Jonathan Young Wrestler

Jonathan Young is one of the Survivor 42 competitors. Jonathan Young Wrestler  who Jeff Probst acknowledged as one of the most significant Challenge artists in the history of the show, was crucial to Taku’s survival.

         Jonathan              Young Wrestler


His role as the provider for his tribe helped him establish himself as one of the Taku Four’s core members, but after the merger, his social skills quickly declined as his somewhat patronizing demeanor turned off his old comrades.

Jonathan was a physical menace, but his honorable and open attitude to the game won him new supporters like Mike Turner, who helped him upset everyone by making a deep run to the Final Four.

There, he was eliminated from the jury after losing to Mike in a fire-making competition. Birth

Rivalry Overview

January 11, 1995

lfloor1 rfloor (yes) ~


Shores, Guif, Alabama

beachside assistance


business proprietor

social media

career survivor

America the United States


42 survivors




spindle number four

victory in the challenge

financial partnership


vote against the previous day’s


29 years old

Place of origin: Gadsden, AL

Present Address: Gulfshores, Alabama

Owner of a beach service firm is her occupation.

Favorite pastimes: spear fishing, surfing, and working out

Three adjectives that best characterize you are: Dedicated, persistent, and intellectually robust

Wearing shirts, bullies, and harsh behavior are some of my pet peeves.

Which achievement makes you the happiest? broke the record for the most pullups with 100 pounds behind me on the Guinness World Record.

What is anything that your appearance will never allow us to know? I can do “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid in a fantastic way.

Who, and why, is your hero? Lex Luger. He is a man of God. My spiritual and physical mentor during the worst periods of my life.

Which is your favorite Past Survivor game to play?

similar to? OG

Why do you think you could be the only one who survived?

In obstacles, my athletic ability will come in very handy. I’ll conquer obstacles with my charm and knowledge.

I have a strong sense of will and determination. I refuse to give up on any endeavor.

Stay alive.

Jonathan stood out from the other competitors almost away thanks to his commanding physical presence, but Riddles’s performance on the first day’s Flint challenge highlighted a weakness: he had a far lower triple count than Omar Zaheer.

Eliminating Jonathan would not be sufficient because of his position, which was inevitable in the game’s pre-merger phase.

Together with Omar and Lindsay Dolashevich, he formed a core coalition and cast Taku’s lone Tribal Council

vote against Mariah Sharon, believing Marianne Okeach to be more valuable. Although Jonathan struggled with Marianne and openly revealed how close the Taku Four had come,

his outstanding forward play was demonstrated by a fierce effort in the water challenge that other tribes couldn’t even finish.

Even though the Hourglass Twist made Jonathan vulnerable in the initial post-merge vote, Jonathan managed to survive and become a vital component of the Advantage Alliance, where he discovered Mike Turner to be a powerful ally.

In the immunity challenges, Lindsay and Jonathan would emerge as the two prominent personalities, and their divergent approaches would strain their bond.

As a result of their conflicts, the Taku Four would ultimately be split apart in the Final 6. As Lindsay receives immunity, Marianne teams up with Jonathan to try to remove Omar from office.

Later, fearing that Lindsay had played his final card on Omar, Jonathan decided to vote against Romeo Escobar in order to remain safe.

However, Marianne’s strategy worked, and Lindsay was removed on Day 24. The door parted. Romeo prevails in the final immunity match.

Common Sense.

  • Jonathan, who was 14 at the time, competed in the sixth season of Endurance in 2007. That season, he played for the Reds and finished third.
  • It just so happened that the season he played in was held in Fiji.
  • Jonathan lost a challenge and was eliminated one round before the finals, much like on Survivor.
  • In addition, he competed on the Red Team in Endurance and was eliminated after losing to the Blue Team. He also held the red flag in the fire-making task and lost to Mike, who had the blue flag.
  • Zach Wurtenberger claims that Jonathan was initially scheduled to appear in Survivor 41; however, the COVID-19 epidemic caused the production to be halted.

Youth Power works to assist individuals in discovering their actual calling and methods to use their talents to benefit others.

Our goals are to defend the defenseless, assist the defenseless, and stand up for those who are unable to.

We think that God gave everyone of us unique talents and qualities.

We are aware that our actions have eternal consequences. God cannot be dead if neither are we.

Meet the creator.

Jonathan Young Wrestler

Jonathan’s father started training him in pull-ups, sprints, and jumping jacks every morning when he was three years old. His father used to read proverbs to him after he worked out.

This persisted throughout Jonathan’s early years and aided in the development of a solid foundation.

Jonathan’s amazing mother served as his instructor during his homeschooling years.

When Jonathan was fourteen years old, he traveled to Fiji to take part in the Endurance game show.

Jonathan was motivated to pursue greater things in life after appearing on the show.

At the age of seventeen, Jonathan launched a beach service company named Ibeachservice. It is currently among the Gulf Coast’s best beach services.

Jonathan was given a swimming scholarship at the University of Alabama when he was twenty years old.

At the University of Alabama, Jonathan learned self-control and how to work alongside elite athletes and coaches through swimming.

Jonathan first laid eyes on WWE legend Lex Luger when he was 22 years old. Jonathan found spiritual and physical guidance from Lex, who continues to coach him to this day.

Jonathan served as a bodyguard for international dignitaries, attended two WWE tryouts, and set world records in pullups.

Jonathan is presently on a mission trip throughout the globe, trying to find those in need.

Jonathan founded Young Strength to assist people in discovering their calling from God.

With the gifts that have been bestowed upon us, aid the less fortunate.

defending the right causes and speaking up at difficult times.

Rather of utilizing your physical prowess to feed your ego, use it to benefit others.

Jonathan thinks that in order to win the battle, our mental, spiritual, and bodily fortitudes must all come together.

“Working alongside residents to create a healthy community has allowed me to stay grounded and focused on my work as a member of Young Strength.

Everyone, in my opinion, is looking for a reason to exist, and I feel that my job helps me achieve this. I think the secret is to put long-term solutions ahead of short-term fixes.

Ian Hall, his spouse, and their two dogs reside in Orange Beach, Alabama. Ian likes to surf, do weights, and go spear fishing when he’s not at work.

Ian was chosen to join the youth force due to his self-assurance and perseverance in handling challenging circumstances.

Jonathan Young, 29, is a competitor on the 42nd season


of the reality television program “Survivor.

He manages a beach services firm in Gulf Shores. Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 is seen. All rights reserved by CBS Broadcasting, Inc.Robert Voets/CBS

Written by [email protected]’s Lawrence Specker

Jonathan Young of Gulf Shores will have a lot to contribute when the 42nd season of “Survivor” premieres on Wednesday night.

He has years of expertise laboring on the beach sand, extensive knowledge of the game, and a spiritual and physical boost from former pro wrestling great Lex Guidance. Luger.

In a game where treachery is inevitable and collaboration is required, none of this ensures victory. However, 29-year-old Young has been preparing for this day for a while.

“When I was 14, I was on this show ‘Endurance,’ which is the closest thing to ‘Survivor’ for kids,” he stated. I was itching to try the actual thing after doing that.

I’ve wanted to be on the actual “Survivor” for fourteen years. And I was overjoyed, my friends, when I had the chance.

When “Endurance” aired on Discovery Kids in 2007–2008, its sixth and last season, Young’s squad finished in third place.

By coincidence, the program was filmed in Fiji, which is also the location where presenter Jeff Probst and the other members of the “Survivor” production team have been based since 2016.

Although Young’s experience in “Endurance” was a few years ago, it could have given him an idea of the terrain.

Although Probst has stated that the upcoming season of “Survivor” would be fast-paced and shot back-to-back with season 41, meaning

that competitors in season 42 won’t know how that season was going to unfold, the show has been coy about what the season will really include.

According to Young’s online profile, he is a beach service company owner, fitness fanatic, and opposes bullying, wearing shirts, and acting disrespectfully.

Adhering to the last degree, he frequently started phone conversations with “Yes, sir.”

He is the son of prominent South Alabama politician Dean Young, however this is not stated in the biography.

According to Jonathan Young, it had no bearing on his appearance on the program.

According to Young, he has been training on the job for the past few years. Since the age of eighteen, he has operated a beach service business in Gulf Shores.

Beach equipment such as chairs, umbrellas, pavilions, paddleboards, and kayaks must be set up and taken down. Working hard on the beach now comes naturally to me.

“This will help me utilize my energy in the right ways, in the right places,” he stated. “Whatever I did, I always had ‘Survivor’ in the back of my mind.”

When asked about his concert preparations, he replied, “I changed some stuff.” “I modified my approach to spearfishing.

I went and used this spear, which I discovered to be comparable to the spear from the previous season of “Survivor,” to go hunting.

My training was centered on functional strength because I wanted to be ready for anything that may come up in the future and I wanted to be functional.

At concerts, there’s never a guarantee on a constant supply of food, and it might be difficult to keep fuelled.

In front of the public, competitors lose weight and occasionally even their spirits and vitality. Young claimed that while getting ready, this was “100%” on his mind. There will be eighteen contestants in the 42nd season of “Survivor.

Lydia Meredith, Roxroy Bailey, Mariah Sharon, Jonathan Young, Mike Turner, Drea Wheeler, Romeo Escobar, Lindsay Dolasevich, Hai Giang, and Chanelle Howell are shown in the above photo from left to right.

Zach Wurtenberger, Tori Meehan, Daniel Strunk, Maryanne Okeach, Jackson Fox, Jenny Kim, Omar Zaheer, and Swati Goyal are shown in the picture below, from left to right.

“One of my techniques, which might have been a little different, was carb loading,” he stated. “So I’ll eat, eat, eat, eat, maybe even eat two meals instead of one, so that I have fuel in the tank and some kind of reserve for what’s to come.”

He is a student of the competition

much like many others, picking up tips from more experienced players like three-time champion Joe Anglim and five-time player of the year “Boston Rob” Mariano.

“For me, I knew I couldn’t be like everyone else,” Young stated.

He declared, “I want to be as good at challenges as Joe.” However, in terms of strategy, I can—or at least I wanted to—be like Boston Rob.

Boston Rob was a knowledgeable, direct, and well-liked man who was trusted. I thus wanted to incorporate elements from some of my favorite players with some Southern hospitality that I could only provide.

Young stated that when he was 22 years old, their official relationship started around seven years ago.

Lex Luger, the professional wrestler, Lawrence Wendell Pohl, gave a testimonial at First Baptist of Gulf Shores. went to church.

The worst blow to Luger came in 2003 when he entered a guilty plea to drug misuse and wrestler “Miss Elizabeth” Hulett, his lover, passed away from an accidental overdose. A few years later, Young discovered that he had changed.

Young remarked, “He’s very knowledgeable about the body.” “I go to Mr. Lex for any bodily requirements; I go to him for everything that needs to be done or modified.

I go to Mr. Lex for everything spiritual since he is a man of God. Jonathan, you’re going to be the next big thing, he told me, which is a true honor.

“There aren’t many people I can really connect with like Mr. Lex,” Young stated. “He’s been there, done that.”

“Mr. Lex, he’s helped me throughout my life,” he said. It was him who suggested that I increase my intake of food rather than fasting.

He handed me his own training schedule. While Young is unable to reveal the plot of the season, he did state that he has certain expectations for how the audience would react to it.

He remarked, “I hope they can see my heart.” “Hopefully they’ll be able to view the outer layers. that I will give the Lord all I have because I adore Him. I put everything I had into it, no matter what.

The nickname “Goliath” was a common (and maybe envious) moniker given to him by his fellow Survivor 42 contestants.

And given that most physical players often don’t survive the merge, their achievement of making it to the Final 5 was so remarkable that they almost banked on the moniker.

Jonathan Young, though, was also criticized for his perceived gender and racial stereotypes in comparison to other cast members. Later, once the fire challenge was removed, Young responded to those critiques from his own viewpoint.

Their first major issue following the merger was the unexpected double tribal night. When Drea Wheeler and Maryanne Okeach noticed Roxroy Bailey seated next to another black contestant,

Chanelle Howard, on the jury, they became agitated and voted her out first. Since Bailey was the only other black participant in the game, Wheeler and Okeach thought they could follow him soon—which was, in fact, the plan at the time.

His decision was motivated by his belief that the failure of black competitors to go thus far in Survivor history was a systematic racial problem.

Notably, Wheeler became very irate and finally started crying after “Goliath” got into a heated debate with them both about this, believing it to be “racist” to refer to them as such.

In the end, the circumstance forced Drea Wheeler and Maryanne Okeach to use their idols of secret immunity to voice their opinions. After Tori Meehan was sent to the jury, the matter was hardly brought up in later episodes.

Despite what some fans might think, Jonathan Young stated in a Parade interview following his removal that he had no ill will towards his co-stars for what transpired.

He stated: “I went and spoke with Drea as soon as that Tribal ended.” I was alright with Drea. I put in a phone call to Drea. Sapna loves me; I love Drea. Drea and I are getting along great.

There are parallels between everything that occurs in the game and the actual world. And we were back in the game in no time. Indeed, things went rather well.

However, following the significant discussion about race, there was initially some hostility among the audience.

On the show’s official Facebook page, a number of viewers actually sided with Jonathan Young, accusing Drea Wheeler and Maryanne Okeach of using the “race card.

As a result, Survivor 41 star Shawn Smith—who during her tenure there assisted in forming an all-Black alliance akin to Big Brother—decided to label all “toxic” supporters.

Later in the season 42 post-merger episode, female competitors such as Maryanne Okeach and even Lindsay Dolasevich, Jonathan Young’s

former alliance member, stated that they believed that animals treated women generally with a great deal of respect.

did not address on the program. which they both affirmed in their separate post-game interviews. The 29-year-old, however, disagrees with that analysis of his actions, telling the outlet:

That he felt that way bothers me. Lindsay is a fierce rival, in my opinion. He seems like an animal to me. And I’ve said this a lot during the program.

Lindsay is a beast,” I say whenever I have the opportunity. He is quite resilient. And it was because of her excellence that she went. Well, I’m sorry that’s how she felt.

On May 25, the night of the finals, Jonathan Young

ended up being the lone jury to vote in support of Mike Turner.

Romeo Escobar, the second finalist, did not earn any votes; Maryanne Okeach, on the other hand, received the remaining seven votes and the title of Sole Survivor (plus one). This appears to be beneficial for his romantic life.

Young acknowledged that he could have some regrets over remarks he made both before and during his tenure.

Are there any actions that I would take anew? Indeed. Do I believe every competitor on the show was excellent? Completely. However, each person gave it their all.

As of this writing, CBS has not yet confirmed any dates for Survivor 43, which is anticipated to air sometime in the fall.

Survivor 43 is the next season of darkness, betrayals, and potentially more controversy. As part of the continuing 2022 TV calendar, fans may indulge

themselves to the impending drama on its sister program, Big Brother, which will premiere Season 24 on July 6 (with one supposedly huge alteration)

Jonathan M. Young was appointed to the National Council on Disabilities as a board member and chair by President Barack Obama in December 2009.

In 1986, Young broke his neck during a high school wrestling match and was partially paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury.

Young earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania, and an MA and PhD in American History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

From 1996–1998, she worked at the National Rehabilitation Hospital Center for Health and Disability Research, where she wrote the 1997 National Council on Disability publication “Equality of Opportunity:

The Making of the Americans with Disabilities Act,” which became the basis for her . 2002 Dissertation on the Disability Rights Movement.

It was a transformative experience for Young. As he later told a House committee, “I didn’t consider myself part of the disabled community.

Disability was the enemy. I was embarrassed. I wanted to hide. I wanted to be treated as normal.

I had gone through a period of depression around the time I was asked to write a history of the ADA. In fact, there was a time when I wasn’t even sure I could hold down a meaningful job.

“But in researching the ADA…my own internalized stigma about disability turned into extraordinary stories of strength and power, of pride of people with disabilities,

and of the extraordinary, collaborative, bipartisan, intense effort to pass the ADA. Looking back, when I wrote the concluding line of “Equality of Opportunity:

The Dawn of a New Day,” it was based on my own personal experience of becoming and identifying as a person with a disability and being part of a disability.

Was about. community. Disability became a source of liberation rather than stigma. My life gained new purpose and meaning.

Before attending Yale Law School, he was Associate Director for Public Liaison in the Executive Office of the President (1998–2001), where he led several disability policy initiatives, including the Ticket to Work and Work Incentive Improvement Act, on disability policy.

Provided consultation. , delivered several keynote speeches from the White House, and established Disability Mentoring Day.

Currently, Young is senior counsel at Foxkisser, a law firm specializing in law, science, and medicine. He is also the co-founder and vice-chair of the Disability Strength and Pride Committee.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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