed dating competition was the task.
Challenge Winners: Tiger, Like Dat, and Buckwild
Bottom Three: Something, Wire, and Spanky
Removed: Spanky and Wire because they were taken out

Spanky: Being false around him.
According to Wire, Flav didn’t feel the vibe.
She works really hard at what she does, honey.

Flav divides the girls into two groups. The first group, which consists of Flav’s favorite restaurant, M&M Soul Food, hires Buckwild, Crazy,

Toasty, Somethin’, Bootz, and Delicious. Bootz emerges victorious from the contest, and Something is dismissed for not being serious.

The next day, Bucky, Tiger, Patientz, Nibblez, Beatful, and Like Dat—the second group—learn that after a crazy hip-hop party the previous evening, they had to clean up a filthy house.

While the other bunch of girls clean up, the renowned Warren G. Krazy and Delicious watch Bootz and Somethin fight at the Buckwild mansion.

After Nibbles prevails, Flav and he have a king and queen dinner together. At that point, Bootz and Patientz start bickering.

A couple other females joined in, calling them names and saying they didn’t know who Flav was or who she was. Bootz tells Flav that Tiger, Somethin’, and Patientz should go back home.

Flav dismisses Sumthin’ and Tiger in light of this. She chose not to admit that she also had a crush on Peschintz since she couldn’t handle the drama with Bootz and a few of the other females.

Working at a restaurant that Flav adores (six females) presents a hurdle. Flav’s friends are six other girls; tidy their place.
Nibblez won Group 2, and Bootz won Group 1.

Peshintz, Tiger, a few of the bottom three
Taken out: Tiger, a couple
Skip: Due to removal, patients
To a certain degree, Flav didn’t consider the challenge to be serious since he still couldn’t get over urinating on the ground.

Tiger: Didn’t have any connection to him.
Patientz: Give up the competition; she couldn’t handle the drama with Bootz and a few other girls.
jelly while watching TV
made its debut on August 27, 2006.

The episode begins on the eve of the previous elimination, when Toasty and Nibblez share Flav’s bed.

In the morning, Flav holds a hip-hop dance competition. From the group of girls, three teams consisting of three ladies each are established.

Krazy, Nibblez, and Delicious win in the end. Flav arranges a bespoke date with every female.

The following morning, Nibblez joins her for breakfast in her bedroom, Crazy goes out with her for a romantic candlelit dinner at KFC, and Delicious goes on a stroll with her to the strawberry field.

Meanwhile, Toasty tells the other girls that she heard some commotion the night before and assumed it was Nibbles giving Flav a handout.

Nibbles responds by telling Buckwild Flavor Flav Now that Toastee has publicly admitted to creating obscene material for websites and publications.

After Toastee disputes the accusations, Flav looks into them online to determine who is lying. Flav is informed by Toastee that she is leaving since she can no longer handle the chaos.

Flav tells Toasty that if he leaves now, it would basically prove that Nibblez was right. Tosti gives permission to stay.

At that night’s elimination, Flav tells the two female contestants that they are telling the truth, but he suddenly shows Toasty in a sexualized pose soon after.

Once he goes, Tosti contends, this isn’t necessarily evidence against him.

Challenge: A hip-hop dance competition is held between teams of three people.
Challenge Champions: Odd, peculiar, and delectable

Step Two: Warm and Crispy

Toasty was eliminated as it was eliminated.
Toastee staged a sexual encounter with Flav.

Famous Friends and Strangers
aired on September 3, 2006.

Like when Dat questions Buckwild Flavor Flav Now at the beginning of the show about her speech patterns, claiming that she is speaking in a black voice when in fact she is not, but Buckwild insists he is not a fake.

Bucky calls Like Dat out for his sloppy breakfast table manners, and the girls decide to throw a party for some of Flav’s famous friends.

Because to Bucky and Delicious’ incompetence, Buckwild, Like Dot, and Bootz get into a fight.

After all of the disagreements, the girls can’t wait to see who will show up for the party. When the guests first come, Bootz astonishes them with her booty dance,

while Nibblez does a lap dance for them. Bootz declined the Ying Yang Twins’ invitation to dance in one of their videos because she didn’t want to endanger her friendship with Flav.

Like when Nibblez overindulged in alcohol at the party and puked in the bathroom, Date had to set her down on his bed. Furthermore, Crazy is requested to sing any Three 6 Mafia song that features Flav. She says she knows one of them, but she can’t sing it.

Crazy and Bootz argue on the truthfulness of Crazy. Like in the scene where Buckwild and Datt fight again. Buckwild says her voice changes when she is with people of different nationalities.

She is about to go at that time, but Like Dat convinces her to stay. Flav spends time with Bucky, Bootz, and Like Date prior to getting removed. Still, Flav sends Like Dat home since he just sees him as a buddy.

The girls are even more disappointed to learn that Tiffany

“New York” Pollard from Season 1 would be joining them tomorrow.

Challenge: Have a party with a few of Flav’s friends and have a conversation with them.
None as the challenge loser
Deleted: because it was removed
Favorite Date: Just thought of him as a friend. endless photo session

In order to help him make decisions on the seven women who will be evicted the next night, Flav extends an invitation to Tiffany Pollard, a.k.a. New York, from Season 1 to visit the house at the beginning of the show. The girls are angry that New York is back home because they all despise the city.

Flav asks the New York girls about one another and then leaves them to be alone. In response, Bootz says she doesn’t want him in New York and doesn’t like him, calling him just another bitch attempting to steal her guy.

is attempting. It’s hinted that Bootz is fantasizing about becoming Flav’s man when New York calls her a “dreamer” during their argument.

The girls receive an invitation to participate in a picture shoot for URB magazine the next morning. New York sets the standard for women’s looks.

In New York, people are getting in trouble for being late and not using the stairs. When Bootz was late for the exam, he got into an argument with New York. Except for Delicious and Beautiful, New York holds all girls in high regard.

New York is insulting the girls once more as they get closer to the photo shoot. After the photo shoot, Buckwild gets into an argument with New York about whether Buckwild is “darker than she is”.

Flav steps in and decides to back Buckwild.

Tearfully, New York runs away, thinking Flav had insulted her. The girls are infuriated that Crazy is asking him out because they are in New York.

The two fight, with New York hitting Crazy in the head with a table while Crazy argues that New York has no control over the elimination.

And I find this troubling. The following day, as New York arrives, Delishis confronts her for saying that New York is a fake while she is getting ready for her date.

Big Rick must step in to break up the fight. She says that after moving to New York, she ruined Delishis’ date. However, Delicious and Flav had an amazing time on a special date that included riding a camel.

Bucky and Crazy get into a furious disagreement after she hears Crazy insulting Bootz, her, New York, and the Delicacies.

After Crazy shoves Bucky, rumor has it that Bucky almost knocks Crazy off the second-floor balcony. New York laughs and tries to break them apart. Because Bucky almost murdered Crazy, he is eliminated during the elimination ceremony.

Then, New York declares that Bootz and Delishis would be his next “victims,” making his intentions clear.

She continues by saying that even though Crazy thinks they are friends, New York is only using him as a means of getting rid of other women.

The assignment is to fill a box with pictures of the two girls they feel should be removed.
Bucky, Bootz, and Delicious were the challenge winners.

The Bottom Two: Bucky and Crazy
Bucky was eliminated as a result of removal.

For almost attacking Krazy and shoving him off the balcony, Bucky. Getting Dressed Up in Style

The four women are still alive as the episode begins, with Bootz and Delishis still in bed and venting about how much they hate Crazy and New York.

The girls all down the stairs after that, and Rick hands New York the Flav-O-Gram to read. Delicious and Crazy are invited by Flav to their first LBC date.

As usual, New York goes above and beyond and exhibits visible agitation. As she leaves, Delicacy refers to New York as a “lunatic”.

Shortly after, DeLicious followed New York outside onto the balcony, where she remained motionless, obviously upset that she hadn’t gone on a date with Flav for four days.

She then reads the Flav-O-Gram aloud again and notices that New York said “slinging,” even though the Flav-O-Gram refers to “slicing.”

When Delishis tells him to concentrate his resentment on New York, a quick but nearly violent argument occurs. Flav, Crazy, and Delicious leave on their date after their talk. When they arrive, Flav welcomes them and the two board the boat.

Flav eventually begins dating Delicious, which infuriates Crazy.

But Delicious shortly gives up on Flav because to seasickness.

Flav converses with Crazy often. When the girls get off the ferry, Flav drives them to the RMS Queen Mary, where they check in and get ready for dinner.

During dinner, Flav asks Crazy about her feelings for him and what she believes they have in common. When she is unable to reply adequately, he asks her to sing.

Despite her statements to the contrary, she would like to sign a record contract. Later, he asks about Delishis’s sentiments for him. Delishis expresses her feelings for him by crying. Flav decides to spend the evenings with the Delishis.

As he turns away, Flav bids Crazy farewell, mispronouncing his name as Delicious. Delicacy and Flav eventually walk to their room and nod out together. The next day, a woman meets Bootz, New York, and Flav at a winery and brings them three horses.

Bootz immediately mounts his horse, but New York is nervous and takes his time. Eventually, the three of them go on a tour of the vineyards.

As they pull up to a stunning location and toast with wine, Flav confesses to Bootz that he’s falling hard for her.

It’s clear that New York is displeased. Tension begins to rise as the three begin sharing grapes. After having a shower, they leave the winery and arrive at the Pechanga Resort and Casino, where Bootz and New York are preparing for dinner.

Throughout the evening, Flav pays close attention to Bootz. A storm strikes just when New York is beginning to feel helpless and in need of assistance.

Flav eventually invites her to spend the night, which New York learns was always his plan.

Bootz and New York fight over supper after that. After dinner, when they arrive to their room, New York confesses that she has had additional sex with Flav.

After two dates, they must all go through the elimination process again. Despite her misgivings about Flav’s intentions, she connects with him deeply.

Three watches are sent: one to Delishis, one to New York, and one to Crazy. Flav fired Bootz because she had promised not to have sex with him until he got married.

But as she departs, she gives him her number, instructing him to call her when “she gets sick of those people”.

Betty only gets a promotion from Flav and New York after leaving the estate. Flav replies that he would marry her if New York asked, but before he leaves, New York’s mother tells him he isn’t permitted to marry her daughter.

The next day, when it’s New York’s time, he and Flav board a small cruise ship. There is miscommunication between the two when New York suggests that she wants to take control of his life and finances; Flav thinks New York looks like his mother.

Still, New York later apologized for his words and decided to acknowledge Flav’s decision-making power. That evening, Flav invites you to stay in his hotel room. She first replies no, but in the end she gives in to her internal agony and says yes.

When Flav makes his decision in the middle of a fierce storm the following evening, both women are called to the docks. Flav talks about his loves and dislikes and how he feels about the two females. In the end, Flav proclaimed Delicious the victor.

After Flav lost once more, she was the victim of a nasty outburst from New York that led to two exchanges of profanity. After developing a crush on Flav, she says she doesn’t feel anything for him and that she will “find another man who will be right for me” later on.

She asks the camera, “Do I look like I give a fuck because I don’t?” as she breaks down in tears and loses her cool. She also expresses her hope that she would one day meet the guy of her dreams.

Along with giving DeLicious a sparkling gold grill that matched his own, Flav—who also has a daughter by the same name—expressed his enthusiasm at meeting DeLicious’s daughter Jasmine.

The winner is delicious.
After elimination, New York finished in second.

New York: Flav, who already had a strong relationship with New York, said that when they were spending time together on the boat, everything was going well until they got to Belize, where New York started to feel “like his mother”.

was, and still is, jealous of New York.
Reunion: After the Heart

The twenty-one women from the second season reconciled on stage. La La is back hosting. She introduces each girl, with the exception of Delishis and New York, who appear later, and Eyes and Patientz, who do not.

After giving her introduction, La La presented the footage of their fight and asked H-Town and Safiri to discuss it on stage.

Safiri says she was powerless to stop H-Town from throwing flowers at her. Safiri then said that she had taken anger management classes after Flav chastised her for being unduly aggressive.

When she later discloses that she has a certificate, everyone is ecstatic. Later on, Goldie from the first season makes an appearance. When she presses Crazy to explain why he thought New York was his friend, he says he’s tough enough to endure what happened to him on the show.

She also demands that Like Dat, Buckwild, and Bootz reenact their booty dance from the fourth episode.

After entertaining Laa Laa and the girls, Flavor Flav shows up. La La asked Krazy if he thought going on the show helped or hurt his career before inviting him to the stage.

She replied that we all gained in various ways. After that, Crazy sings a song for Flav, to what appears to be a mainly negative reception.

Flav then yelled for Delishis to come out. He says they’d been separated for four months to keep everyone wondering about how the program would turn out.

Laa Laa asks Nibblez what he thinks of his decision. She says Delicious was a great choice for her and that she has a “fantastic ass”.

The scene where Flav first appears to Jasmine, the Deliciouses’ daughter, is omitted from the broadcast’s final cut.

New York appears after a short while. Buckwild threw a sneaker at New York, and it almost missed his head.

Laa Laa asks Buckwild to treat her with some respect since she has never mistreated anybody and the shoe almost hit her.

Next, Safiri threw a can of Red Bull in the direction of New York. It sounds like there’s a battle going on in the distance between New York, Buckwild, Bucky, and Sapphiri. After this admonition, La La asked whether Bootz wanted to talk to New York.

Bootz and New York leave ways after exchanging jabs and Bootz says to New York, “Flav only brought you back to fuck you, because he left your ass twice!” Bootz then dashes backstage.

However, New York exclaims, “Come on bitch, come on bitch bring that shit,” and tries to smack Bootz in the face until security catches him. Buckwild, Safiri, Bucky, Bootz, and Delicious were ultimately told to leave when a few rivals attempted to intervene.

Delishis and Safiri were later welcomed back before the reunion ended. DeLicious apologized for the commotion, and he and New York praised one another. Later on
Furthermore see the list of Flavor of Love contestants

Following the show, DeLicious (Chandra Davis) revealed in a “Where Are They Now” section that she and Flav were no longer together. They made the decision to stay together during the reunion.

The Deliciouses may also be seen in the music video for Lil Wayne’s song “Lollipop”.
The incredible “Baby Don’t Go” music video had cameos by Bucky (Shay Johnson) and Bootz (Larissa Aurora).

Buckwild (Becky Johnston), Saffiri Windsor, Bootz (Larissa Aurora), Bucky (Shay Johnson), Toasty (Jennifer Toof), Crazy (Heather Crawford), and Like Dat (Darra Boyd) made appearances on VH1’s Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School Appeared.

Toasty and Nibblez (Domenic) made cameos in the first season of I Love Money.
After making a cameo on the third season of Flavor of Love, Safiri and Buckwild were selected to take part in the second season of I Love Money.

Delicious and Bucky were among the contestants in the third season of I Love Money, which was canceled.
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta included cameos by Bucky and Delicious.

Bucky played a supporting role in the first two seasons, and DeLicious made a cameo appearance in the fifth season.

In 2018, Bucky became a member of Love & Hip Hop: Miami’s core cast.

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