Buckwild Flavor Flav

In the second season of Buckwild Flavor Flav of Love, a VH1 reality television series, female competitors are invited to Flavor Flav’s residence to vie for his affection.

Twelve episodes altogether from the second season’s

weekly premiere on August 6, 2006, to October 29, 2006, were shown.

Hoopz said that her relationship with Flavor Flav was finished during the first season reunion, stating, “It’s like that, but it’s not like that.”

No more gold diggers!” Flav demanded of the producers as they were talking about the next season. (mostly referring to the attractive people from season one)

Filming for the 11-episode season, which included an additional episode for the reunion event, started in 2006.

Videos of the candidates’ auditions were posted by VH1 on iFilm, where viewers were invited to rank the candidates.

Three million people watched the show’s premiere. With the exception of Flav’s conversations with Big Rick over who he would send home or keep before the ceremony, the show’s structure was mostly same from the previous season.

This plot point was abandoned in the second season.

With over 7.5 million viewers, the second series’ season finale was the highest-rated non-sports basic cable program of the year and the highest-rated show in VH1 history.

The whole second season was released on DVD on November 28, 2006.


The Real Name of the Contestant Sweet Hometown Outcome Davis Chandra Michigan’s Detroit New York winner Tiffany Pollard, New York; Utica Crazy,

the runner-up Crawford Heather California’s San Diego Third-place boots Hodge, Larissa California’s Corona Fourth position

Bucky Johnson Shay Georgia’s Atlanta Fifth Position

Buckwild Flavor Flav Becky Johnston from Upland, CA Sixth position

Nibbles Dominic Majors, New York’s South Midwood Places 7–8

Gorgeous Kelly Jay Illinois’s Chicago

Similar to Dat Boyd Darra New York’s Boerum Hill

New Jersey’s Jersey City

Toasty came in ninth. Jennifer Toof Pennsylvania’s Havertown Peshintz in tenth place Dare Jasmine Taiwan’s Taipei Something’s Tykeisha Thomas, Norwalk, CA, 11th place Tiger, 12th–13th Place Californian Brittany Morano Chatsworth

Spanky Dunbar, Maria Georgia’s Marietta 14th–15th Position Wire Desmond Jessalyn California’s Palm Springs

Mama Bamma Tarashai Alabama’s Lee Bessemer 16–20 Place

Milk Chocolate Ronis Clark Georgia’s Atlanta

Hood, or Yancey, California’s Compton

H-Town Austin Renee Dallas, Texas Eyes Mercado Bonnie New York City

Safiri* Windsor Safiri 21st place went to Los Angeles, California *No nickname was ever found

competitive advancement, elimination order, participant episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12

Delectable 7 3 5 2 5 1 2 1 Guest Winner

Visitor from New York 1 1 2 Guest Runner-Up

absurd 3 2 1 1 2 5 4 3 Elim Guest shoes 10 9 5 1 2 3 Elim the guest

198 Bucky three three three Elim the guest

Buckwild 2 8 6 6 4. Depart Beautiful Guest 12 7 2 4 7. Elim Guest Snacks 6 6 7 8 6 Elim Visitor Dat 9 1 3 7 similar Elim the guest

Warm and fuzzy 11 4 4. Elim Guest Leave of Absence 5 5 and possibly 13 12 Eleventh guest tiger Guest Spunky

14 Elem elem guest Wire 8 Elim Visitor Babma Elim Guest Confectionery Elim Guest Eyes Elim Hood Elim Guest H-Town Elim Guest

Safiri DQ Visitor

The participant took home Flavor of Love.

It was the runner-up contestant.

After returning from Flavor of Love 1, the competitor joined the tournament at the conclusion of episode 6.

The competitor was the last to get the watch.

The competitor was removed from the competition.


Although the competitor was given a watch, they chose to withdraw from the tournament.

It was discovered that the competitor was not a legitimate competitor in the tournament, but rather a covert operative for Flav.

The competitor lost their right to compete.


The stench at Flav’s house is not good.

premiered on August 6, 2006.

There were only fourteen beds in the mansion when twenty more candidates arrived. Flav questions H-Town and Safiri about their altercation over a bed.

Safiri was eliminated for physically assaulting H-Town once it was discovered who initiated the altercation.

When Flav admitted that there was a spy in his home, it was discovered to be me. He informs Flav that Toasty drinks too much,

Wire was on The Fifth Wheel, Tiger wasn’t into Flav, Chocolate didn’t say much, and Bamma is too cool and a touch weird. Hood was also brought to the performance by his agency.

Later, when Somethin’ and Flav have a private time, Spanky confronts Somethin’ for his previous homophobic remarks.

For humorous effect, the creators added a demonic voice to something that exploded and began screaming.

The competitors found out that Somethin had feces on the floor at the elimination ceremony after the five females Hood, Bamma, H-Town, Chocolate, and Safiri were removed.

This was because Somethin was unable to control herself or use the restroom. Possibly.

Hood, Bamma, H-Town, Chocolate, and Safiri were eliminated as a result.

Hood: He was invited to the concert by the agency.

Bamma: Flav said that he didn’t feel it.

H-Town: Got into a fight with Saffrey and advised him to have his wounds checked up.


Flav says he wasn’t feeling chocolate.

Safaree: Removed from competition for assaulting H-Town on a bed.

Buckwild Flavor Flav lacks vision.

premiered on August 13, 2006.

In an effort to get to know the remaining fourteen Flavorettes without drawing attention to himself, Flav challenges them to a blind speed dating tournament.

When Flav discovered he couldn’t consume something he couldn’t see, everything collapsed.

Flav limped from one table to the next, giving the females ten minutes to make a lasting impression. Flav, sipping a bucket of KFC, declared Tiger, Like Dat, and Buckwild the victors at the end.

The three female winners of the speed dating event go on a group date with Flav to the “gonzoliers” (gondolas) at LBC the next day.

Buckwild Flavor Flav made an effort to follow the custom of kissing every female as they passed beneath bridges, even though Tiger showed no desire to share a kiss.

He didn’t enjoy kissing her after other girls, she said. Flav held a mixer later that night, and everything was going great until Wire caught Bucky and Flav sharing a kiss. She remained motionless until Flav motioned for her to enter.

Then she spoils Bucky’s date by playing the piano too loudly. During the elimination ceremony that evening,

Toastee gave Flavor Flav advice on who to eliminate, and they took it into consideration. Wire and Spanky were taken out.

She was upset that she had prioritized “beauty queens” and “girls who want to have sex with other girls” over herself and sobbed when Spanky was eliminated.

As she bid farewell to Flav, she added, “If I had to do it, I’d shit on your floor.”

The task: a blind speed dating competition.

Challenge Victors: Buckwild, Like Dat, and Tiger

Bottom Three: Spanky, Wire, and Something

Removed: Wire, Spanky because they were removed

Spanky: Acting phony in his presence.

Wire: Flav says he didn’t get the vibe.

She puts a lot of effort into her work, honey.

The females are split up into two groups by Flav. The first group, which includes Buckwild Flavor Flag Crazy, Toasty, Somethin’, Bootz, and Delicious, is given a job at M&M Soul Food, one of Flav’s favorite eateries.

Bootz wins the challenge and Something is fired for not taking it seriously. The second group, which consists of Bucky,

Tiger, Patientz, Nibblez, Beatful, and Like Dat, finds out the next day that they have to clean up a filthy house following a wild hip-hop party the night before.

The legendary Warren G. Krazy and Delicious observe Bootz and Somethin’ fighting at the Buckwild estate as the other group of gals clean up.

Nibbles wins, and he shares a king and queen meal with Flav. Then, Bootz and Patientz begin squabbling. Joining in, a few more girls started hurling racial remarks at them and claiming they had no idea who Flav or she was.

Flav is informed by Bootz that Tiger


Somethin’, and Patientz ought to return home. Taking this into account, Flav eliminates Sumthin’ and Tiger.

She can’t stand the drama with Bootz and some of the other girls, so she opted not to confess that she had a crush on Peschintz as well.

The challenge is working in a restaurant that Flav loves (six girls). Six other females are Flav’s buddies; clean up their home.

Group 1 winners, Bootz, and Group 2 winners, Nibblez

The bottom three Peshintz, Tiger, A few

Removed: Tiger, a few

Skip: Patients because of removal

To some extent: Flav didn’t take the challenge seriously since he couldn’t get over pissing on the floor.

Tiger: Had no relationship with him.

Patientz: Quit the competition; the turmoil with Bootz and some of the other females was too much for her to take.

jelly on television

premiered on August 27, 2006.

Toasty and Nibblez share Flav’s bed on the eve of the previous elimination, which is when the episode starts. Flav hosts a hip-hop dancing competition in the morning.

Three teams of three females each are formed from the group of girls. In the end, Delicious, Nibblez, and Krazy triumph. Flav gives each female a special date.

That evening, Crazy joins her for a romantic candlelit supper at KFC, Nibblez joins her for breakfast in her bedroom the next morning, and Delicious walks to the strawberry field with her.

Toasty, in the meantime, informs the other females that she heard a disturbance the previous evening and deduced that Nibbles was giving Flav a handjob.

In retaliation, Nibbles informs Buckwild Flavor Flav that Toastee has openly acknowledged that he has produced pornographic content for magazines and the internet.

Flav investigates the claims online to see who is lying after Toastee refutes them. Toastee informs Flav that she is leaving because she is unable to take the turmoil any longer.

Toasty is informed by Flav that leaving now would essentially mean that Nibblez was correct. Tosti consents to remain.

Flav assures the two females at that night’s elimination that they are speaking the truth, but he shockingly displays a sexual image of Toasty shortly after. Tosti argues that this isn’t always proof against him once he leaves.

Challenge: Teams of three compete in a hip-hop dancing competition.

Challenge Champions: Weird, weird, and tasty

Down Two: Toasty and Nibbles

Removed: Toasty because it was removed

Toastee: Faked having sex with Flav.

Notable Pals and Oddities

broadcast on September 3, 2006.

Like Dat confronts Buckwild Flavor Flav about her speech patterns at the start of the episode, saying that she is speaking like a black person while in reality, but Buckwild

maintains that he is not a phony. After Bucky criticizes Like Dat for his messy table manners at breakfast, the girls decide to host a party for some of Flav’s well-known pals.

Bucky and Delicious’ lack of effort leads to a brawl between Buckwild, Like Dot, and Bootz.

The girls are eager to see who will attend the party after all of the arguments. Nibblez does a lap dance for the visitors, while Bootz dazzles them with her booty dance when they first arrive.

Bootz was invited to dance in one of the Ying Yang Twins’ videos, but she turned them down because she didn’t want to jeopardize her friendship with Flav.

Like Date had to put Nibblez down on his bed after she puked in the bathroom due to overindulgence in booze during the party. In addition, Crazy is asked to perform any Flav song by Three 6 Mafia. Though she can’t sing it, she claims to know one of them.

Crazy and Bootz dispute over Crazy’s veracity. As in the instance where Buckwild and Datt argue once more. When Buckwild is with individuals of different ethnicities, she claims that her voice alters. At that point, she wants to go, but Like Dat persuades her to stay.

Before being eliminated, Flav spends time with Bucky, Bootz, and Like Date. Nevertheless, Flav just views Like Dat as a friend, so he sends him home. The news that Tiffany “New York”

Pollard from Season 1 will be joining them tomorrow upsets the girls even more.

Challenge: Invite some of Flav’s pals over for a party and talk to them.

Challenge Loser: None

Deleted: because it was eliminated

Favorite Date: Considered him only a buddy. endless picture shoot

The episode opens with Flav inviting Tiffany Pollard, also known as New York, from Season 1 to the house as a visitor to assist him in making selections over the seven ladies that would be eliminated the next night.

Since they all hate New York, the girls are upset that New York is back home. After asking the New York females about each other, Flav leaves the girls alone.

Bootz responds to New York, saying that she doesn’t like him and doesn’t want him there—that he’s just another bitch trying to take her boyfriend.

is making an effort. When New York refers to Bootz as a “dreamer” during their disagreement, it is implied that she is daydreaming about becoming Flav’s man.

When the girls wake up the next day, they are invited to attend to a URB magazine photo session.

Women’s appearance is set by New York. Everyone is getting yelled at in New York for being late and for not coming down the stairs. Bootz and New York got into a fight when he arrived late for the examination.

With the exception of Delicious and Beautiful, New York is quite critical of every girl.

As the girls approach the picture session, New York is once again making offensive remarks to them. Buckwild and New York quarrel over whether Buckwild is “darker than she is” following the picture shoot.

Flav intervenes and chooses to support Buckwild. New York flees in tears, believing Flav has insulted her. Crazy chooses to ask him out while the girls are furious because New York is present.

As Crazy claims that New York has no influence over the elimination, the two fight, and New York smacks Crazy in the head with a table.

And this troubles me. When New York shows up the next day, Delishis is getting ready for her date and confronts her for claiming that New York is a phony.

To break up the brawl, Big Rick needs to intervene.

She claims that she wrecked Delishis’ date when she moved to New York. But Flav and Delicious had a blast on a unique date that involves riding a camel.

When Bucky hears Crazy criticizing Bootz, her, New York, and the Delicacies, she and Crazy engage into a heated argument. It is said that after Crazy shoves Bucky, Bucky nearly knocks Crazy off the second-floor balcony.

Laughing, New York attempts to pull them apart. Bucky is ousted during the elimination ceremony because he nearly killed Crazy.

Then New York makes his intentions known, stating that Bootz and Delishis will be his next “victims”.

She adds that although Crazy believes they are friends, New York is using him as a tool to get rid of other ladies.

The task is to place images of the two girls they believe are most deserving of removal into a box.

Challenge Winners: Delicious, Bootz, and Bucky

Bottom Two: Crazy and Bucky

Removed: Bucky as a result of removal

Bucky: For nearly assaulting Krazy and forcing him off the balcony. Steppin’ Up in Style

The episode opens with Bootz and Delishis still in bed, talking about how much they detest Crazy and New York, and with the four ladies still alive.

After that, all of the females head downstairs, where Rick gives New York the Flav-O-Gram to read. Flav invites Crazy and Delicious on their first LBC date. New York goes beyond and becomes visibly agitated, as usual.

Delicacy calls New York a “lunatic” as she departs. She then reads the Flav-O-Gram aloud once again and realizes that New York stated “slinging,” even though the Flav-O-Gram refers to “slicing.”

Not long afterward, DeLicious trailed New York outside onto the balcony, where she remained still, evidently distressed that she hadn’t gone on a date with Flav for four days.

Delishis advises him to refocus his animosity on New York, which sparks a brief but almost violent exchange.

Following their conversation, Flav, Crazy, and Delicious head out on their date. Flav greets them upon their arrival, and the two go on the boat.

Eventually, Flav starts dating Delicious, which makes Crazy unhappy. However, Delicious quickly abandons Flav because to seasickness. Flav talks closely with Crazy.

Flav brings the girls to the RMS Queen Mary for accommodation when they disembark from the boat, where they get ready for supper.

Flav asks Crazy at dinner what she thinks they have in common and how she feels about him. He invites her to sing after she is unable to respond appropriately.

She claims she doesn’t have the money, but she would want to get a record deal. He inquires later about Delishis’ feelings for him. Delishis weeps to show how she feels about him. Flav makes the choice to stay up late with the Delishis.

Turning around, Flav says goodbye to Crazy but mispronounces his name as Delicious. After going to their room, Delicacy and Flav ultimately nod out together.

The following day, at a winery, Bootz, New York, and Flav are met by a lady who delivers them three horses. Bootz gets on his horse right away, but New York is apprehensive and hesitates.

The three of them eventually take a tour of the winemaking areas. When they pull off to a gorgeous spot and sip wine, Flav tells Bootz he’s falling hard for her. New York is obviously upset.

As the three start eating grapes together, tension starts to build.

They depart the winery after taking a shower, arriving at the Pechanga Resort and Casino where Bootz and New York are getting ready for supper.

Flav gives Bootz all of his attention during the date. Just when New York is starting to feel abandoned and needs help, a hurricane arrives. After a while, Flav asks her to stay the night, which New York finds out was always his intention.

After that, Bootz and New York quarrel over dinner. When they get to their room after supper, New York admits that she has had more sex with Flav.

They all have to go through the elimination ceremony one more after two dates. She feels a great connection with Flav, even if she has doubts about his motives.

The first watch travels to New York, the second to Delishis, and the third to Crazy. Because Bootz had declared she wouldn’t have sex with him until he was married, Flav dismissed him.

She does, however, offer him her phone number before she leaves, telling him to call her when “she gets sick of those people”.

After leaving the estate, Betty only receives a promotion from Flav and New York. Before leaving, New York’s mother informs Flav that he is not allowed to wed her daughter; Flav responds that he would marry her if New York asked.

When it’s New York’s turn the next day, he and Flav board a little cruise ship. When New York implies that she intends to take over his life and finances, there is a miscommunication between the two; Flav believes New York resembles his mother.

Nevertheless, New York eventually expressed regret for his remarks and chose to recognize Flav’s authority to make decisions.

Flav extends an invitation to stay in his hotel room that evening. She first says no, but ultimately realizes she can’t take the anguish she’s feeling within and says yes.

Both females are summoned to the docks the next evening, when Flav makes his choice amidst a violent storm.

Flav discusses his preferences and dislikes, as well as his sentiments for the two girls. Flav declared Delicious the winner in the end. Flav was the target of a rude outburst from New York, which resulted in two exchanges of obscenities after she lost again.

She claims that she no longer feels anything for Flav after having a crush on him and that she will “find another man who will be right for me” in the future. She cries uncontrollably and becomes enraged, asking the camera,

“Do I look like I give a fuck because I don’t?” She also expresses her hope that she may eventually meet the man of her dreams.

Flav, who also has a daughter of the same name, gifted DeLicious a shining gold grill matching his own and expressed his excitement about meeting DeLicious’s daughter Jasmine.

Delicious is the winner.

New York came in second after elimination.

New York: Spending time together on the boat, Flav, who already had a close bond with New York, stated that everything was going well until they arrived in Belize, when New York felt “like his mother”.

Was envious in New York and still is.

Reunion: Following Love

On stage, the twenty-one ladies from the second season got back together.

La La is back as the host. With the exception of Delishis and New York, who show up later, and Eyes and Patientz, who do not, she introduces each female.

Following this introduction, La La played the video of their altercation and invited Safiri and H-Town to the stage to talk about it. Safiri claims that when H-Town threw flowers at her, she was unable to stop it.

After Flav criticized Safiri for being overly violent, Safiri subsequently acknowledged that she had attended anger management lessons. Everyone is thrilled when she subsequently announces that she received a certificate.

Goldie from season one makes an appearance later. She challenges Crazy, asking him to explain his belief that New York was his buddy, and he responds that he is strong enough to handle what happened to him on the program. In addition,

she requests that Buckwild, Like Dat, and Bootz perform their booty dance from the fourth episode once more.

Flavor Flav arrives after entertaining Laa Laa and the gals. La La invited Krazy to take the stage and inquired him if he believed that appearing on the show benefited or hindered his career.

Each of us benefited in a different manner, she said. Following this, Crazy performs a song for Flav, to what seems to be a largely unfavorable response.

Then Flav called for Delishis to emerge. He claims that in order to keep everyone guessing about the outcome of the program, they had been apart for four months.

Laa Laa inquires about Nibblez’s thoughts on his choice. She claims to have a “fantastic ass” and that Delicious was a terrific option for her.

The first time Jasmine, the daughter of the Deliciouses, sees Flav is cut out of the final version of the program.

A few minutes later, New York is shown. A sneaker that Buckwild tossed at New York just missed his skull. Since Laa Laa has never mistreated anybody and the shoe nearly hit her, she begs Buckwild to show her some respect.

Then Safiri tossed a can of Red Bull toward New York.

It sounds like New York, Buckwild, Bucky, and Sapphiri are facing off in the distance. Following this warning, La La inquired as to Bootz’s desire to speak with New York.

After trading barbs, Bootz tells New York, “Flav only brought you back to fuck you, because he left your ass twice!” and they part ways. Then Bootz bolts backstage.

But when security catches Bootz, New York yells, “Come on bitch, come on bitch bring that shit” and tries to strike Bootz in the face. After a few competitors tried to step in, Buckwild, Safiri, Bucky, Bootz, and Delicious were eventually ordered to leave.

Before the reunion concluded, Delishis and Safiri were later brought back. DeLicious expressed regret for the uproar and both he and New York exchanged praise. Afterwards

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DeLicious (Chandra Davis) disclosed that she and Flav were no longer dating in a “Where Are They Now” segment after the program. At the reunion, they decided not to split up.

Additionally, The Deliciouses might be seen in Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” music video.

The amazing music video for “Baby Don’t Go” featured appearances by Bootz (Larissa Aurora) and Bucky (Shay Johnson).

On VH1’s Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School Appeared, Buckwild (Becky Johnston), Saffiri Windsor, Bootz (Larissa Aurora), Bucky (Shay Johnson), Toasty (Jennifer Toof), Crazy (Heather Crawford), and Like Dat (Darra Boyd) appeared.

I Love Money’s inaugural season featured appearances by Toasty and Nibblez (Domenic).

Safiri and Buckwild were chosen to participate in the second season of I Love Money after making a guest appearance on the third season of Flavor of Love.

I Love Money’s third season was canceled, and Delicious and Bucky were among the competitors.

Both Delicious and Bucky had appearances on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. In the first two seasons, Bucky had a supporting role, and in the fifth season, DeLicious made an appearance as a guest. Bucky joined the main cast of Love & Hip Hop: Miami in 2018.

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