Hazel E Dating History

History of dates for. Hazel E Dating History? Who is she now seeing? Our data suggests that Hazel-E may be single.partnerships Between 2014 and 2016, Hazel-E and Katt Williams were a couple.comparison of partners1 Name Age Zodiac Workplace Nation

              Hazel E                             Dating History

Hazel E Dating History

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Williams, Kat Fifty brave performers

It’s true that “age doesn’t matter in love,” which helps to explain the connection between 24-year-old Rose Burgundy, an aspiring rapper, and 42-year-old reality personality Hazel E.

Despite their age disparity, they sparked scandal together, but her boyfriend Rose shocked the headlines by revealing that he was married to the reality star.

When you date someone half your age, people start to judge you because it’s so odd. Similar to how Rose and Hazel

were ridiculed when they first started dating, the controversy eventually died down when Rose said he intended to marry his girlfriend.

Burgundy sincerely wants to wed Hazel because they are so much in love.

The source added that Rose’s “endless energy in bed” may be a factor in the Love & Hip Hop reality star’s satisfaction with her.

Rose Burgundy, whose true name is Denzel Young, has been in and out of jail for offenses like cocaine possession and auto theft.

body dimensions

Hazel E Dating History

Hazel weighs about 60 kilograms and stands about 5 feet 6 inches tall. His measurements are 35-24-36 inches as well.


Hazel’s earnings from the TV series “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” and her music sales have brought her a sizable fortune.

In addition, he has experience working in television shows and movies, which helps him supplement his income.

The precise monthly and yearly compensation is still being considered, though.

social media account


On social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Hazel E enjoys a good following.

She has over a million followers on Instagram and 188k on Twitter, where she frequently posts her images and videos.

Additionally, you can reach them by email at [email protected] with business inquiries. Remember to like us on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Rapper and producer Yung Berg, whose real name is Christian Ward, is back in the news.

The former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (LHHH) singer, now known as Hitmaka, was accused of pistol-whipping his fiancée, who recently had a severe head injury,

fractured nose and facial injuries. Her wounds required sutures, so she was taken urgently to the hospital.

Although Yung Berg’s fiancée has reportedly barred him from communicating with her or visiting her home, the LAPD

Hazel E Dating History

has been notified of the incident and is currently conducting an investigation.

The announcement comes four years after he was arrested for beating his ex-girlfriend and former co-star Masika Tucker. It’s unknown if he will be charged for that incident.

Here is a list of all of his previous partnerships along with some information on his present partner. Who is the new girlfriend of Yung Berg?

The identity of Christian’s girlfriend is still a mystery, despite the media attention surrounding his most recent attack.

His recent lack of disclosure regarding his romantic relationships suggests that producers have been downplaying their romance.

Perhaps it’s because of how widely reported his previous relationships were.

From 2006 till 2014, the rapper was “friends with benefits” with Hazel-E.

There is a lengthy past between Christian and Hazel E. (Erika Kane).

Hazel E Dating History

In 2006, when Christian was just starting out in his career and Erica was his publicist, they became friends. For a while, they were friends with benefits

but as fans could see on LHH, Christian was unwilling to commit to a committed relationship, so they never made things formal.

In the show, Erica confided in him about her feelings, and he grudgingly agreed to give it some thought.

However, after just a few episodes, Christian declared he was over her, citing the fact that they were no longer sleeping together.

A furious disagreement resulted from her insulting his attempts to record a tune and said she “can’t use his material anymore”.

Christian clarified, “She may be one of the most confused women in the world,” in a different interview from 2014. globe.

She’s aiming for the ‘Illusive B’ of 2014; she’s way ahead of everyone else. I appreciate her, and I respect women. Alright? In 2008, he was romantically associated with Jacelyn Gonzalez.

After they were spotted hanging out, some media sites reported that he and America’s Next Top Model winner Jasleen were dating.

Hazel E Dating History

They supposedly performed at her birthday party and met through mutual friends. They even have a wonderful atmosphere, according to a source. They enjoy each other so much!”

However, Christian said that people were reading their friendship incorrectly. “She’s a really good friend,” he said to MTV.

You are aware of how people speak; try not to let that bother you. I’m free and unmarried.”

There were rumors in 2013 that Yung Berg was dating Karin Stephens.

Although Karrin and Yung Berg were close friends, Karrin claims that her friendship with Bow Wow damaged her.

Shad and I had a falling out because Berg and I were friends,” she told VladTV in her explanation.

Even though we don’t communicate all that often, Berg and I used to get along rather well.

Bo sensed that Berg wasn’t, and he said so. I should just hang out with Bo and Wayne and call it a day because they were ‘wealthy enough’ or ‘renowned enough’ to hang out with me.

Hazel E Dating History

Although she never claimed that their friendship turned sexual, when she It felt like proof that Christian and she were more than just pals when he seemed to kiss her neck in 2013.

Christian stated in an interview that “Carine is not my girlfriend; she’s just my homie.” Not much more than that.

He’s only my friend, despite what I’ve seen people claim to indicate otherwise. We’re not dating.

He stated, “I’m notorious for being a kisser, but that’s not really the case,” in response to a question regarding the PDA images that went viral.

We were having fun together and having pictures shot.” Mmm-hmm. Completely credible.

He had an affair with Joey Chavis, the mother of Bow Wow’s child.

It appears that Yung Berg and Joey have a past together, as Yung Berg dated Joey before to having his first child with Bow Wow. However, it is said that they got back together in 2013.

Years after parting ways. Everything began when Christian complimented Joey on her Instagram post, which sparked rumors that the two former couples were getting back together.

Joey had previously given birth to two children by then, with rappers Bow Wow and Future, but the romance swiftly cooled.

Christian revealed on The Breakfast Club that VH1 decided to “get rid of her” on LHH, which is why they broke up in the first place.

She also acknowledged that the allegation that she was “too boring” for the series was accurate when it was brought up by a host.

2014 saw Yung Berg purportedly join Terera Mari.

The greatest friends Teairra Mari and Hazel E Lhhh turn against one another due to allegations of a romance. Naturally, the play on the series also grew tenfold.

In the beginning, Christian and Terera faced difficulties, but according to Christian, they worked things out and put their issues behind them

Hazel E Dating History

leading to far more cooperation in the studio than just one. He was seen to have had an intimate moment behind Hazel E’s

back, which set off a new romantic triangle with Ray J and the east (who are Christian’s buddies).

When asked if they had gotten close in Christian interviews, the rapper and breakfast club declined to move quickly.

He went so far as to claim that Ray J had him start the myth.

He stated, “I also feel terrible to say this, but at the end of the day … I was pressurized to say this.” Is this confusing to anyone else as well? 2014 saw him date Masik Kalia Takar.

Although they used to collaborate on reality shows, the rapper’s relationship with Masika was anything but easy.

2014 saw Masika contact 911 following a single night of partying to report an attack. In reality

he claimed to the police, Christian had seized him by the neck, thrown him to the ground, struck him, and torn him from his hair.

Sources close to the couple claim that following Christian’s credit card decline, they got into a heated altercation.

Rapper was detained by VH1 following the filming of the reunion episode of LHHH, and he was accused of attacking someone in November.

However, the network made the decision to fire him public in a statement. It stated, “Depending on the severity of the allegations against Yung Berg

VH1 is ending his relationship with her in love and hip hip Hollywood, immediately effective.

The fans were shocked by the graphic details of the attack, but they were even more shocked to learn that Masik had made the decision to live.

They continued to stare at one other after a while. It wasn’t until January 2015 that reports surfaced indicating they had been formally breached.

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