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Scott Greenspan, 64, was born on September 23, 1959.Boston University education in Newark, New Jersey, US careers Performer, Comedian, Producer, TV Host and Podcaster active from 1981 till the presentChild 2 Relative of Jeevansathi Dena Title (M. 1982) Title of Stacey Jason Alexander  voice in speech 33 seconds, or 0:33

Parsippany: Honoring the recently deceased Cantor Jack of Troy Hills, New Jersey’s Edith Shalom.

American actor and comedian Jay Scott Greenspan

born September 23, 1959, is better known by his stage name, Jason Alexander.

From 1989 until 1998, he portrayed George Costanza on the television show Seinfeld. For this role, he received nominations for four Golden Globe Awards and seven Primetime Emmy Awards in a row.

In 1981, Alexander made his Broadway debut in Merrily We Roll Along, written by Stephen Sondheim, as Joe. He continued to perform on Broadway,

appearing in Neil Simon’s play Broadway Bound in 1986, Personals in 1985, and The Rink in 1984. His Broadway performance directed by Jerome Robbins brought him fame in 1989 and a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical.

He made an appearance in Mel Brooks’s The Producers, which was performed in Los Angeles. He oversaw the musical “Reprise! 

Pretty Woman (1990), Coneheads (1993), North (1994), Daniel (1998), Shallow Hell (2001), and Wild Card (2015) are just a few of her cinematic appearances.

In the Disney movies The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) and its 2002 follow-up, he also provided the voice of Hugo, the gargoyle. For his performance in Dream On (1994), he received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

She also featured in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2019) and Curb Your Enthusiasm (2001, 2009). In Duckman (1994–1997), he also provided the protagonist character’s voice.

Early life and education: Born in Newark, New Jersey, to Ruth Minney (née Simon), a nurse and health care administrator, and Alexander B.

Greenspan, an accounting manager, Greenspan was raised in a Jewish home. Afterwards, Greenspan adopted his stage name, Jason Alexander, by using the first name of his father.

Alexander was born and raised in Maplewood and Livingston, New Jersey, and he attended Livingston High School, graduating in 1977.

He had always been interested in magic and had originally planned to become a magician, but he was informed during a magic camp that he was not tiny enough to use cards. After developing an interest in theater, he finally realized,

“Wait a minute—this is all an illusion. That the theater was “a magic trick” and that “there’s nothing real there”. He then made the decision to pursue a career in theater.

He attended Boston University to study theater after high school. Upon observing his body, a lecturer advised him to focus on humor instead than classical acting,

stating, “I know your heart and soul are Hamlet, but you will never play Hamlet.” After his third year of school, he dropped out to pursue a full-time acting career in New York City. In 1995, the institution granted him an honorary degree.

livelihood: Alexander is a talented singer and dancer

who started his performing career on the New York stage. He performed on Broadway in several productions,

including Jerome Robbins’ Off-Broadway (1989), which earned him a Tony Award in 1989; Stephen Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along (1981); Kander & Ebb’s The Rink (1984); Neil Simon’s Broadway Bound (1986); Accomplished (1990); and others. obtained the prize. Best Musical Leading Actor.

In 1981, Jason Alexander made his screen debut in the summer camp horror movie The Burning. Alexander starred in Jacob’s Ladder (1990), The Last Supper (1995), and Dunstan Checks In (1996)

in addition to his performances as the egotistical, money-hungry lawyer in Pretty Woman (1990) and the incompetent womanizer Mauricio in Shallow Hell (2001). Love and Action in Chicago in 1999, and Love Valor! compassion! in 1997.

In the 1980s, Alexander featured in a number of ads. In addition, there were ads for Levi’s 501 jeans, Sony Watchman TV, McDonald’s McDLT hamburger, Miller Lite beer, Hershey’s kisses, Delta Gold potato chips, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, and Western Union money transfers.

Alexander starred in McDonald’s and John Deere commercials before Seinfeld, as well as the brief CBS comedy Everything’s Relative (1987).

As a member of the main cast of the critically acclaimed television comedy Seinfeld, Alexander is most known for his portrayal of the dimwitted George Costanza, who has been Jerry Seinfeld’s boyhood best friend.

For the part, he received nominations for seven Primetime Emmy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards; however, he did not win any of them, mostly because Cosmo Cray, played by co-star Michael Richards, won.

In addition to his part on Seinfeld, from 1991 to 1994 he portrayed many characters in the ABC comedy Dinosaurs, including Al “Sexual” Harris, a serial sexual harasser. Alexander provided the voices of the main character in the animated Duckman (1994–1997)

series as well as Catbert, the villainous human resources director in the brief (1999–2000) animated Dilbert (based on the famous comic strip of the time). He appeared in a Rold Gold Pretzels commercial that aired during the Super Bowl in January 1995.

In the commercial, he is shown falling out of an aircraft over the stadium with Frasier’s dog, Eddie, using a parachute. Following the advertisement, viewers are redirected to an alleged real-time stream of the field, whereby Alexander and the dog are shown landing to a standing ovation from shocked sports pundits.

Alexander had an appearance in the 1995 television

adaptation of the Broadway musical Bye Bye Birdie as Albert Peterson, Conrad Birdie’s agent.

In Muppets Tonight’s eighth episode from 1996, he made a cameo appearance. In Disney’s 1996 animated feature The Hunchback of Notre Dame and its direct-to-video sequel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, he provided the voice of the gargoyle Hugo.

In the 1994 film The Return of Jafar and the 1994–1995 television series based on the 1992 picture Aladdin, Alexander provided the voice of Abis Mal.

Alongside Whitney Houston, Brandy, and Whoopi Goldberg, she starred in the 1997 Rodgers and Hammerstein adaptation of Cinderella.

His further Disney voice acting credits include the 2012 video game Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and the 2001 movie House of Mouse.

In 1996, he directed his first film, For Better or Worse, and in 1999, he directed his second film, Just Looking.

Alexander served as the host of a 1999 New York Friars Club roast honoring Jerry Stiller, who portrayed his father on Seinfeld. Patton Oswalt and Kevin James, Stiller’s co-stars in The King of Queens, made cameo appearances.

In the 1999 episode “Think Tank” of Star Trek: Voyager, Alexander played Kurros, an intelligent extraterrestrial who attempted to lure the Seven of Nine aboard his vessel.

Alexander had a prosperous career in theater and cinema, but he was never as successful on television as Seinfeld was. His first appearance on prime-time television since Seinfeld was in 2001, when he appeared in the much awaited but brief ABC comedy Bob Patterson, which ended after five episodes.

Alexander attributes the show’s demise in part to the nation’s sentiment following 9/11. In the second season of Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2001, Alexander had a brief cameo appearance as himself. In the seventh season of the show, he made appearances alongside three of his main Seinfeld co-stars.

A suicidal supply manager named Earl was one of his characters in the Friends episode “The One Where Rosita Dies” from 2001. When Phoebe phones him to sell toner, she finds out about his issue and makes an effort to talk him out of ending his life.

It is mentioned in a Malcolm in the Middle episode when Alexander plays the neurotic and depressed loner Leonard. He himself as “independent” and claims to get paid “by selling toner over the phone.” A guy named George harasses her frequently later in the episode.

He had an appearance in the first episode of the brief 2002 revival of The Twilight Zone, “One Night at Mercy,” when he played Death. In the 2002 movie The Man Who Saved Christmas, he portrayed A.C., the producer of toys.

assumed the character of Gilbert. In 2002, he made appearances in two commercials for Kentucky Fried Chicken: one featuring Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants and the other featuring Trista Rehn from The Bachelorette.

In the August 2, 2006, edition of Adweek, he refuted rumors that he had stopped producing these advertisements due to purported animal abuse by KFC suppliers and slaughterhouses, stating, “This is PETA bullshit.

For KFC, I will not do it. I enjoyed working on it. When PETA started focusing on them, I wanted to help them reach a compromise. Sadly, PETA did not take any action in this regard; I believe KFC did.” Alexander starred in an ASPCA ad that aired on cable TV channels in 2007.

Alexander returned to his role as Colonel Sanders from the 2002 campaign in KFC ads in 2018, joining a number of other celebrities in the role. She was paired with Martin Short in the 2003 Mel Brooks production of The Producers in Los Angeles.

He had an appearance in the 2004 musical adaption of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol alongside Kelsey Grammer as Jacob Marley. Listen Up (2004–05), Alexander’s second stint as the major TV series star on CBS, likewise failed to sustain a second season.

The show’s principal executive producer was Alexander, and it was based on the life of well-known sports media figure Tony Kornheiser. Alexander delivered a stanza in one of the songs on the 2005 CD Family Guy: Live in Vegas.

Jason Alexander made an appearance in a live theater production.

He appeared in the 2005 Monk episode “Mr. Monk and the Other Detective” as Marty Eales, Monk’s adversary.

Jason Alexander in the year 2006

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, June 26, 2006! In the episode Jason Alexander gave many self-defense demonstrations. July 4, 2006, was his death date in Washington, D.C. “A Capital Fourth” event, shown by PBS, including dancing, singing, and tuned drumming.

Jason Alexander went on to appear in Everybody Hates Chris: Season Two as a regular cast member in 2006. On August 13, 2006, he hosted the Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner, which aired for the first time on August 20, 2006.

He previously directed Sunday in the Park with George and the 2007 production of Damn Yankees.

From 2007 until the theater’s closing in 2013, he served as the artistic director of the Reprise Theater Company in Los Angeles.

Jason Alexander had a cameo appearance in the third installment of the improv comedy series Thank God You’re Here in 2007.

In 1995, 1997, and 2000, he appeared as a panelist and regular guest on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect. The Late Show with David Letterman in 1989, 2000, and 2002; The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2015; and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2015.

The show featuring Craig Kilborn, Craig Ferguson, and James Corden in 2003, 2012, 2014, and 2015.

Jason Alexander had a cameo appearance in the fourth season “Masterpiece” episode of the CBS series Criminal Minds in 2008. He played Professor Rothschild, a sophisticated serial murderer who is possessed by the Fibonacci sequence and sets the team on a mission.

Time to Deliver His Last Victims Jackson Rathbone starred in the “Conflicted” episode that he directed when he returned in the same season.

On May 29, 2008, Jason Alexander presented the LOL Sudbury opening night ceremony in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. This was the first comedy festival to have its event concurrently televised to 60 Cineplex theaters throughout Canada. He provided the voice of Twilight Zone radio drama in several episodes.

Jason Alexander directed Jason Alexander Comedy Spectacular, an Australian special, in 2008 and again in 2009. Along with improvisation and stand-up, Alexander’s musical abilities are shown throughout the presentation.

Numerous well-known comedians from Australia have endorsed him. In 2006, he made his stage debut in Jason Alexander’s comic Christmas performance.

Jason Alexander performed in his own production, The Donny Clay Experience, at the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, in February and March of 2010.

He toured the United States and Orillia, Ontario, as Donnie Clay, a self-help guru who resembled his Bob Patterson persona.

He performed as Joseph in the 2009 audio Bible production The Word of Promise by Thomas Nelson. A vast ensemble cast of performers, including Jim Caviezel, Lou Gossett Jr.

Jon Voight, Christopher McDonald, Gary Sinise, Marisa Tomei, and John Schneider, were involved in the movie.

Jason Alexander appeared in the 2009 movie

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale in a minor part as the manager of a rail station. He had an appearance in the live-action picture A Fairly Odd Movie: Timmy Turner, Grow Up! (2011). starred in as Cosmo.

Jason Alexander had a cameo appearance on a Harry’s Law episode in 2011 when he played a high school teacher who was prosecuted for being fired unfairly.

Alan F. Alexander with horn in May 2010

He took Larry David’s position in the title character in David’s Broadway production of Fish in the Dark in 2015.

In September 2017, she appeared alongside Sherri Rene Scott in the world premiere of The Portuguese Kid by John Patrick Shanley at the Manhattan Theater Club.

Jason Alexander performed as The Orville’s bartender, Olix, in 2018. She portrayed drama instructor Gene Lundy in two Young Sheldon episodes that same year. She performed in one episode as Gene Lundy in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Alexander played Asher Friedman, a Broadway playwright on the blacklist and a longtime friend of Midge Maisel’s father Abe Weissman, in the 2019 film The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

In “The Bad Guys?” he wrote. won the Outstanding Original Song Daytime Emmy for Brainwashed By Cartoons in 2020.

In 2020, Alexander organized the Saturday Night Seder, an online Passover Seder that raised money for the CDC Foundation and was attended by a number of celebrities.

Jason Alexander had a performance at the CBS Dick Van Dyke Tribute in December 2023.

starting in February 2023, he co-presented. A weekly podcast called No, Really? featured him, co-host Peter Tilden, and guests as they tried to figure out the answers to “life’s most baffling, puzzling, confusing and annoying questions.

 He made his Broadway directing debut in July 2023, directing Sandy Rustin’s comedy The Cottage. Lilli Cooper, Laura Bell Bundy, and Eric McCormack are among the cast members.

In 2023 Jason Alexander performed two songs with the dancing cast on the December 21 primetime CBS special Dick Van Dyke: 98 Years of Magic. He also gave a spoken tribute to Van Dyke at the end of the program.

private life

On May 31, 1982, Jason Alexander tied the knot with Dena E. Title, the cousin of filmmaker Stacey Title. Their two kids, Noah and Gabriel,

From April 24 to April 30, 2006, Jason Alexander conducted a mentalism and magic show at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

For this performance, he was eventually awarded The Academy of Magical Arts Parlor Magician of the Year. In 1989, he was given the Junior Achievement Award by the Academy.

In reaction to Elon Musk’s declaration in March 2023 that anyone with “inherited” blue checks will have their check marks removed if they fail to pay, Alexander declared he was quitting Twitter. Later, Jason Alexander signed up for Spotible, a social media network.


Jason Alexander served as national spokesman for the Scleroderma Foundation, a preeminent institution committed to promoting awareness of the illness and providing support to individuals afflicted with it.

He costarred alongside Lee Iacocca in DaimlerChrysler ads throughout the summer of 2005.

Iacocca used his commercials to generate money for autoimmune researcher Dennis Faustman. Both Alexander and Iacocca have family members whose lives have been negatively impacted by autoimmunity.

Jason Alexander has recently participated in a number of events and TV poker shows. He won the eighth season’s championship table after making two appearances on Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown. Alexander received a $500,000 reward for his preferred charity,

The United Way of America, which serves the community of New Orleans. In the 2007 World Series of Poker, Alexander participated in the main event but was eliminated on the second day.

When he returned in 2009, he made it to the third day of competition and placed in the top thirty percent of the field. Jason Alexander participated in the NBC Poker After Dark

“Celebrities and Mentors” program, when he was ousted by professional poker player Gavin Smith and placed sixth overall. After registering with PokerStars, he plays as “J.

Jason Alexander on the site. In an effort to support neurofibromatosis research, Alexander took part in a virtual national poker event in 2021 that was organized by the Children’s Tumor Foundation. political opinions

Jason Alexander has been a vocal public advocate for the OneVoice project, which solicits feedback from moderate Israelis and Palestinians interested in reaching a mutually beneficial peace deal.

He claimed to have visited Israel many times and discussed the advancements he has witnessed in the direction of peace on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Jason Alexander is a Democratic Party supporter. Alexander is in favor of both a ban on assault weapons and homosexual marriage. Together with old Seinfeld coworkers Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Larry David, he ran a Texas Democrat candidacy in 2020.

He backed Joe Biden in 2020 and Barack Obama in 2012. Alexander has made fun of Donald Trump’s dancing and has been a prominent opponent of the Trump administration. Citing a Seinfeld joke, he referred to Republican Senator Ted Cruz as a “jerk store” jerk.

filmography title role notes for the film year

1981 Dave the Burner

1986 The Mosquito Coast Clerk, a memoir pool player from Brighton Beach

1990 Lovely Woman Blue White Palace Philip Stuckey

Jacob’s Ladder Mr. Geary

1992 I’ve stopped buying kisses. 1993 Sexual Healing by Bernie Fishbein Frank’s short flick

Larry Farber of Coneheads

VCR Client Short Film for Health

1994 The Document Marian Sandusky, the North’s father

Jafar Abis Mal’s Voice Is Back, Direct-to-Video

Mr. Stone, blankman

1995 Whether Better or Worse In addition, Michael Makeshift directs.

The Anti-Environmental Last Supper

1996 Dunstan looks into Robert Grant.

The Notre Dame Hunchback Hugo Wyss

1997 Love, bravery, and kindness! Buzz Howser

1998 Daniel Vitz

1999 Madeline: Disoriented in Paris Uncle Horst’s / Henry’s voice, straight to video

In Chicago, Love and Action Frank Bonner

Uncredited radio announcer voice for Just Looking; director as well

2000 The Rocky and Bullwinkle Adventures Boris Badenov

Let’s Close This Short Film About Fire Safety Smoke Detector Voice

2001 The Swan’s Trumpet. Dad’s Voice

Zamboni Phil at the Boundaries

Halcyon Shallow Mauricio Wilson

Hunchback of Notre Dame II, 2002 Hugo Voice, straight to the video

2003: 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s Journey through London Direct-to-video voice of Little Lightning

2006 Abby and Ira Morris Saperstein, M.D.

The Hood of Horror British Music Icon

In Queens, how to go on a date Johnny Penguin Penguin Skit, Direct-to-Video with Bailey Voices

Grand Doctor Yaakov Achmed, 2007

Melman, 2009, Rock Slide Stan Hachi: A Tale of a Dog Carl

2010 Cassini Space Odyssey’s Quantum Journey Stars in Shorts (2012) Direct-to-Video Major Moron’s Voice (2011) The Voyage of Young Doctor Dolittle Eugene Voice Rosenthal, Sid

video soundtrack

Year Title: Reference to 2007 “Celebrity” Performer

2007 “Online” Director

“Try to Love You” (2012). Artist for Bud Coffee Foam

Year title vocal role in a video game

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Notre Dame’s Hunchback: Topsy Turvy Games Hugo

2012 Dream Drop Distance, a Kingdom Hearts game Role notes for Hugo theme park year title

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Episode of Seinfeld from 1992: “The Good Samaritan”

“A very special episode” from the 2006 Campus Ladies episode.

2007–2008 Everyone despises Chris. Two segments

Episode of Criminal Minds from 2009: “Controversial”

Episode from 2010 “Until Death”: “Snore Loser”

“Last Dance” is a 2012 Franklin & Bash episode.

Episode with Mike and Molly: “Vince Takes a Bath”

2023 Episode of Young Sheldon: “A Sleepover, a Frat Party, and the Mother of All Blisters”


Reference: 1981; Year Title Role Place Neil Simon Theater Rolls With Us Merrily

1982 Prohibited Broadway Performers Stage 72

1984 The Ice Rink Uncle Fausto, Leno, Lenny, and Punk Theater Al Hirschfeld

Person Louis/Other Minetta Lane Theater, 1985–1986

Broadway Bound, 1986–1988 The Stanley Broadhurst Theater

Between 1989 and 1990 Broadway Storyteller by Jerome Robbins Theater Imperial

1990 Colleague Artist Theater by Richard Rodgers

Sydney, light up the sky Union Square Theater in Black

Defiled in 2000 Mendelssohn Harry Geffen Playhouse

Producer Max Biastock National Tour, 2003–2004

2006 Director: The God of Hell, Geffen Playhouse

2008 Strange Pair Oscar Madison Stage Reading

2013: Discovering Neverland Odissi Theater’s Charles Frohman Workshop, a director headed for Broadway

2015 Norman Drexel Cort Theater’s Fish in the Dark

2017 The Portuguese Youngster Barry Dragonetti 2019 Directors of Manhattan Theater Club over the previous five years

Helen Hayes Theatre, Syracuse Stage 2023 Cottage Director, Broadway Awards and Nominations

1989 Won Best Actor in a Musical Tony Awards Year Category Performance Result Reference Nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in 1992 was Jerome Robbins’s Broadway Primetime Emmy Awards Year Category Project Episode. Seinfeld “The Tape” with “The Note”

1993 Nominations for “The Contest” and “The Outing”

1994 “The Hamptons” + “The Opposite” Nominated “Oral Sex, Lies, and Videotape” for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series Dream.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series nominee in 1995 Seinfeld’s “The Race” and “The Gymnast”

1996 “The Pool Guy” + “The Invitations” Submitted for nomination

“The Comeback” (Nominated) in 1997

1998’s “The Strike” Nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in the Year Category; Reference: 2020’s Best Original Songs Developed by Cartoons

Nominated for a Special Category Program Golden Globe Awards nomination for Outstanding Writing

Year Award Performance Reference: 1993’s Top Television Supporting Actor Screen Actors Guild Award Year Award Performance Result Reference: 1995 Ensemble Seinfeld in a Comedy Series Won 1995 Male Actor in a Comedy Series Won Seinfeld Nominated 1994 Nominated 1995 Nominated 1998

1996 Nominee for Ensemble in a Comedy Series

1996 Nominee for Male Actor in a Comedy Series

1997 Comedy Series Winning Ensemble

1997 Nominee for Male Actor in a Comedy Series

1998 Comedy Series Winning Ensemble

1998 Nominee for Male Actor in a Comedy Series; 1999 Nominee

America the United States

💰 Examine Jason Alexander Income

What are the salary and net worth of Jason Alexander?

Jason Alexander is a $50 million dollar

actor, comedian, producer, director, singer, and book from the United States. Jason’s most well-known character is George Costanza from the enduring series Seinfeld.

Alexander featured in the short-lived comedy Everything’s Relative on CBS in 1987 prior to his nine-year run on Seinfeld.

Alexander’s career included performances in Broadway musicals, such as Jerome Robbins’ Broadway (1989), for which he received the Tony Award for Best Leading Actor in a Musical, and The Producers opposite Martin Short in Los Angeles.

Since then, he has created and appeared in music videos, appeared in cameos and guest spots, and expanded his repertoire to include many television advertisements. Alexander was chosen to play Asher Friedman in the 2019 film The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

He has starred in almost 50 movies to date, including the iconic Pretty Woman role of Philip Stuckey, costarring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

private life

In Newark, New Jersey, on September 23, 1959, J. Scott Greenspan was born. In terms of charity work, Alexander has acted as the national spokesman for the Scleroderma Foundation and made an appearance in an ASPCA ad.

In addition, he has visited Israel many times and has been a key proponent of the OneVoice movement, which gathers the perspectives of moderate Israelis and Palestinians who wish to accomplish a meaningful peace deal between their communities.

In 1982, Alexander wed Dena E. Title, and the two of them had two kids, Noah and Gabriel. He has also been known to play poker extensively and to have participated in a number of events on televised poker shows.

In order to support research on neurofibromatosis, the Children’s Tumor Foundation held a virtual national poker game in 2021, in which Jason took part.

Salary of Jason Alexander Seinfeld

Supporting cast members Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus received meager pay for their participation on Seinfeld during the first few seasons.

Before Season 5 in 1993, they were able to successfully negotiate pay rises, and as a result, they were each paid $150,000 each episode, or around $3.8 million per season.

The supporting actors, anticipating $1 million each episode and/or backside ownership points, sought a huge increase in May 1997. Jason subsequently clarified:

“I’ll go to my grave saying that Julia, Michael, and I should have sought for back-end participation in the show’s income during our major discussions for the last year.

Make it apparent. We had to request outrageous salaries because the paperwork was denied for us. For rebroadcasts, we receive relatively little in regular Screen Actors Guild residuals.”

Jerry was informed at the time by Jason that:

You will eventually come to regret this choice because it will place us in a position that will diminish the positive impact it had on the four of us.

You have caused a division among the three of us, and although we do not desire equality with you in any manner, form, or aspect, you have also established an unjust divide.”

First, the network offered $200,000, and later, $400,000. During the show’s last season, the supporting cast got $600,000 each episode, or around $15 million per episode.

This translates to almost $24 million in profits in the present. All told, the supporting cast made about $45 million in basic pay from Seinfeld before inflation.

Seinfeld’s syndication profits

In contrast to popular opinion, Seinfeld’s syndication arrangements, which were valued at around $4 billion at the time of writing, do not provide Julia, Michael, or Jason with substantial income.

One requires equity ownership in the program up to a certain proportion in order to profit from syndication sales. On the program, the supporting cast never received any backside points.

When the program airs, they get paid royalties, but not millions as many people think—at best, hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

On the other hand, just in 1998, syndication revenues brought approximately $250 million for Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.

Larry and Jerry continued to make at least $50 million annually from syndication points a full ten years later. Although in 1997 he was not awarded backend points,

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