Magic Johnson Net Worth

Magic Johnson Net Worth became the first billionaire! His 2024 net worth indicates that things are always going well. Magic Johnson has the magic touch in the boardroom as well as on the basketball court, as evidenced by his estimated net worth in 2024.

             Magic Johns                            Net Worth

Magic Johnson Net Worth

ever though his NBA career is what most people are familiar with, Johnson had aspirations of closing business deals before he ever began to score points.

While cleaning a seven-story office building as a child growing up in Lansing, Michigan, he experienced his first taste of the business world.

“I would go to clean the first six floors, but on the seventh floor, where the CEO’s office was, so I would sneak in there and pretend like I was the CEO, and I would put my feet up on the desk,” he stated to MSNBC.

“I had modest beginnings, but I had good dreams,” he remarked in 2013 on Advancing the Dream: Live from the Apollo. His ambition was realized years later.

Johnson’s success off the court persisted after his incredible basketball career, during which he helped the Los Angeles Lakers win five championships. Nevertheless

Magic Johnson Net Worth

while holding a senior CEO role these days, he still keeps in touch with his heritage.

He declared, “We still need to comprehend the concept of money, generate riches and transmit it to our offspring, then venture out into our local communities, conduct our own businesses, and eventually return to our native lands.

Now let’s employ them.” Apollo. “I’ve been this way my entire career.” The 2022 HBO Max series Winning Time, which is set in the 1980s and was just renewed for a second season,

brought his basketball career back into the spotlight.

Magic Johnson Net Worth

Lakers—and the documentary They Call Me Magic on Apple TV.

However, given his nine-figure wealth, it’s reasonable to argue that Johnson still has time to succeed in the real world. Learn Magic Johnson’s 2024 net worth

how he got there, and how he utilizes his wealth to give back by continuing to read. A fourth athlete has reportedly become a member of the global billionaire club, per Forbes.

Magic Johnson, a former NBA point guard, has now achieved billionaire status, joining only Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and golfer Tiger Woods as the other athletes to achieve this feat.

Johnson’s net worth is estimated by business journals and media sites to be over $1.2 billion.

Magic Johnson Net Worth

Even though Johnson was an excellent athlete during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, wise business decisions have contributed significantly

to his riches and ability to live up to his billionaire status. He made money when he was a player.

Approximately $40 million” is his career net worth, according to Forbes. Johnson received less than $5 million

Magic Johnson Net Worth

annually from endorsements outside of the court, according to Forbes. NBA In-Season T

ournament: The NBA unveils new court designs to begin the 2023–24 season under a revised schedule.

What was Magic Johnson’s source of income?

The former Laker’s modest holdings in professional sports franchises account for a portion of his remaining net worth.

He was a founding member of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ ownership group, Guggenheim Baseball Management.

Magic Johnson Net Worth

Johnson also owns a minority stake in the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA and the Los Angeles FC of Major League Soccer.

Most recently, he was a member of the new ownership group that bought the Washington Commanders of the NFL during the offseason.

Johnson’s Magic Johnson Enterprises investing company accounts for a larger share of his net wealth.

Companies “have been a major player in everything including real estate, fast food franchises, movie theaters, and healthcare,” according to Forbes.

Magic Johnson Enterprises’ estimated $1.2 billion net worth

Magic Johnson Net Worth

is primarily derived from its ownership of Equitrust, an Iowa-based life insurance company.

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Basketball player Magic Johnson’s stellar career

From 1977 to 1979, Johnson attended Michigan State University where he played basketball. With the Spartans, he earned a national title after defeating Larry Bird and Indiana State in the 1979 NCAA Tournament.

After winning the Most Outstanding Player award at the Final Four of that year, the Lansing, Michigan native decided to join the 1979 NBA Draft.

With the first overall pick in that draft, the Lakers selected Johnson, and the former Spartan performed as expected. given that he is a draft candidate.

As the only rookie to win Finals MVP to date, Johnson helped Los Angeles win the 1980 NBA Finals.

Johnson and the Lakers won four more titles over the following eight years, and the point guard was named MVP of the Finals twice more.

The bright star’s career came to an abrupt end when he tested positive for HIV prior to the 1991–92 season. Johnson declared that this will lead to his immediate retirement.

After the Lakers’ playoff exit in 1996, he played one more half-season before announcing his ultimate retirement.

Throughout his 13-year NBA tenure, he averaged 52% of field goals made, 19.5 points, and 7.2 rebounds per game.

After setting two NBA marks that are still in place—11.2 assists per game and 2,346 assists during the regular season—Johnson announced his retirement.

Magic Johnson Net Worth

The three children of the former Lakers star are boys Andre and EJ and daughter Alyssa.

Despite being a fantastic basketball player, Magic Johnson’s primary responsibility is to his three children.

Written by Stephanie Kaloui In 1981, the retired point player and his former fiancée Melissa Mitchell welcomed their first child, a 43-year-old boy named Andre.

Magic’s spouse Arlitha “Cookie” Johnson is the mother of his two children, 29-year-old daughter Alyssa and 31-year-old son EJ.

Aware of their obligations as parents, Magic and Cookie have been over the years. For example, Magic told Ellen DeGeneres he was “so happy” when their son EJ came out as gay.

“It’s all about you not trying to dictate what your daughter or son should be or what you want them to be,” she continued. It all comes down to loving them.

is in whatever they choose to do, regardless of who they are.

Over the years, Magic and Cookie have experienced many enjoyable times with their family, such as a boat excursion in the Mediterranean Sea in July 2023 with their kids and grandkids.

The NBA star posted two pictures on Instagram: one of himself and Cookie standing together, and another of the group posing on the boat’s deck.


“Cookie and I can’t wait to spend time on the yacht with our kids, Andre, EJ, Alyssa, our daughter-in-law Lisa, and our granddaughters, Gigi and Avery!” The post’s caption was magic.

All the information you require regarding Magic Johnson’s three kids is provided here.

43-year-old Andre Johnson

On February 20, 1981, Magic and his ex-girlfriend Michelle welcomed Andre Johnson into their family, which would become their only child. Andre is Magic’s most reclusive child of all.

He has followed a career in business and entrepreneurship; in fact, Men’s Health claims that he has worked for Magic Johnson Enterprises

his father’s investing firm. He was appointed executive vice president of business development of the digital sports league Simwin Sports in 2022.

Additionally, Andre co-hosts the podcast Please Elaborate, where he and Mike Dupree talk about pop culture and current affairs. He has been married to Lisa since 2010

and the two of them are parents to two children. Andre dressed as Uncle Drew, and the foursome shared photos of their 2022 Halloween outfits on Instagram.

The business executive shared a picture of himself and Magic on Father’s Day in 2021. “Thank you for being an amazing dad to us and Pop Pop to Gigi and Avery

he concluded. “I love you and pray you find some comfort on your special day.

Johnson, Earvin “EJ” III, 31

On June 4, 1992, Magic and Cookie welcomed Earvin “EJ” Johnson III into the world. EJ was given names based on his grandfather and father.

In 2013, EJ came out as gay to the public after coming out to his family a few years earlier. They have since starred in two reality TV series, EJNYC and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

Magic and EJ have both expressed candidly that coming out was difficult. Even though his parents “already knew” he was gay, EJ admitted to People in 2014 that they were concerned about how the public would react.

“My mother did not want me to be tested,” he stated. “I just told him I’ll do what I want regardless of what people say.

“He’s seen me grow into myself, and we’ve really bonded with each other,” EJ said of her connection with Magic. “He’s so courageous and strong,” her father continued. to identify himself to the world.”

EJ revealed in an EJNYC episode that she reexamined her gender identity after witnessing Caitlyn Jenner’s 2016 transgender announcement. “I did give it some thought,” EJ said.

I simply thought, ‘Would I like to change?'” Would I do something like this? However, I don’t feel the urge to do that, nor do I feel incomplete in that way.”

Despite being a fantastic basketball player, Magic Johnson’s primary responsibility is to his three children.

In 1981, the former point player and his fiancée Melissa Mitchell received their first child, a 43-year-old son, Andre. Magic’s spouse Arlitha “Cookie”

Johnson is the mother of his two children, 29-year-old daughter Alyssa and 31-year-old son EJ.

Magic and Cookie have been transparent about their roles as parents

over the years. For example, Magic told Ellen DeGeneres that she was “so happy” when their son EJ came out as gay.

“It’s all about you not trying to dictate what your daughter or son should be or what you want them to be,” he stated. “It’s all about loving them.

Along with her brother EJ, Alyssa became a friend of the cast when she joined Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

Following her parents’ lead, Alyssa developed a strong enthusiasm for advocacy in the years that followed.

Magic, for example, has been a strong proponent of HIV/AIDS awareness since disclosing his own diagnosis in 1991.

I think it’s incredibly essential to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS,” she said to CR. “Hopefully,  I’ll be able to assist in spreading awareness of it.

The worst stigma associated with my age group is the misconception that it can’t happen to them, which is completely false.

While on vacation in California in December 2018, Alyssa and her pals managed to survive an attack at home.

She subsequently uploaded a picture, showing that the evening had left her with multiple bruises.

“We are very hard on ourselves as women,” the author stated. I had a serious stomach wound from an attack that I survived at home a few months ago.

Until recently, I’ve been so worried about my appearance and scared to exhibit these scars. However, I’ve come to understand that these wounds are a reflection of my journey and who I am: “

I love my body and am proud of where I’ve come from today 🌃 #selfhealing.” Earvin “Magic” Johnson, a former NBA player, and his wife Cookie celebrated EJ Johnson’s 31st birthday on Instagram with a flawless show. Aid.

Earvin “Magic” Johnson, an NBA veteran, and his wife Cookie celebrated EJ Johnson’s 31st birthday with a massive Instagram outpouring of love.

“I hope you have a happy birthday, EJ!

I adore your inventiveness and sincerity! What I adore most about you is that you continue to live authentically! Enjoy your day❤️. On Monday, Magic wrote.

The legendary player for the Lakers posted two pictures of the two of them, with EJ looking stunning in one of her trademark looks.

“Hello, @ejjohnson_! My great love is you! Added EJ’s mother, Cookie Johnson, who shared some of her latest looks and a picture of EJ as a baby.

“In your 31st year, may the Lord treat you with kindness and shower you with blessings. I adore you, mama, my sweetheart.

As soon as the article was published, followers praised the family’s “unconditional love” in the comments section.

In response to Magic’s message, a user stated, “I appreciate Magic supporting my son.” Thank you for letting him live in his truth, God bless you. Defend her from this harsh world! penned the subsequent one.

Even as a pastor, I’m not sure I could pull it off, but it’s truly an amazing demonstration of unconditional love. added a third.


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